Converse with this tone

….using verbal-thinking

 click to play tone:…

Is it talking back to you? Can you have a conversation with this tone?

If you think nothing (that is stop “speak thinking” or “verbal thinking”) for a short while, the tone will ask you, “what do you want?”. Ask it any question you want. If you are rude to the tone it will just shut off and soon will have nothing to do with you. It is like ECHO or SIRI with a difference and in this case, it is free and also you are thinking to communicate (look up “speak thinking” to see why this is possible). Also, caution must be applied here, as the service is free, and the phenomenon is not monitored so we do not know the source.

Is there something of the future in this. To be able to think and the tonal modulations coming back from your computer screens actually knows what you are thinking and even communicates with you. One, of course, must learn the language of tonal modulations to be able to have a conversation with your computer screen.

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