The Extended Mind

According to the Buddha, an intelligent and serious meditator can reach perfection in a maximum of seven years. Some may take much longer. Yet some have done it in seven days, and very few overnight. The important point to realize, however, is that with every step one advances, there is a greater degree of happiness experienced.”


Where are these messages coming from?

Mental messages? do you mean thoughts. Or a kind of pictorial thinking appearing through your mind all the time.

I see that you might have been looking at your mind closely to notice that there are thoughts? actually messages – mental messages hence i take it you do not hear them. You know what I suspect that you might be creating those mental messages yourself or you could be receiving them from your background noise in your living space. I like to help you out here but perhaps if I tell you about the different types of thinking that exists – you can decide where those mental messages are coming from.

-As it is or as you are normally at in your mind – there seems to be mainly 2 types of thinking. There is a kind of pictorial thinking where images go past your mind like in a cinema screen – you cannot seem to be able to interact with this type of pictorial thinking and you just observe them.

-There is another type of thinking which I call, “speak thinking”. In this type of thinking you need to self-talk what you are thinking so your brain can hear what you are thinking so it can process your thoughts. Here thinking is sound first. You have to sub-vocalise what you want to think so the brain can HEAR you thinking and know what you are thinking and then start processing your thoughts. These 2 features are connected to each other. If you don’t first self-talk your thoughts then you cannot think at all. You can test this now to see if it is true or not. Just watch/feel your vocal cords slight movements with each thought. I suspect this might be where those messages of yours are popping into your head because you are putting them there in the first place. Just stop the self-talk while thinking and see if those messages disappear. We want to find the source of these pop-ups right? So we look at how thinking works and control thinking and see if the messages are still there or not. It like snakes and ladders.

-There is one other type of thinking that we sometimes can miss out on and that is intuitive thinking. Intuitive thinking is like the internet – it streams thinks into your mind and most times you are not sure where it comes from. Your mind cannot interact with it like in pictorial thinking. It is like pictorial thinking but without the pictures going past your mind. It feels like that. But we can look more closely at intuitive thinking, if you want? To see it properly you need to isolate it in your mind. Get rid of all the other types of thinking and make your mind silent and empty and then see what is left in that mind space. Yes you can do this because you already have all the information above on how to do this.

You did see that that self-talk thinking example above is tied up to the process of the mind listening to what you want to think and then after hearing what you want to think it goes on and then processes your thought. Since these 2 processes are linked – if you break this link by not self-talking your thoughts you will find that you cannot think at all. That is it – don’t self-talk and one type of thinking is down. Out of the way. Then are you still getting messages? If you say yes, then lets move on.

Now that self-talk thinking is down and out of the way and you mind has become still and silent and you are looking out at what is left? – there is a sense of stillness but also a sense of “being” in this empty space of no thoughts. You are trying to stay in that space for a little bit longer. Silent. Mind watching. Are those messages still coming through? There might still be some kind of pictorial images going past your mind but it is relatively quiet in there. Any messages coming through.

You might find a kind of intuitive stream thinking of thoughts coming through your mind. Intuition is not something that you can manipulate. You can only receive this information. You cannot judge it or spin it out of its place. You can only listen and receive. You will find that all the intuitive stream thinking thoughts are true? You can have a conversation with it via a kind of intuitive intention in mind and it will understand what you need and pass you a solution. It does all the thinking for you. There is no self-talk thinking here in this silent part of the mind. So when here are you still receiving messages? Gradually and longer that you stay in this silent space you will find that the pictorial thinking starts to disappear and you are left with silence only. Even the intuitive thinking process will also disappear and return and the longer you get used to this space the more the intuitive thinking stays away. So the longer you are in this silent space and when intuitive thinking disappears altogether – are you still receiving messages in your mind?

In time what is left is a kind of tinnitus tone in your head with nothing else but a sense of silent “being”.

Now, are you still receiving messages? If Yes, then you have to start looking into your background noise in your living space and see if technology is communicating with you via that tinnitus sound in your head. There are many ways it can do this. You won’t hear anything but for that tinnitus sound in your head. If you listen to it carefully you can hear it modulating at times. I think that is all the brain needs to do and that is to process a sound in your head/mind from the background, just like it does self-talk thinking as it is sound first. You see in silent sub-vocal speech where only the vocal cords creates modulating tones in the body because without the tongue and lips to create the words then all you are going to get sounding in your head for your brain to hear what you are thinking are modulating tones only. This is your thinking sounds. How does it get to the brain? I assume these vibrations will cause internal skin tissue and delicate bones to vibrate and create a sound in your head and neck passages. These sound vibrations will make its way to the cochlea of the ear and then processed as hearing which then gets to the brain for processing. This is thinking: self-talk silent sub-vocal speech first or sound first. This is why a “silent” subliminal message can be processed effectively and goes directly to feelings and strange thoughts pop-up that has nothing to do with what you are doing at that moment. Here the subliminals are coming in sound first just like thinking is sub-vocal speech first. This is how subliminal activity work on the mind creating pop-up feeling messages out of nowhere or for no reason. It is riding on the wave of how thinking is processed, with sound first.

Hence one should consider the background noise in your living space as an extension of your mind via your 5 senses. This is that intangible side of you that you don’t hear or consider to be important yet it can generate feelings in you that you might not understand or make you do things that you might not normally do as in today’s technological world of wifi and radio signals from 4G to 5G – your mind is not just your own anymore among technology and the modern living space. Beyond that the natural world and its laws has always been communicating with you since millennia. Your mind is an extension of the natural world. Today, you need to know what is riding on the wave of your natural self and how the extended universe (Brahman/universal mind) is also part of you.

When background noise communicates with you it only lets you know by feelings in you. You hear nothing but a cacophony of sounds and vibrations externally, and internally a modulating tinnitus tone and the messages comes through as feelings. You don’t hear the message, or see it or hear it as you normally do as it goes from nothing in mind to a pop-up sudden feeling in mind, because a thought has been created in you coming in as a subliminal message. If you think they are coming from the vibrations of the background noise then you have found the source of your messages.

I think monks go to caves to sort out this problem of background noise. Technology is creating a kind of synthetic consciousness that is competing with natural consciousness. One needs to be in an enlightened silent space in mind to sort this out. Like self-talk thinking was once a barrier in the external mind, this intrusion in this deep mind silent space when sorted will become the next frontier for magical discovery. You can only know the Truth of beauty and nature with your extended mind, when all of your mind is your own. Background noise is creating a significant intrusion and comes in silently as a mumble or a modulating tinnitus like tone such that one has to ask the question: are all my thoughts my own?

I just had this idea pop-up in my mind: perhaps the first step to sorting or understanding this problem of background noise intrusion and thoughts or messages popping up in the mind is by using a noise cancelling in ear headphone (preferable Bose) to see if background noise intrusion can be reduced to give a truly silent mind.

The big picture.

When you try and find the different spaces in your mind and finally come to the silent intuitive mind then it can have more uses than just being in that space. “Being” itself is enough but it can be used as a base to work from and even bring in other aspects of thinking to it, like the noisy self-talk thinking and then send it back. Self-talk thinking is an uncontrolled type of thinking that creates lie’s and illusions and much of the shenanigans that goes on in our life’s. Maybe this could be a possible cause to just stay in the silent intuitive space and work off it:

This is the difference between a brain scan of a normal brain and one with PTSD.

This brain scan belongs to Ariana Grande, the singer.

Ariana Grande was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. Since then the singer has been open and honest about her mental health to her millions of followers.”

Ariana Grande shares brain scan showing PTSD impact from Manchester Arena bombing

Notice the healthy brain has normal activity and the one with PTSD has got a lot of highlights. The pattern is different. The brain is different. There are many different brains in existence created by self-talk thinking. Some call it many personalities created by thinking – self-talk thinking but not from intuitive thinking as intuitive thinking is only a receiving force and it cannot be manipulated.

Symptoms of PTSD:

According to the NHS, signs include:

Flashbacks and nightmares

Repetitive and distressing images or sensations

Physical sensations such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling

Feeling ‘on edge’


This is all from your front line 1st mind self-talking mind. It is a disaster maker in your mind. One needs to get out of it and work off an inner more tranquil quiet space in mind. It really is useful to find spaces in your mind that is more conducive to everyday living, less deceitful and with less of your own thinking and more of what the natural laws of the universe hold in its repositories and gives you with intuitive thinking.

Use self-talk thinking to give you the upgrades and pop-ups with creativity and spinning of ideas: but do we need it in other matters? We certainly don’t need it to constantly remind us of our problems and fears such that we become incapacitated (PTSD). Let the silent intuitive more benevolent mind help you with your life purposes but one has to find it first.

Just stop self-talk thinking and you find yourself in this silent calm benevolent space with just intuitive thinking in mind. It is easy to fall into this meditative state of the silent mind. Don’t need to cross your legs. Crosslegged meditation is a fine practice BUT we need a walking talking meditative intuitive mind in our daily life’s – just stop self-talk thinking. Focus on your vocal cords and make sure there is no movement in it and that you are not silently speaking what you are thinking. This is the source of the self-talk thinking process or the thinking process as you know it. You want intuitive thinking in the silent mind, to dominate your everyday thinking process.

So what is all this jingle jangle about the mind all about? The first port of call is Samadhi. Strangely it seems that this is all that is necessary to come to the state of enlightenment. The process is one of an inwards process of taking oneself apart by one’s own mind, seeing its limitations and the trying to find out what is real and what is not in oneself. There is the self-talking mind that is good at creating lies and illusions in you. One needs to come to see the Truth in all the lies in oneself and to know that this is this, the Truth, and that was an illusion made by the mind. An illusion is when an observation is taken and spun into a lie by the self-talking mind. It is taking the power of “now”, a fact, and turning it into something else. The whole of society was created this way and so was the painting that is on the wall. All created by the same process in mind.

Samadhi is understanding that the “self” is made up of the lies that the self-talking mind makes up about itself. So we have to get real about this “self” and see it for what it is. Every second past an observation is a lie made up by the mind and incorporated into personality. We made this personality real when really it is an illusion. We can come to this realization slowly if we want by realizing this. When the realization is fathomed and we know that the culprit is the self-talking thinking mind then it makes sense to try to control it. We can either let psychological thinking play its game and create this lie in oneself – or let it not play at all because we have had enough of it.

So when we stop self-talk thinking altogether and use it only when needed for practical purposes or when the creative process kicks in and one wants to see how far we can take the observation. Can we find an intuitive space behind that noisy self-talking space? When one puts this all together then it is called Samadhi. This state of mind is an important state to experience as it brings one closer to the energies that we are living with and to experience them. Perhaps there are other states of mind after the Samadhi state of mind to be discovered by oneself. There might be steps up from just Samadhi but initially, there should be better control over the self-talking mind. There is an anomaly in us that we need to simultaneously silently speak what we think. We can control thinking by just being aware of the movement in the vocal cords. It is an “overnight” tool in the mind for Samadhi.

According to the Buddha, an intelligent and serious meditator can reach perfection in a maximum of seven years. Some may take much longer. Yet some have done it in seven days, and very few overnight. The important point to realize, however, is that with every step one advances, there is a greater degree of happiness experienced.”

What you want? a Porsche Boxter or Samadhi. You choose.

1 April 2019


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