More than one way to say the same thing.

The mind has a spectrum of mind spaces one can explore separately if one observes the mind and seeing the differences, use their anomalies to shut one down to explore the other. For instance, in verbal thinking, one has to silently speak what one wants to think for one to think at all. Hence, stop silently verbalising and you will find that verbal thinking comes to an end. These 2 processes are wired to each other. This then brings on a silent mind with just pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking (with no pictures in it) with a sense of knowing. There are no pictures but a train of “thoughts” still exists without verbalising what one is “thinking”. It is a continuous train of thoughts and the source of this is difficult to pinpoint.

One must remember that when the mind is silent the 5 senses are still working and hearing and sight are still bringing in information to the brain. In meditation or otherwise, this is still the case. If you don’t hear a sound it could be because the frequencies are above the operating range of hearing which is 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. The ear can still “hear” and process ultrasound up to about 200 kilohertz. You don’t hear it but the brain will still process it and you might be thinking it. Or the source of this continuous source of thinking could be from the repository of the Cosmic Mind.

So one needs to be cautious and learn to filter off rogue thinking/signals from the living space from the facts of Truth from the Cosmic Mind. The mind can further with time go to a no-mind state where it is just a conscious choiceless awareness where all thinking disappears and it is just watching or in observation only. It can also further drop off the edge into the darkness with no memory of where it has been. Some call the whole process above, or I think Buddha did, “The Dream of Existence”. It is like a virtual reality of mind spaces.

Some researches have quoted the Buddha as saying: “Sink not the thread of the mind into the unfathomable,” which might seem that this is where it ends for us in trying to find anything further with our minds. One takes the mind to the edges and it falls over into darkness. It ends there when alive and also in death, the same thing and why shouldn’t it be: perhaps that is all there is to it and if you give the subjective verbal thinking mind a chance to make a lie in you about the mind it will create an illusion in mind telling you that there is more to it and create an elaborate picture in your mind called an idea for you to explore but not far down the crevices of the mind is only darkness because it is just not designed to see any more but it does not mean there is not anymore just that you cannot perceive or “see” it with our minds in our present evolution of the mind OR could we communicate with the eternal-self by the “action of Truth” through consciousness and a no-mind in us which is devoid of thoughts. We might not be able to experience the eternal-self directly like we experience our different mind spaces but that does not mean the eternal “intelligence” cannot communicate with us through conscious awareness when the mind is silent.

Krishnamurti: ……….”when thought is still, something new can be.”

Different types of thinking. Different mind spaces. Separate them and experience them individually.

Go from chaos in mind to calm mind.

Silence in body-mind and access the Cosmic-Mind – One with the true self.

Consciousness-brain interface. Creates the “dream of existence” in the mind.

Just off the press in 2017 research published on consciousness:

“Among others, it is integrating discrete patterns of eigen-frequencies of photonic/solitonic waves, thereby continuously updating a time-symmetric global memory space of the individual. Its toroidal organization allows the coupling of gravitational, dark energy, zero-point energy field (ZPE) as well as earth magnetic fields energies and transmits wave information into brain tissue, that thereby is instrumental in high speed conscious and sub-conscious information processing.” and ”  It also points out the deep connection of mankind with the cosmos and our major responsibility for the future of our planet”.

Further reading: 

Basically, what they are saying is we are wired to the Universe via wave, light and vibrational energy.  

I think these scientist are taking over from the mystics with this report. I hate to say this which is we all know they have been riding the same wave of the mystics all this while but just pretended ignorance of their contribution. A case of, “Spirituality, Understand, Spirituality” 

“Dream of Existence” from reality to abstraction.

The body-mind true energy state of being-one with the Universal-mind.

Darkness at the edge of thinking.

Tathagata’s experiencing both the tangible and intangible worlds to be all-knowing.

Body-mind interaction with the action of Truth via a silent mind – Conversation between Jiddu Krishnamurti and physicist, David Bohm.

 We might not be able to experience the eternal-self directly like we experience our different mind spaces but that does not mean the eternal “intelligence” cannot communicate with us through conscious awareness when the mind is silent. 

The big picture of existence – one with all.

The relationship between the living space and the body-mind and its influences.

Buddha’s mind-spaces while experiencing the Universe – “dream of existence”

All mind-body’s linked to cosmic mind via consciousness – we are all one, Unity.

Evolution of the mind and the “powers latent” in us.

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