Can fine arts transform thinking?

It sure can! It can do more than just development. It will transform it completely into something totally new. This is what will happen if you treat the Arts, not as just entertainment but a tool for self-discovery.

Art a sacred space:

To discover the self the mind needs to see itself by having a dialogue with an another. Art is a process you can have a dialogue with to show the limitations of the thinking mind and why one needs to open it up to discover the truly “new” in oneself. You will find if you keep the discovery of the “new” in you as a priority that the self-talking verbal thinking mind which is the spinner of the creative process has its limitations. It can seem only to operate off its past experiential self as its database. It cannot seem to come out of this cocoon hence nothing truly blindly “new” will come out of this use only of the personality-based self-talking verbal thinking mind.

The mind needs to open up to the silent mind to find the truly new.

You can find the action of Truth only by listening to the voice of the silent mind for the truly “new” in the repository in the Universe and not the local thinking mind. Basically, it is coming off your local mind and working off the repository of a greater Mind:


Spirit mind:

The collection:

This series of capturing the shadow on canvas using photo emulsion as a binder for pigment had a high probability of chance in it for creating the final image. The idea for the process was adapted from screen printing without using the screens to print any of these images. It was the direct capture and layering of different patterns of shadows on the canvas. Without going into details each layer manifested needed to be prepared and sealed or not before the next later was manifested etc. It was complete joy in me to see how chance had a big part to play in the making of these paintings. My thinking mind had a small part to play in the overall look of the canvas and it had no control over what was manifested.

But the idea did come from a screen print of an image of a chair overlapping each other until the image of the chair disappeared and was not recognisable any more:

It is like the personality losing itself to another space in the silent mind:

Not very different from this process of transformation in the mind from the local personality-driven verbal thinking mind to the silent mind and access to the greater repository of the Universal Mind:The action of Truth and insight: having an epiphany, while manifesting all probabilities and possibilities from nothingness in the Universal Mind: 

And finally, the mind balancing out with the tangible and the intangible in itself:

All through having a dialogue with the process of making art.

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