Hasta la vista, ego

When a question merits a standard reply but then you give it a minute to let the mind tell you otherwise because the mind is all of these questions asked and should know the true answer for this question. So leave it to the mind to decide. Keep yourself out of it for just a minute or so. The EGO is not going to be happy. When the mind is totally silent the ego just has lost it and it loses its power somewhat. The power of the ego is when the mind is spinning itself with verbal thinking. The ego, trying to make answers by spinning a question it gets in its mind and it works hard to give you an answer. More importantly, the ego keeps you safe. When someone is coming at you with a knife it is the ego that is telling you, hey nuts start running and save yourself. If it was awareness it is not going to save you from a dangerous situation, it is just going to be watching and being aware. Awareness will say, a man with a knife in the distance. Man with a knife coming closer very quickly. Man with a knife next to me and the ego would have its hand on its head and saying, run you nuts, as you wake up from the stupor of awareness and get away just in time.

If you are in the spiritual path then the ego-mind might be a distraction. But if your life depended on it, the ego will be there for you to save you. It will show you the dangers. Awareness just observes them and the ego takes the observations and creates a solution for you.

Let’s face it, everything which has evolved in you will have a reason for being there. It is just at times they do come in the way and cross paths and start being a nuisance and at other times can be right nasty, the ego, when their powers are being taken away by conscious awareness.

The robust and subtle should learn to live with each other as they both have their uses.

And, one should leave the mind in silence at times, to give you your answers, rather than leave it to the robust noisy ego-mind to get ahead of itself and over the brain of the Universal Mind. All the ego does apart from keeping you alive is to create this illusionary world in your mind and it only does this to protect its own illusionary world.

If the ego starts to bother you and wants to start chatting to you as in psychological thinking then just bring on the silent mind. This curtals the ego-mind and its verbal thinking ways.

Hasta la vista, ego!


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