Your Quantum Double

Is there a quantum double of you in the Universe?

Just hear me out for a second.

I am not coming to this conclusion from experiential knowledge. I have been to the ends of my mind in meditation and other ways by stopping my thoughts and delved into the silent mind looking for other mind spaces. So I know what it is like in there. I understand what the Buddhist mean when they talk about the “dream of existence”.  Everything is a construct in your mind including everything you observe. 

But it was this that bother me because I could not put my hands in it to see how these final communications that I am having with another and being able to converse with it via an intention in mind and an intuitive stream thinking feedback conversation with IT. 

Until I saw this BBC documentary that said that they as recently as last year proved that quantum entanglement is REAL with some experiments they carried out. This changes everything. Even the scientist in the documentary also excepts that this changes everything. Documentary in the link below: 

Quantum entanglement is where similar aspects of you; atoms etc that are related to you in the universe; everything that was part of you once in the past before the big bang and have separated and spread over the universe, still knows what is happening to you even though they are not next to you because changes in any one of them is instantly felt in all the related parts: quantum entanglement. The maths said spooky quantum entanglement should exist but they only recently proved that it is real with some experiments. It is very interesting how they did this too and a must-watch documentary.

So my question is this: At the edge of your “dream of existence” when all self-talking thinking has dropped and the mind is silent there is just prior the no-mind state there is a kind of biofeedback with another that can “hear” you of what you intend to know and a feedback back answer with an intuitive stream thinking process. Intention and intuitive stream thinking conversation with whom: the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. The mystics stop here and they confidently tell you that there is an “intelligence” and some won’t go any further than this. So I take it that they sense it and they know it is “intelligent” and they can have a conversation. I am sure lots of you have come across this phenomenon. I want to know who is listening at the other end.

Just hear me out first and then decide. You know by quantum entanglement itself that there must be some of you out there in the ether and the greater wider Universe. You know here on earth the mind likes creating opposites. Good and the bad. There is a Quantum double of you out there in the universe and it is that quantum double that is listening to you and trying to help you know what you want. You know which of you is good and which is bad. I don’t need to tell you this. The personality self-talking mind the maker of the illusions in your mind, the creator of the subjective lie, the free will in you to be bad if you want to, is the bad one. Your True Self, your quantum double, who is part of the Cosmos, looking out for you all the time who is listening to your intentions in mind when your mind has dropped all its thoughts and the mind is silent then there is a part of you in the Cosmos that is ready to listen to you. If you choose to live with only your lower personality-based self-talking mind then you will be chasing your own tail with your own thoughts of this and that and with conflict in mind. There is no conflict in mind with the thinking of your quantum double and you can only access it when your mind is silent.

Quantum Entanglement is now officially real. We are also officially one with the Universe and there is also a better twin of you out there who is looking out for you. 

You just got to find the twin before she/him can help you.

Others have been there too:

“In order to be self-aware, you have to have feedback. Consciousness is a feedback between the external world and the internal world. That’s fundamental to ALL things. So then ALL things are conscious. All things are feeding information to the vacuum and the vacuum is feeding it back. The amount that you are able to feed into the system, is related directly to your amount of resistance, in how much information can come.” – Nassim Haramein

  To me, “related directly to your amount of resistance” that Nassim refers to is one’s inability to give up one’s frontline self-talk personality-driven thinking mind for the silent mind.


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