Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments

That is what we do: we take a fact and turn them into 100 different Lies. So where is the Truth in all of this? The Truth in the lie in me or is my “Truth” in mind also the lie in me. Is an idea still only an illusion made by the mind?

The Truth is a fact. The idea is not a fact. The idea started from a fact, the original observation, the pop-up that initially did not make sense, but went on to create a 100 other possibilities but still all lies made up by my mind.

So was the Truth the initial pop-up that appeared in my mind and yet to be manipulated. So where is the Truth at? The fact and the Truth, elusive in its presence evolved into a foolish idea in my mind which spun out of control into 100 different ways.

All “fake news” spun out an observation or a fact that was true and made into a lie. Cultures were created this way. Personality. Religion. Cities. Society. All lies in the Truth-of-the -unchanging-natural-laws-of-the-Cosmos-and-the-natural-in-me.

As long as the mind knows that this is this and that is that then the “Truth”, unchanging, omnipresent and always true no matter what, then one is safe from the cycle of beginnings and endings.

A dialogue with making art can show you the pattern.

You will create the “new” in Art in the gaps of the collective mind. Invent where no Art has been before. This is a good test for the pop-ups that appear in your mind that is not part of your past in mind experience-in-Art. One can create the new in these gaps. Test those pop-ups from the soup of quantum possibilities downloaded into your mind from the ether and manifest them in Art – the only process that is totally free to create. The courage to create the new in Art, rather than follow the slow frontline of what has already been done before. Leave the masters and the contemporary’s behind and tangent off with your own and stand alone with the new in you.

Art can solve the Puzzle. Art will show you the limitations of your mind with your thought experiments as there are no constraints in creativity to find the new in you. What you mean you have tried and nothing new comes out of ones mind. You mean there are limitations in ones thinking process. You seem to be able to only deal with your past in mind and your experience as the only repository for the thinking process. The mind don’t seem to be able to go anywhere else in its search for the new but only to the known. The new does not appear from the known in you. 

One starts with this:

To this:

To this:

Losing oneself at the edge of perception.

Seeing from the edge of perception.

 The new in you just appears.

 It comes out of nothing. 

“Speak Thinking” where you have to silently speak what you want to think for you to have to think at all.

The advent of the silent mind via “speak thinking”.

One must prepare the mind for the coming transformation:


It is not going to come from only the self-talking mind or from only the intuitive thinking mind or from the no-mind state and perhaps from all 3 of them, but one has to experience all 3 of them individually to know what they can do and use them separately if it need be or not at all and just remain in a state of no-mind, all knowing sense of being in only observation mode but when something needs to get done the self-talking mind can take centre stage but experience will tell you the limitations of the self-talking mind will never see what is new in you. 

There are naturals among us who were born into this no-mind state: they observe and retain as the process takes shape and the process creates itself in this silent no-mind state and they twist and turn with the observations to create an idea.

I am sure you will find this in all the great contributors to society but Jiddu Krishnmurti knew this well because he was the silent mind first and the self-talking mind only when he needed it. He was made that way as Edison was made that way, and the mystics recognised it when they saw it:

From the, “Urgency of Change” and “Ending Thought”.


Questioner: I wonder what you really mean by ending thought. I talked to a friend about it and he said it is some kind of oriental nonsense. To him thought is the highest form of intelligence and action, the very salt of life, indispensable. It has created civilization, and all relationship is based on it. All of us accept this, from the greatest thinker to the humblest labourer. When we don’t think we sleep, vegetate or daydream; we are vacant, dull and unproductive, whereas when we are awake we are thinking, doing, living, quarrelling: these are the only two states we know. You say, be beyond both – beyond thought and vacant inactivity. What do you mean by this?

Krishnamurti: Very simply put, thought is the response of memory, the past. The past is an infinity or a second ago. When thought acts it is this past which is acting as memory, as experience, as knowledge, as opportunity. All will is desire based on this past and directed towards pleasure or the avoidance of pain. When thought is functioning it is the past, therefore there is no new living at all; it is the past living in the present, modifying itself and the present. So there is nothing new in life that way, and when something new is to be found there must be the absence of the past, the mind must not be cluttered up with thought, fear, pleasure, and everything else. Only when the mind is uncluttered can the new come into being, and for this reason we say that thought must be still, operating only when it has to – objectively, efficiently. All continuity is thought; when there is continuity there is nothing new. Do you see how important this is? It’s really a question of life itself. Either you live in the past, or you live totally differently: that is the whole point.
Questioner: I think I do see what you mean, but how in the world is one to end this thought?…. 
End thinking or start it up again at will and in control, by seeing what “Speak Thinking” is all about. The anomaly is that these vocal cords has to work simultaneously with what you want to think.  It is as if the brain needs to hear what you want to think for it to think at all. If you can see this through observation of the thinking process then you have removed the shackles on your thinking process and have control over your thoughts. You just have to stop those vocal cords from working when you don’t want a thought to be processed by the brain.
Those sound waves are vibrating what you are thinking for you to have to think at all. So what is this: is thinking sound first? Is thinking just speech, but just silent and hardly audible yet they vibrate in your thoracic cavity and perhaps even your brain tissue and as if the brain needs to hear this to know what you want to think. Imagine this: loud speech and thinking same thing but different volumes. Try it. Observe your vocal cords while you are thinking: “The other main way people think or process information in their head is to use verbal thinking.Verbal thinkers think with words – a bit like talking to yourself in your head. The words follow the linear structure of language, and verbal thinkers think at the same speed as when they speak out loud.” (wiki)

This, verbal thinking, above is not just a footnote of the thinking process: It is the thinking itself. You cannot separate the tangible part of thinking from the intangible part of the thinking process. They have to work simultaneously. If not thinking stops. We can use this anomaly to bring on a silent mind and when we have better control over pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking finally brings on the no-mind. This can now happen during deep meditation BUT can it happen, with practice during a walking talking awake phase of existence while we go about our daily activities. Have all of the separate types of thinking working together and then separate the mind spaces and choose between verbal thinking or pictorial thinking or no-mind silent observation thinking or be in that all-knowing mode with the Cosmic mind, just listening to the repository of the Brahman mind. One needs to get past the “verbal thinking” mind before the rest can be experienced individually. Just stop silently speaking what you want to think to access the other mind spaces. It is so easy to do as this is what you are doing with the “mantra” during deep meditation. The mantra is a distraction to stop also silently speaking what you are thinking. But silently speaking is a mechanical process of the vocal cords. No need of mantra – just stop silently speaking the thought. Thinking stops. And the mind opens up.

What is new here today is the fact that you have to silently have to speak what you are thinking for you to have to think at all. You stop silently speaking what you want to think – and thinking will stop immediately. Both processes are wired to each other. I called it “Speak Thinking”. This is behind the function of the mantra in crossed-legged meditation. That is what the mantra is making you do – it is distracting you from thinking by stopping you also silently speaking what you are thinking.

The future is the advent of the silent mind and some are already onto it and the psychic mind is coming off this BASELINE because the no-mind sense of knowing baseline is an all knowing mind that has its repository in the Cosmos and not in the limited mind with its past experiences. 

The future is this: this world and that world; the tangible and the intangible worlds; this and that; Body-Mind and Cosmic-Mind.  To see the big picture oneself the mind has to be silent and sitting comfortably in its baseline and observing as the whole unfolds. Not in action in mind but in inaction and mind/intuitive observation.


The mind is evolving with discoveries of new mind spaces:


“Unless human beings attain self-reflective, meditative enlightenment, ignorance will always have the upper hand over knowledge in their lives, and this is the predicament they must solve in order to alleviate their poorly understood suffering.”  from texts discussing Nagarjuna’s philosophy (c.150 – c. 250).

His observations were on emptiness:”Things in fact lack essence, according to Nagarjuna, they have no fixed nature, and indeed it is only because of this lack of essential, immutable being that change is possible, that one thing can transform into another. Each thing can only have its existence through its lack (sunyata) of inherent, eternal essence. With this new concept of “emptiness,” “voidness,” “lack” of essence, “zeroness,” this somewhat unlikely prodigy was to help mold the vocabulary and character of Buddhist thought forever.” 

Am I wrong in thinking that he was already setting the stage for the advent of Quantum Theory? The Void is the WHOLE that encapsulates everything including God and the elements of the unchanging Natural Laws that holds ALL together.


And at its finest particles we are all “voidness” and things lack essence and  “according to Nagarjuna, they have no fixed nature, and indeed it is only because of this lack of essential, immutable being that change is possible, that one thing can transform into another.”

and we are essentially just this :


These are just different mind spaces for us to experience:

Why are we having difficulty finding this in our minds? is because we are distracted by the idea of Society and other ideas and creations of the verbal thinking mind:

Perhaps in the past, 2000 years ago. emptiness and the silent mind was easily accessible and time was available for hours of chit chat and cross-legged meditation with the structure of society only just taking shape with the Egyptians behind us and Jesus stirring things up and Buddhism and Hinduism taking shape but today time is sparse and the mind needs to find time and change its shape to maintain its centre.  The silent mind might be difficult to find in these busy times, but there is a way to adapt and move forward. The anomaly of the verbal thinking mind if observed and understood it can be used to create a walk-talking silent mind in an instant and with access to other mind spaces with the now silent mind, we might be able to maintain the evolutionary process of the mind that started umpteen years ago.


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