Voting Irregularities in the Mind of a Voter

How can a voter be made to vote in a certain way by being in his living space because of electromagnetic noise from electric currents that are conducted through wiring and from their appliances in their homes?    

 There are different types of noise being created in your homes.  Some are natural and others are generated electronically:

It is the artificial noises that can be manipulated to act as white noise “speakers” that can demodulate an unheard electromagnetic signal or an ultrasound signal.  These modulations can also be made to make sense when the mind gets to hear the noise pattern often enough.

The principles of noise interference: They can come off a cable and occupy the space around you or come to you directly from its source.  If an electromagnetic signal travels right through you as in your wifi signal or a radio station transmitter it might create some spurious electrical signals in your nervous system in your body but for these signals to create reason in your mind is probably minimal or none but that not mean it cannot make you feel uneasy by its presence.  There are enough people on the net informing you of its detrimental effects.

But it is that buzz in your living space that you need to look out for when it starts to talk to you.  It is an established fact that your external telephone lines and your powersupply lines can act as aerials to bring transmitted radio signals into your home.  Your telephone line is a major culprit in this respect.  If you monitor your phone line access point in your home with an induction loop receiver you will hear something like this:

That anomaly that you see in the centre above is a remote signal coming from outside your home and I am suggesting after some observation is a remote radio signal and it is coming through your external phone lines to switch on your handsfree option (with its microphone on) on your phone for a listen in.  But what it can do via these remote radio signals is to modulate the BUZZ in your home that is also amplified by the intensity of these rogue signals coming into your home from outside.   

The big picture of all this as below:

The intensity of the BUZZ in your home will depend on the pattern of the telephone cables outside your home.  Some can look like the spokes inside of an umbrella and if so it will make a pretty good aerial for these radio signals.  There is also the matter for a local rogue transmitter doing the dirty in the area you live in or a radio station transmitter closeby that is sending you hidden subliminals on how to vote in a general election or placing a cross in your mind to be transferred to the ballot paper.  Perhaps it is a BREXIT BREXT BREXIT BREXIT subliminal in a recent referendum forcing the country to choose a certain way backward-forward.   The point is a rogue signal is given easy access to your home via your phone line.  

So you stop this by first knowing what the pattern is for the anomaly.  An anomaly can occur either because of the electronic noise created in your home or because of an anomaly in your mind.  The mind is a sucker for accepting what you give him.  It is such a great biological entity that it will try and please you the best it can but it also has its limitations and if you listen hard enough it will show you what are its limitations.  One of these limitations is that it has to speak what you are thinking for it to have to think at all:”speak thinking”.  Thinking is actually sub-vocal speech as its end product.  If you don’t speak what you thinking then cannot think.  This in itself has a domino effect to the intrusion of the radio signals in your home.  When a rogue signal enters your home and switches on your handfree microphone in your phone – your home then acts as an induction loop system and your thinking will then start to modulate the BUZZ in your home and through these tonal modulations your thinking can also be known.  So you can see that that rogue radio signal switching on your phone microphone is not only to listen to a conversation but to also to listen to you think.  This is the bigger pattern of how you are wired to your living space.

So you have the option to reduce that BUZZ in your home to a minimum so your hearing system cannot get to hear it and also stop that rogue radio signal that is coming into your home to switch on the microphone in your home to hear you speak and think.  I wonder if voters would have voted a certain way if their minds were not nudged in a certain direction.  I wonder if the United Kingdon would still be part of the European Union and not leaving it.  I wonder if the wars that were fought would not have happened if minds were not manipulated.  

Use an induction loop receiver to monitor the radio signals in your home.  You wished you never bought that radio when your whole home is a radio station while listening in with an induction loop receiver.


Key points

  • An electromagnetic wave that interferes with the operation of electronic devices is called noise.

  • The means to shut out the noise in the transmission path include shields and filters.

  • In order to make shields and filters work effectively, grounding is important.

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