Artificial Intelligence is You

when the noise in your mind stops.  That is how Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to work.  I came across this article that says Deepmind’s AI program for chess beats a chess master at his game – 4 games to 1.

So here they have a algorithm that learns by itself and watches its opponent and makes up its next move accordingly.

During the second game, AlphaGo played a move – move 37 – which left everyone watching, from the audience to the Go Grandmasters, scratching their heads. No one could understand the thinking behind it. Yet as the game unfolded it became clear that the computer had devised a winning strategy that had never been seen before in the game’s 2,500 year history.
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Look, this is a machine that has no noise of psychological thinking, in its mind.  It is written to be silent and it just listens and watches you.  In that 100% silence, and speed of computing, it creates the new in itself and comes out tops.  It does not have the limitations of the human mind.  It just computes and moves on, from moment to moment.

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