Unheard Sound Pollution – Ultrasound

I am not dealing here with what you can hear pollution but rather the unheard sound that is outside the range of hearing (20 hertz to 20 kilohertz).

Unheard yet it is everywhere.  Can the mind actually “hear” this, but not you.  It comes in unheard and gets processed straight into thinking.  You might think that your thinking is your own but rather it is initiated by a subliminal rogue signal.  This can alter your mind to think differently about things and alter your perception.  Fundamentally your whole personality is being created for you unknown to yourself.  It might not all be according to your own thinking but initiated by some external sources.  I am going to try and show you how this happens.

I will start with this by saying that the ear can actually process higher than the upper limit of 20 Khz.  The ultrasound range might just sound like tinnitus to you in your ears but the ear and mind will still process it.  There might be some research out there which I might have pointed out in some earlier articles but this new discovery is more interesting to try and make the point in a different way.  It comes out of China and is called: “DolphinAttack: Inaudible Voice Commands”.  Dolphin attack I assume because it comes in unnoticed. The paper is dated 31 August 2017, so like yesterday, time wise. or almost like today.

Speech recognition (SR) systems such as Siri or Google Now have become an increasingly popular human-computer interaction method, and have turned various systems into voice controllable systems


Hidden voice commands, though ‘hidden’, are nonetheless
audible. In this work, we design a completely inaudible attack, DolphinAttack, that modulates voice commands on ultrasonic carriers (e.g., f > 20 kHz) to achieve inaudibility.

They found that all these voice recognition systems were affected: , including Siri, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Huawei HiVoice, Cortana and Alexa.

So it is interesting that ultrasound rogue signals can activate a VRS gadget in your home but then can it also activate your mind to think a certain way by introducing a target word or short sentence into your mind. 

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