The Mind Can Only Make Itself

The city is of the mind.  The mind created the city and it made the city as a mirror image of itself, so the mind can connect to it.  It feels like that anyway as the infrastructure of the city patterned its way around our living space.  I became really suspicious when I could electronically record a bus passing my home from my room. 

I was recording from my phone line access point using an induction loop receiver and directly into the computer.  The signal was coming into the living space via the telegraph pole and all the cables connected to the pole to all the houses around any of us who live in the city or its suburbs. The buses come in many forms these days, some with wifi and some powered by both a battery and by petrol.  So it is a mini generator of its own passing your home every day.  The important thing here is that its presence in the area is felt in your home via the infrastructure of your own home.  The power supply lines and the phone/ internet network, all act as aerials for bringing information into your home.

This is a radio station coming into the home the same way and also recorded via an induction loop receiver.

A radio station miles away or a transmitter of any kind can bring a signal into your home using the infrastructure of the city via the phone line or the power supply system.  It all gets played out within the BUZZ of your home.

The mind seems to be able to only do itself in everything it does.  It seems to replicate itself in whatever it designs.  It seems to perhaps unintentionally makes its environment like itself so it can communicate with its environment.  Were these all intentionally or unintentionally done?  Was the panopticon already in the mind of the creators of our environment or did it come on as an afterthought when the mind saw what it had done and that is it had actually created an invisible network around itself so it could listen to itself.

The mind today can even hear itself think by listening to the infrastructure it created around itself by listening to the tonal modulations as the body interacts with its surroundings.  If a bus can communicate with your home then so can you and why not.  It is all just a coupling of 2 magnetic entities through an invisible force that unnaturally engulfs the city and its surrounding environment.  That was how the city was made, by a mind by itself and for itself.  The environment is made to record everything about yourself including your thoughts.  The mind has evolved to engulf itself with its own inventions.  The content of the mind is only of its past and its experiences.  That is all it knows.  That is what it feeds off. 

If you look at it at the beginning of its creative period it would have only known what nature was all about and its mind.  Then the human race got clever and decided to enhance the natural, and gave us electricity and radio waves etc.  As it progressed it would have realised by some of its inventions that it could get to communicate with itself through its inventions.  So you can also conclude that the infrastructure of the city is like nature on steroids.  Look, the mind is only good at moving forward from its past in mind.  Like we might be able to silently communicate with each other using the natural forces in yourself and of nature itself and so now, we can communicate with each other through the infrastructure of the city, which is just nature on steroids. The city is just an enhanced aspect of nature itself.

So why are we surprised when we can know what each other is thinking. 

The idea of the panopticon had first surfaced in Russia about 350 years ago in the 1700’s and today it is almost fully implemented.  The idea still has a future ahead of itself when you add artificial intelligence to it and we all know how that will be coming to our homes, from a telephone cable, or the powersupply lines or perhaps through a radio signal through the aerial that is our homes.  

If you think of it: imagine the whole city as 1 single mind and us in it as the panopticon already in place.  Imagine all the cities in the world connected together and all of us in it, influencing each other.  Now imagine a one-world-government for all these connected entities around the world.  It seems the obvious next move for this new infrastructure, created by what became, 1 mind, 1 world, 1 government.  I wonder if this was a natural phenomenon or we all just unknowingly planned this together?

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