Action of Truth

Truth is natural law or the mind operating within the realms of natural law or working with it.

The action of Truth: In silence, The Truth Shows Itself.

I drew this Mandala out when I was listening to a conversation between Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm, the physicists. They were trying to figure out through dialogue how the mind/brain got information from the Truth:

The action of Truth:

Truth has no awareness. It is nothingness. It is no-mind.

The action of Truth interacts with the mind/brain through conscious awareness which can “see”/feel the action of Truth. The mind then tries to Think figure out the action of Truth via thinking but thought cannot describe what conscious awareness “sees” as language is probably limited and the experience will be lost in translation. The mind body and spirit only in stillness and nothingness meets Truth directly.

This can be said in more ways than one:

It is amazing just how the mind and body and spirit is assembled together with the rest of the Cosmos and the Universal-Mind through consciousness.

Encounter with the true self head on – personal one to one meeting with the source via stillness in mind. Stop verbal thinking to bring on intuitive thinking and finally no-mind stillness and docking onto the Source/True Self/Brahman/Cosmic Mind and being one with It. When the conscious self experiences the Source all awareness disappears. There is nothing watching anymore. All sense of “being” disappears and when the mind and awareness appear again – there is no memory of where it has been or of the experience.

Existence itself has many mind spaces and forms and everything is connected together by the matrix:

So what comes after experiential realisation after travelling to the ends of the mind and experiencing its spaces from Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Looks like you just get on with life not by looking cool but with a “head cool in solitude”. At peace with everything as one then realises the impermanence of everything especially the mind. Stop spinning things out of context with verbal thinking and maintain a silent mind not necessarily through meditation only (as above quote) but rather 24/7 through “choiceless observation” while active “being” connected to the Universal Mind and its repository.

Looks like the Egyptian Pharaohs might have had it in the term Maat:

“Maat bound all things together in an indestructible unity: the universe, the natural world, the state, and the individual were all seen as parts of the wider order generated by Maat.”

Truth is natural law. The verbal thinking mind creates the illusions that we consider to be true and this creates the different personalities with the different perceptions and all the chaos in the world because of this. There is A Truth in the Lie in Me – and my mind makes most of the lies in me and the truth I access through silence in mind and intuitive thinking and when completely silent from a kind of sense of knowing that comes from the Natural Truth of things. But MAAT is the real genius of the Egyptians – we had it but how did we lose it – by our “verbal thinking” minds which spin everything we observe into a lie in us and we think it is all real in us. Order will not come from so much chaos in all our minds. How can chaotic minds of this and that, create order in society? It will never happen.

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