What does God look like?

God “speaks” from here:

A MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE Proposed by Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein explains: “there is only one thing”.

Nassim Haramein – All That There Is Is A Field That’s Spinning

The whole universe is this ball of energy.

It pumps like a heartbeat.

The “intelligence” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

We sense this God thing and it can communicate with us as we feel its presence as we invented the word “God”.

We are wired to this ball of energy. It created us. It is constantly in flux.

In silence we can communicate with it:


Towards black hole singularity:

God “speaks” from here:

From the video above:

The repository: it is what you make it.

“There is only one thing” and it is this: Imaging from the repository. In conversation with the Torus when the mind is silent. Possibilities of art originating from the centre of the Universe. If Buddha was an artist? he would have seen everything from the repository of things from this ONE THING.

“The torus, or primary pattern, is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it’s a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole.” – Nassim Haramein

The torus brain communicating with consciousness and the rest of the Universe.

This one-thing-torus of the universe is an easy explanation for all the things that happen in the world of us and in relation to the rest of the universe. First, there are 2 worlds in existence here on earth and that is the one world that has been created by our verbal thinking mind which created the ideas and hence the illusion and the infrastructure that we live in and then there is the natural world running according to the natural law of things, including the Torus spinning in place to maintain the natural balance. We who are the creators of the synthetic world around us from our ideas of our creative thinking mind is also wired to the natural world through consciousness. Our body and all our cells communicate wirelessly as a feedback process with the background environment and the Torus spinning in its place. It is possible that our brain is in our body but our minds are within the Torus itself. Hence in a way we are the Torus or connected to it.

The people who created the illusions that made the infrastructure through their creative thinking can also influence it in a its natural way not thinking the lie in its mind if it adopts a thinking that is more compassionate and loving hence passing only good vibes via the Torus to bestow goodness to the integrated infrastructure of the living space. Since the Torus is a dynamic energy field that is running the show on Earth – one can see how Karmic forces can backfire from bad behaviour via the natural energies of natural law which runs the dynamics of the Torus. When the Buddha preached one-love and compassion in life one can see how and why it fits in well into the working of the Torus.

It is amazing to think that our minds in their different mind spaces created psychological thinking and subjectivity and this artificial infrastructure around us on the backs of the natural dynamics of the universe. If we can occasionally shut down the verbal thinking part of us and use more of our other more silent mind spaces with this sense of knowing coming off the repository of the Torus to find natural solutions for our living space.

  • The “spiritual-mystical-scientist” is the thing of the future.
  • Science and Spiritualism.
  • The mystics have done their job in the past and sensed what is in front of them.
  • The scientists are providing the facts of consciousness and the rest of IT and our True place in the Universe via science and research.

The action of Truth via a silent mind:

Telepathy the future of communication might have its thing in this big picture but how does the mind have to sit to communicate with the Torus.

Telepathy | siri perera on Patreon

2 different minds seeing the same thing.

David Bohm (DB) interviewed by Evelyn Blau (EB).

EB: Did you ever feel that he was drawing you away from your scientific interests?

DB: No, because I was going on with my scientific interests. At that time I wanted to understand this whole question of the observer and observed scientifically, and the question of dealing with the universe as a totality. So it didn’t really draw me away from the scientific work. I became more and more interested in the question of the nature of thought, which is crucial in everything, including science, since it was the only instrument you had. When I was in London with Krishnaji, I did discuss what to do about scientific research, and I remember he said, ‘Begin from the unknown. Try beginning from the unknown.’ I could see that the question of getting free of the known was the crucial question in science, as well as in everything. For example, scientific discoveries. You may have heard of Archimedes and his discoveries. He was given the problem of measuring the volume of a crown of irregular size in order to see whether it was gold or not by weighing it, and it was too irregular to be measured and he was very puzzled, and then suddenly when he was in his bath he saw the water displaced by his body, and he realized that no matter what the shape, the water displaced is equal to the volume of the body. And therefore he could measure the volume of the crown. He went out shouting ‘Eureka!’ Now, consider the nature of what went on. The basic barrier to seeing was that people thought of things in different compartments, one was volume by measurement, and two, water being displaced would have nothing to do with that. To allow those to be connected, the mind would have to dissolve those rigid compartments. Once the connection was made, anybody using ordinary reasoning could have done the rest, any schoolboy of reasonable intelligence. The same happened with Newton. Obviously Archimedes as well as Newton and Einstein were in states of intense energy when they were working, and what happens is that the moment of insight is the dissolving of the barrier in thought. It is insight into the nature of thought, not into the problem. All insight is the same. It is always insight into thought. Not its content but its actual physical nature, which makes the barrier. And that is what I think Krishnamurti was saying, that insight transforms the whole structure of thought and makes the consciousness different. For scientists that may happen for a moment, and then they get interested in the result, working it out, but Krishnamurti is emphasizing insight as the essence of life itself. Without coming to a conclusion. Don’t worry too much about the results, however important they may be. Insight, fresh insight is continually needed. That insight is continually dissolving the rigid compartments of thought. And that is the transformation of consciousness. Our consciousness is now rigid and brittle because it’s held in fixed patterns of thought due to our conditioning about ourselves, and we get attached to those thoughts, they feel more comfortable.

Krishnamurti and David Bohm Part 2: 100 Years – Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

Silent Mind: what it feels like:

David Bohm on Krishnamurti: at 4:21










Physics answer to the silent mind and to the advent of peace on Earth.

Live with Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Science Foundation team for the Equinox!

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