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I think if you could speak Chinese and English equally well or any other Alphabet dependent languages then I think your abilities in mind will have a broader scope for you to see and understand the unseen side to you. The difference will be very difficult to measure and hence will go unappreciated but employers probably could sense a difference or weirdness in the way you think which can create more positive outcomes or contributions.

美术 – Art

I think what is happening with dual Chinese/English speakers is this:

The unseen side to them naturally opens up just by learning 2 languages that read differently. Chinese is a more pictorial Language and English is a verbal silent self-talking language and hence you are really naturally or unknowingly shaping this aspect of you in your mind:

Siri Perera’s answer to What is the difference between visual and verbal thinkers?

You can see here that you are just strengthening both your visual and verbal thinking side of your mind just because of how the 2 languages are read; one pictorial and the other verbally.

Of course, there are other routes to opening up your mind. Not via learning Languages but just by experiencing the different mind spaces using meditation and exploring other ways of thinking via the silent mind.

Other options to naturally delve into these silent mind spaces and having a dialogue with the processes of the mind and observing its limitations is via the Arts. Total freedom to create with nothing is not possible attitude and conscious awareness of the processes of the mind will show some of the limitations of the thinking mind. You will find that it can only create from the repository of its experiential and it cannot see outside this box. So everything it creates is just a puzzle of the old in itself. To find the “new” in oneself one needs to open up to the repository of the Cosmic mind where everything that already exists is stored and we feed off its repository for information. Opening up to the silent mind is essential for this via slowly becoming a Tathagata where the tangible and the intangible in you is seen clearly and a new way of thinking emerges in your mind. You can see how with learning the different languages you are also doing this naturally.

When the unseen side of you opens up you also get lucky and purely because you have increased the possibilities of things happening for you.

The evolution of the mind goes from this: naturally slow process…

to this: you can see how by opening up the unseen side of you via exploring the silent mind you have increased the possibilities for yourself by now accessing the repository of the Universal mind.

Brain consciousness interface:

manifesting the possibilities and probabilities of the unmanifested quantum mind. These are the 2 states which are in existence around us: our manifested world that we know so well and the unmanifested world of all potentialities from where with intention in our minds we ask for and receive and make use of to create our manifested world.

It gives us anything we ask for but the personality verbal thinking mind has to step down and be silent and with conscious awareness and intention in mind we can have a dialogue with Universal Brahman mind.

Here are some people in the past who knows how it works:

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb:

The above examples are just a couple of people who have opened up to the unseen side of them to access the repository of the Universal mind. There must be millions of people in the world who are of similar capabilities who are creating a world of their own and their futures as the numbers increase and their minds evolve. This is a natural progression and a phenomenon of the universal mind: it gives you what you ask for and allows you to create your world using your personality-driven verbal thinking mind and when it does not exists within the natural laws of the universe – it falls apart and then a new opportunity is given to choose the way one needs to live. I think this cycle exists until the subjective personality-driven verbal thinking mind understands what is required of itself to take into consideration when it plans and creates its living space.

31 January 2020


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