Learning a New language of Modulating Tones

Initially, I thought – what is this neuro-linguistic. Looking up it said: NLP’s creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Ok, so I thought an experiential mode of learning? Then, I have a story to tell. I learned through experience to read tonal modulations. It started with, if I hear a persistent tone in the air, anywhere, I will try and read it to see if I can make out what that tone was saying. I got better at reading these tones as time went by and it was really like learning a new language. It really was like what they say about learning a new language – if you listen to it long enough then one day you would, like magic just be able to speak it no problem.

As things progressed I realised I was actually thinking what was in these tones in the air even if I was not consciously listening to them. So I google researched on the mind and realised just what a magic friend my brain was in that if it got something scrambled or something that looks like scrambled information in its head it would try its very best to serve you well and get some sort of meaning from it and you would then think it without you hearing a sound but for a modulating tinnitus like tone in the air.

On further reading I saw that it could even amplify what was in its brain by what is called “stochastic amplification” by adding some “white noise” to that low volume modulating tone so the modulations gets separated from the baseline noise by frequency matching and hence the meaning of that tonal modulations could be understood better by it, and the brain then gets you to think it.

If the brain could have googled researched it, it would have done just that and perhaps one day in time, I realised, that is just what it would do and how magic will that be. A brain that can google research on its own.  Maybe even a brain that will replace the mobile phone and will be able to dial the numbers via google like Skype. 

With this, I went on to realise that the thinking mind actually does have more of what could be considered limitations depending on how you look at it. Like some things it cannot do, is find something “new” for you as an idea as it tends to depend too much on your past experiences. It uses its past repository in your mind to feed your creative imagination and nothing new comes off the past in you but just another puzzle of the old. The “new” comes off nothingness. It comes off a completely silent mind. Anyway.

But you know this ESP, extrasensory experiences, that people have, are I think actual happening via the 5 sensors. It is not spooky at all but rather via your 5 sensors + one 6th sense wholemindbody monitoring of your environment talking to you via a tone in the air.

So when you are in the bus and you think the person behind you is staring at your back and thinking something about you, it is because the bus, in its tones and buzzes and whistling sounds, is translating thoughts and talking to you. I think this is what nature actually does for you but we have enhanced the natural and made it into the environment we live in, and we interact with it – so now it can be heard. I know this for sure as I have learned a new language of tonal modulations by listening to the space around me. It is called neuro-linguistic programming.  Seriously you can google it and find out and the day will come when you just ask your mind and it will do it for you off the ether and a tone from your environment will bring that information to you via tonal modulations.  There will be a new language for you to learn.  There will be no need to read it from a computer again or a book.  You will be learning from your environment.  You will be learning all the time.

You see you might think that your body is covered by the skin you are wearing and inside it are your organs.  But really when you get further down and look closer, what you will see is just atoms and lots of space. In fact, your body space is not confined under your skin.  The atoms in your body can extend to the end of a football field and into the spectator stands, all around you if you are standing at the centre of the field.  You are “fatter” than just the weight of your body and can you imagine the person standing at the opposite end of the field is still in contact with you.  At the atomic level, you are just points of energy.  You are almost no different from the radio signal that brings music into your home.  You are just an organised blob of frequencies and energy particles and you eat food to keep that energy functioning.  Just like you have to fill up your car with petrol to take you to the supermarket to buy food to feed your body. 

Just energy, like electricity, and energy and energy.  Oxygen and nitrogen and carbon, hydrogen, calcium and phosphorus and potassium and sulphur and chemicals with atoms, and subatomic particles and electrons.  Where is the ME in all of this when I am connected to everything around me.  You are in fact, me and you and him and her and your home and the space around you and your garbage bin and your garden and the cat and the dog. The atoms in your body extend meters away from you and into other people and things and you have a new language to learn so you know how you are connected to everything.

If you were inside your home, the energy of the atoms that extends from your material body into the space around you will also go past the walls of your home, which is also buzzing with energy.  Some of that energy is an enhanced form of natural energy, like the electricity that lights up your home or runs your appliances.

You are also connected to your home and it’s sounds.  You are one with everything around you.  http://thehealthyhousearchitect.com/electromagnetic-fields-emfs/

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