1-Datta observation of the mind

How can the nonexistence of the self be reconciled with the existence of multiple minds?

A 1-Datta Gold Standard observation of the Mind by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

There is no self. Why? There is no thing as the self because our true nature is off Brahman or the universal mind. We pretend the constructs we make with the mind into personality is some kind of true self in us.

It is about looking at the facts.

Trying to trace our true self: I am not this and I am not that is because when I ask the question there is an awareness still observing and asking the question – hence how can I be that which I am looking at when I am still watching. So as I am chasing the self and trying to pin it down there is always something behind me watching and asking the question. What is that watching – that should be my true self. But as you chase it further and to the end of the cul-de-sac the watchman disappears and that is your true self. But you will never know what that is, just like your eyes cannot see itself unless the eyes use a mirror to see itself. You are just a slither of Brahman experiencing yourself through your body.

Gold standard observation by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – only being in the body can bring on this “beingness”. In the diagram below, when you go through all the happenings in the middle and finally see your True self – you find you are really something else other than your constructs in mind. Then what of my precious personality – Is that not my True self? All made up and constructed by the mind from an observation to give you a feeling that it is you. Hence many minds and the subjective experience. Every single one a lie in you – only to be used for whatever it was constructed for, for that moment and then discarded but not incorporated into personality. The new in you will not show itself from the past in you, or the known in you, hence get rid of them after they are constructed and return to the center. Hence, as you have heard, always be in the now where the new is accessible from the repository of the universal mind. Your True personality is of the collective Brahman, or Universal Mind, where all is off IT and we are ONE with IT.

True unity of humanity is via the One True Self. But how can our minds get closest to experiencing this True Brahman and then being One with all from that place in mind. Mind can bring itself to the point of the True self, Brahman if it gets off its Noisy self-talk thinking mind and then slip into silence in mind and into just intuitive thinking using meditation or “speak thinking”. When you get off the noisy illusion maker, and into silence, you get into the magic zone, where you now have access to experience your True self, that all encompassing energy force, that unifies all of us.

Hence, the mind is made up of constructs or illusions from your experiences. These are all just lies in the Truth in you (Brahman and Natural Law). Constructs of the mind from an observation in mind that has been spun out into something else. These create multiple minds and the lies sit next to everything that is True in you. We tend to use these constructs from our minds and because they are part of our experiences and being close to them we tend to think that this is our true self and even create a personality out of them and think it is kosher. We pass judgement on others using these lies in us. There are as many constructed minds about as there is a multitude of different experiences in all of us. Different personalities, different minds and different subjective experiences compounding the problem exponentially. Don’t expect peace on earth to be coming anytime soon.

The constructs in mind are all created by the self-talk thinking mind and not the intuitive mind. One can debunk subjectivity by giving up the self-talk thinking mind and working off the silent intuitive mind and use the self-talk thinking mind only for everyday practical/creative reasons to spin an idea out of itself, and not for psychological thinking. The intuitive mind is a non interactive mind and comes off the repository of your TRUE self where everything is a fact and true. Leave your constructs in your mind behind. They are not facts. Don’t give them importance in your mind and then use a lie in you against others who are just like you off the universal mind.

Be aware of the Truth in the lie in you.

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