Subconscious Mind

Where is it?

The personality-driven self-talking noisy verbal thinking mind camouflages everything in our mind such that we have to invent the word subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the deeper recesses of your silent mind. If you want to know what is happening in your subconscious mind shut down your verbal thinking mind and try and remain silent for as long as possible. Initially just slightly difficult to be aware of the slight flutter of your vocal cords while you are trying to remain silent and devoid of thoughts but it gets easier with time. No need for cross-legged meditation. Just go along with your daily activities and keep all thoughts out of your mind by making sure you don’t silently speak what you want to think in verbal thinking. Take my word for it that after a few weeks you will have to remind yourself if you want to think. Ones your silent mind has set in you, it gets increasingly comfortable with the situation in time and you will find that thinking and the silent mind state has flipped over. 

The silent mind starts to become normal and you start to get comfortable with the situation. I am not sure if epigenetics gets involved here where habits or states of mind are made normal with practice where the DNA starts flipping switches to allow your prefered state of mind to remain frontline, and I think that is why time makes things easier. You will find that once you have allowed the silent mind to set in then you can sit back and enjoy the ride as all else comes through on autopilot with only conscious awareness. The subconscious mind will start to rise and everything that has been hidden from you with the chaos of the frontline verbal thinking mind will rise as pictorial thinking or as images in the mind. They call these images your samskaras. Stuff hidden away in you will start to create anxiety in you and trouble you with a kind of psychological pictorial thinking. 

Try and find all your mind spaces until there is just a no-mind state of being, where all thinking has stopped and you are just in the presence of pure consciousness. Any further and you fall over the edge of darkness with no memory of where you have been. So not worth going there as you won’t remember anything about where you have been. Stay at the edge of thinking and in a samadhi no-mind state of being but still aware of your surroundings and in a state of choiceless observation. A restful state of being and communicating with the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind.

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