Awakening the Mind


Easier than you think if you see that suffering is caused by the lies or illusions that the mind creates by the frontline personality-based thinking that we know of.

But this thing about living off specific awakening insight of other people is totally ok and okay to start with. That is what we are all doing now with the suffering of Buddha, and Jesus and all the other sages of the past. They have created the slope or route down to Samadhi and awakening and we learn from them.

There are 2 kinds of thinking in learning this spiritual awakening thing. One is if you see it then you have it. Some sages have said this. As soon as you see it in your mind then you have it. Transformation for mankind today is a lot easier than it was when people were trying to find a new way in the past and discovered that all their problems were coming from what their minds created. Transformation and awakening today is increasing exponentially. Everybody has got what’s needed in their minds because of the sages in the past. Think of the time when they knew nothing of why there was suffering when it was sitting right there in front of them in their heads.

Having said that some sages believe that getting to the silent samadhi state of mind is a very simple process. Some Buddhist monks have said that one can get to an enlightened state of mind in a month, in a week or in a day, depending on the person. You start by just giving up your thoughts:


Here he even says that meditation itself is only for novices. Cross-legged meditation is useful to just kick start the awakening process to acquire a silent mind and to stop all your thoughts. One should learn to be an awakened person while one’s hands are in society and going about our daily activities. Stuck in a cave, cross-legged in meditation as a life long intense practice were only for the pioneers of the spiritual process when they were trying to find out what was happening.


So imagine when they found out that it was all in their minds. They found out that the mind created a “dream of existence” in their head that they treated as being real. So when they saw this, there you have it, they realised the solution was in their minds. Now all they needed to do was to explore their mind spaces and find a solution to stop the mind creating all this lies or illusions in one’s mind.

Getting to Samadhi when the mind is silent is just one of those mind spaces. You cannot give up your whole mind but the least you can do is know what it is doing and how it works and where in your mind creates the actual illusions. Then when you are there in mind you know you are spinning an illusion. You know that this is an illusion and that is a fact. This is a fact and that is a lie in me. This is this and that is that.

When you see all of this then why is there to suffer anymore. You now have an awakened state of mind. If you get to this early in your life as a teenager the rest of your life will be a doodle and full of opportunities. Because the more you get into this the more you get closer to the fabric of the Universe and become like it. Remember that you are just a sliver of the Universe and am totally connected to it. Your true self is not your personality-driven thinking mind (which is what is creating all the illusions) but rather to what you are connected to, the Universal Mind. So as you make your way to your true self, you go through the Samadhi state of mind.

To those of you who are pictorial learners, I put together some images to trace this process above. See what you think of it:

The big picture:


You need to get out of verbal thinking and into the silent mind though meditation or just remember that you are self-talking in verbal thinking and when you stop silently verbalising your thoughts you will find that you cannot think anymore and all your thoughts drop off.


When you have found the way to get over the verbal thinking wall that is most of your efforts in this spiritual process done. The rest will come automatically. You just have to maintain the silent space and observe how it evolves and opens out to you.

Your mind world becomes much larger now when you create this endless loop through your silent mind to be connected to the Cosmic Mind and its natural laws.

What do you get from the above, apart from all your illusions having disappeared because your personality-driven mind has been shut down, is all the benefits of being part of the repository of the great Universal Mind.

The mind keeps evolving as it opens up to its unseen side:





16th February 2020

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