“Speak Thinking” and Tonal Modulations

If you switch on your handsfree option on your landline and just listen to the tone this is what you will hear below: But me tapping on the table had got a response via tonal modulation of “what is he doing”.  If you listen in to your access point for your internet/phone line using a induction loop receiver you will hear this handsfree option being switched on with both the tones and the separation coming in but with no indication on your phone that the handsfree had been switched on.  The handsfree option is being used externally to switch on the microphone to listen to conversations and also the tones are used to listen to one’s thinking.  The response on these lines are a 2 way process and you would on a phone line but so is the incognito unwelcome stranger coming in to listen in and also passing in subliminals and voices through the phone which will be carried into the rest of the household perhaps via the ground cable as I have shown in previous articles.  With everything else set aside, the process of using these tones to listen to one’s thinking because of “speak thinking” and via tonal modulation  is a serious breach of privacy that needs to be investigated further.

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