About Doing Nothing

About Doing Nothing: if you have a problem and let the “intelligence” sort it out for you.

You will find that anything and everything is about finding those hidden mind spaces and having the mind and body experiencing them.  That is the only tool you have to feel the intangibles. It is about taking down the barriers in the mind and meeting the unseen in you. Mind spaces. This is the only way for you to encounter the “intelligence” of the Cosmos. The mind must choose its mind space and through awareness and silence in mind can come face to face with this “intelligence”.  Silence in mind is a prerequisite and will come along when verbal-thinking is put on hold.

But it is this I want to discuss with you, “about doing nothing”: If ones mind is outside of you and in the Cosmos, in the ether or part of the Universal Mind and not within the body then when you have a problem in mind – how is thinking going to solve your problem when all your tools are located externally to you? As we had discussed earlier, memory and mind might be outside of the body and the brain just a docking system for consciousness to connect memory with the brain.

 Sorting the mind and body if it is not going to be solved by thinking then how are we best going to solve it? The mind needs to go where all its tools are located. It shuts down the self-talking-thinking-mind and through awareness and intuitive thinking, the mind and body does nothing, and just listens to the sound of the Cosmic answer to sort the problem out for you.

How does Jiddu Krishnamurti thinks it can be done:

Questioner: I have got one predominating habit; I have other habits, but they are of less importance. I have been fighting this one habit as long as I can remember. It must have been formed in early childhood. Nobody seemed to care enough to correct it then and gradually as I grew older it became more and more deep-rooted. It disappears sometimes only to come back again. I don’t seem able to get rid of it. I would like to be completely master of it. It has become a mania with me to overcome it. What am I to do?

Krishnamurti: From what you say you have fallen into a habit for many, many years and you have cultivated another habit, the habit of fighting it. So you want to get rid of one habit by cultivating another which is the denial of the first. You are fighting one habit with another. When you can’t get rid of the first habit you feel guilty, ashamed, depressed, perhaps angry with yourself for your weakness. The one habit and the other are the two sides of the same coin: without the first, the second wouldn’t be, so the second is really a continuation of the first as a reaction. So now you have two problems whereas in the beginning you had only one.

Questioner: I know what you are going to say because I know what you say about awareness, but I can’t be aware all the time.

Krishnamurti: So now you have several things going on at the same time: first of all the original habit, then, the desire to get rid of it, then the frustration of having failed, then the resolve to be aware all the time. This network has arisen because deeply you want to get rid of that one habit; that is your one drive, and you are all the time balancing between the habit and the fighting of it. You don’t see that the real problem is having habits, good or bad, not just one particular habit. So the question really is, is it possible to break a habit without any effort, without cultivating its opposite, without suppressing it through uninterrupted vigilance which is resistance? Uninterrupted vigilance is simply another habit since it is generated by the habit it is trying to overcome. Questioner: You mean, can I get rid of the habit without generating this complicated network of reactions to it?

Krishnamurti: So long as you want to get rid of it, that complicated network of reactions is actually in operation. The wanting to get rid of it is that reactionary network. So really you have not stopped this futile reaction to the habit.

Questioner: But all the same, I must do something about it!

Krishnamurti: That indicates that you are dominated by this one desire. This desire and its reactions are not different from the habit, and they feed on each other. The desire to be superior is not different from being inferior, so the superior is the inferior. The saint is the sinner. Questioner: Should I, then, just do nothing about it at all?

Krishnamurti: What you are doing about it is to cultivate another habit in opposition to the old one.

Questioner: So if I do nothing, I am left with the habit, and we are back where we started.

Krishnamurti: Are we though? Knowing that what you do to break the habit is the cultivation of another habit, there can be only one action, which is to do nothing at all against that habit. Whatever you do is in the pattern of habits, so to do nothing, to have the feeling that you don’t have to fight it, is the greatest action of intelligence. If you do anything positive you are back in the field of habits. Seeing this very clearly there is immediately a feeling of great relief and great lightness. You now see that fighting one habit by cultivating another does not end the first habit so you stop fighting it.

Questioner: Then only the habit remains, and there is no resistance to it.

Krishnamurti: Any form of resistance feeds the habit, which does not mean that you go on with the habit. You become aware of the habit and of the cultivation of its opposite, which is also a habit, and this awareness shows you that whatever you do with regard to the habit is the formation of another habit. So now, after having observed this whole process, your intelligence says, don’t do anything about the habit. Don’t give any attention to it. Don’t be concerned with it because the more you are concerned with it the more active it becomes. Now intelligence is in operation and is watching. This watching is entirely different from the vigilance of resisting the habit, reacting to it. If you get the feeling of this intelligence watching, then this feeling will operate and deal with the habit, and not the vigilance of resolution and will. So what is important is not habit but the understanding of habit which brings about intelligence. This intelligence keeps awake without the fuel of desire, which is will. In the first instance the habit is confronted with resistance, in the second it is not confronted at all, and that is intelligence. The action of intelligence has withered the resistance to the habit on which the habit feeds.

Questioner: Do you mean to say that I have got rid of my habit?

Krishnamurti: Go slowly, don’t be too hasty in your assumption of having got rid of it. What is more important than habit is this understanding, which is intelligence. This intelligence is sacred and therefore must be touched with clean hands, not exploited for trivial little games. Your little habit is utterly unimportant. If intelligence is there the habit is trivial; if intelligence is not there, then the wheel of habit is all you have got.

(Thoughts and ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti – a philosopher and writer.)

Getting your mind to where the Universal Mind and its “intelligence” is, can help you to solve your problems, through the silence in mind.

It is just a state of an active “being” state of mind with a “sense of knowing” where the intelligence “talks” to you with what we know today as a form of intuitive thinking. This is a non-interactive sense of knowing unlike verbal thinking, which is interactive and a spinner of ideas. It is the thinking that runs the creative wheel of our personality. They are both different mind spaces and exists for its own reasons.

Today this interactive thinking is responsible for the creative creation of the structure of society and its monetary infrastructure. Verbal thinking was and is a great tool for this process of hunting for ideas. It is such a robust and dominant way of thinking that it blinds the self with its glare from what is also present behind verbal thinking. Verbal thinking is the main cause of psychological thinking. Perhaps it has a personal safety use in generating fear in oneself so the self can make a run for it but when it starts to generate stress by worrying about things one has no control about as in the past and future thinking, it just burdens the system and creates stress.

The mind can solve problems locally by using personality and verbal thinking or it can unify itself with the Cosmic infrastructure and return to its source and start to function off the ether with a different set of tools as the mind and body evolves and returns home to be its true self with the Cosmic Mind.

It might look like an act of “doing” is for the process of verbal thinking of figuring things out by silently speaking what one wants to think to find a solution but one can at times think off the ether with intuitive thinking with a “sense of knowing” to fix a problem with say a problem that you might have with your vacuum cleaner or your car. So verbal thinking can be reduced to a bare minimum and still function properly. Even in high activity, this is possible: I had read an article that Sonny Liston had told a reporter who was interviewing him that in his younger days he did not have to think when he wanted to use his right hand on his opponent in a boxing ring, but as he got older he had to think to use his right hand and he retired soon after. When you get on your bicycle no thinking there but just a quiet knowing of what you have to do. An artist working on a painting in front of him can be silent in mind the whole day while he works on his painting.

But when you write an e-mail you have to silently speak what you want to write if not it is impossible to continue writing. Same when you are reading an e-mail impossible to continue reading it unless you also silently speak what you are reading. This is not the same with pictorial thinking as it seems to ride on top of the intuitive wave of thinking. This is just my observation that when the images of pictorial thinking disappear when the mind is silent, there seems to be an intuitive sense of knowing that is left behind until the no-mind state sets in of just being nothing in mind after which it can disappear even in memory and return when the whole activity of the mind comes alive again. It can go all the way up to the noisy verbal thinking mind and back down to no memory in mind. 

I usually prefer to work off my silent intuitive mind: I can function there for most of the time with no self-talk but when I write this I must silently self-talk what I want to write if not there is no movement in the mind and no thinking and I cannot write. One cannot write with intuitive thinking only but one can paint with just watching pictorial images in the mind and making decisions off it. Even preparing a meal now is done in silence, until psychological thinking kicks in and I start to silently self-talk what I am thinking. I have been so conditioned by this non-self-talk rule that a reminder pops up in my mind when I am self-talking unnecessary thoughts in my mind and it stops. It is one using a mantra in cross-legged meditation to stop self-talking thoughts so the mind can fall into silence. 

Things have changed so much in my mind concerning the self-talking mind that I now find it difficult to write what it was like to have had a noisy chaotic self-talking mind. My mind is constantly in a meditative state with only observation and a sense of knowing and living off the ether. I am not sure what I am connected too but there is a sense of something, perhaps the Universal Mind or some kind of “intelligence” (as some who have been there had pointed out), Brahman, according to the Hindu’s or the Cosmic Mind. Until a problem turns up and I start chatting away again to solve the problem and I remember that this chatting mind is all I knew in the past – until one day I saw how my thinking was connected to my silently speaking what I was thinking and I used this anomaly to stop the chaos in my mind. It is like being in a constant meditative state in mind and my mantra is this reminder of self-talk and the mind becomes silent again. It creates better control over the mind. Stop it when I want to stop it and start it up again when I have too.

and the body-mind evolves and becomes one with the Cosmos:

No matter where you are at, at the moment, the path towards the end is the same. They meet with time from different directions and then start to see the similarities and the differences in mind start to disappear. The Transformation of the mind has started and a new Root Race is starting to take shape. One can almost sense what they are going to be like: using all the tools of the Cosmic Mind, with a silent and calm mind and exterior self unaffected by its environment because the verbal thinking personality mind is not functioning anymore to spin an observation into creating chaos in mind, and used only when needed for practical reasons. Solving problems with a “sense of knowing” intuitive mind with no conflict in mind or chaos in mind, as a result of the new calm space they inhabit in their minds and their bodies, now unaffected, will evolve accordingly to accommodate the “new” in them to live longer and help create a better living environment. The spinner, the mind of this and that, the verbal thinker, the personality and creator of chaos in the mind, now brought under control, and the cosmic intuitive thinking mind back in control of world affairs creates a new world order which would be a mirror image of the Cosmos down here on planet earth and governed by the “intelligence” of the Universal/Brahman/Cosmic MIND. The underlying evolutionary forces of nature will continue to shape things accordingly with the new mind in place and being one with the Cosmos.

Society, cityscape and living space out of sync with the Cosmos because of the personality-driven verbal-thinking mind.

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