Looking for “God” in Mind

If you are looking for God, you need to buckle up and get ready for a journey to the higher faculties of your mind. Where the mind is still and thinking is not or to a minimum in mind and then you sense God, the mighty “intelligence” of the Universe which you can access within your mind:

and get connected:

The best way to use your mind is to stay centred in the silent mind and keep verbal thinking in the periphery and use it only when you need to. Verbal thinking is a self-talk thinking process. It is a deliberate thinking process that you can easily control. Verbal thinking is when you have to silently verbalise your thoughts for you to think at all. You silently verbalise because the brain needs to hear you, like in a conversation with another, so the brain can process your thoughts. You can end this type of thinking by keeping the slight flutter of your vocal cords still and hence bring on the silent mind. In time visual and spatial thinking will disappear and you are now, via body and mind, the universe itself, and in the presence of God. You can communicate with God with just a “sense of knowing” as feedback and an intention in mind for communication with the “intelligence” of the Universe, or God, the Universal Mind.

When you are here in mind, God is always in your presence. You ostracise God with verbal thinking by being preoccupied and preventing access to the Universal Mind. The whole process of accessing your higher faculties is a very simple process in mind.

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