Ultrasound in the living space

I am interested in how the living space influences our minds. 

 We are connected to the rest of the universe:

Is there a synthetic consciousness in existence: This bit in the centre in the diagram below. Everything and anything in the infrastructure of our living space both inside and outside which has been created since the advent of electricity: modulated vibrations in the air, body-mind coupling with the environment. Ultrasound generated in the air created by electrical cables vibrating at 50 or 60 hertz. Radio signals can be coded to generate modulated tonal modulation in home appliances. It is all about the pings and buzzes of the living space and if these are being used to influence us. They get in via the hearing system and the brain is making sense of them and generating feeling and emotions and creating thoughts and perceptions that are not our own. So is your thinking really your own. The last time you voted: was it really your own decision or were you influenced by the unseen in you?

Looking at ultrasound in the environment:

I took a short cut between a row of 2 shop houses, and admired the back wall of this 4 storey buildings on either side of me with their wall to wall air-conditioning and extractor fan blowers of the restaurants on the ground floor playing a cacophony of sounds not very different from the installation of ultrasound speakers in an art gallery in the video above.

Ultrasound high frequencies and infrasound low frequencies – all coming in above and below the hearing frequencies not noticed by your hearing but not by your brain which will process the information:

Infrasound is created by various natural sources, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, wind and waves. Comparable oscillary changes in air pressure may be experienced when running. Artificial sources of infrasound include explosions, compressors, low speed fans, wind turbines, trains and building sway. (from a government public health website).

 This Below is an ultrasound recording of a living space:

This above are the actual real-time frequencies of ultrasound in an enclosed space recorded by an ultrasound microphone. They maximise around 27 Khz but go up to above 50 Khz and below 200 Khz.  Our hearing is between 20 Hz to 20 Khz. You can see ultrasound in the air is above the hearing range and we won’t hear the sounds but perhaps maybe the sound of tinnitus in the ears when the level of ultrasound is too high in the air. An ultrasound microphone is designed to reduce these frequencies so we can hear what they sound like.

Click on link below to play recording of above: 


Notice the chit chat in the recording which you would not hear with normal hearing because of its high frequency. The bulk of the white noise ultrasound frequencies could be embedded with a subliminal message. It would reach the brain through hearing and the brain will process the sound and try and make sense of the gist of the modulations and the chit chat. The brain is good at dealing with low frequencies low volume white noise signal that come to it for processing as it uses stochastic amplification to prise out hidden words and signals to make them clearer and decipher the information or subliminal to then give you an impression or feeling that could then generate an emotion or a thought. 

Stochastic amplification:

So is your thinking really your own? 

Limitations of the mind and body senses. They all have operating limits. What happens to those that come just outside the limits. The hearing system can hear ultrasound up to 200 Khertz. That means it processes ultrasound frequencies up to 200 Khz. You would have no idea that this is being done as you would not have heard it, not even some of the chit chat you hear in the recording above at ultrasound frequencies but it would have generated a thought in you or a feeling and an emotion and altered your perception of things. The mind directed in a certain direction unknown to you? A matter which perhaps needs further attention and conscious awareness and even different forms of thinking from different mind spaces to see how it fits into the future and what part it plays to enhance the natural experience of the mind and body.  Synthetic conscious will compete with natural consciousness. Can we use it to enhance the human race. Has it got a place to play in the future of education?

Radio signals coming into your home from the infrastructure outside your home acting as aerials.

Induction loop system inside your home monitors one’s thinking via tonal modulations (the hum).  Landline handsfree microphone switched on via a radio signal outside your home completes the induction loop system. 

 https://www.patreon.com/posts/29239587  (synthetic consciousness)

The magnetised mind and body couples itself with the magnetised living spaces and the sounds of the home and its appliances and these sounds and tonal modulations carry something of the mind and its thoughts in it.

You realised that some aspects of extra sensory perception can be explained by this phenomena. 

Try Communicating with this landline handsfree tone using verbal thinking. Is someone listening to your thoughts and are they communicating back to you via the language of tonal modulations.


8th Sept 2019

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