Mind and its Renegade

Mind and its Renegade

This is all part of the spiritual experience as when the mind learns to go silent and does it naturally for long periods, then one gets to see everything as it is and not even hidden Subliminals goes unnoticed. A conscious awareness mind in a silent state, with no personality verbal thinking in mind is much closer to the environment and almost part of it. So, it is not surprising that it sees what it is now closer to itself. It is just a natural progression. It is what happens when the frontline verbal thinking mind is shut down and the rest of oneself becomes closer to its true nature and that is closer to the matrix that binds us all together.  

It senses a lot more than just its immediate surroundings, it senses all that is ahead of the evolving matrix. You can also see why when more of us are in such a state this can make a difference as to how the future pans out by just having an intention in mind for a better environment to live in. The intention in itself is sufficient as the living matrix with its own intelligence makes it happen. It is difficult to see on what basis it works. It maintains balance according to its own natural law. One can sense an intelligence at work as the balance in the universe is maintained. It almost is like an unthinking intelligence. It gives what those who live above its natural laws what they want as long as they are within the natural laws of the universe until they start to tangent off its own natural centre. We are all living in a house of cards at the moment. What is sitting on top of the matrix made by the personality-based verbal thinking mind is starting to strain and increase tensions in the natural network of the universe. 

So as the inhabitants of society start to feel the discomfort of living within an artificially created synthetic consciousness created by the infrastructure in the living space, which is in competition with its natural counterpart and with a feedback mechanism to control the masses to keep it in place, rather than right the wrongs of its own making: you know that you are only just buying time before you decide to do the right thing.

The tathg’s know what you are doing:

 and their numbers are increasing every day and we make things happen by just “being” and with only intention in mind: the matrix of the universe does the rest for us. 

When the mind-body gets even closer to the ether that it exists in one would expect it to influence using this massive infrastructure of the universe with its own intelligence. One would expect this to happen as now one is one with its background. As the mind and body couples-up with its background, one would expect that the mind and body would have some influence on the living space and the rest of the universe. This coupling with their environment starts to show up initially in simple anomalies as proof that their own mind-body matrix has changed and shifted closer to its true self and into the matrix of the ether it lives in, such that the body-mind can now interact with its background. This I think is an observational proof that the mind-body-universe ensemble has an evolutionary path to follow where it finally becomes its true self again, by becoming the source from where it started. 

Extraordinarily so, it had become a thing of its own by just the way it leant to think (verbal thinking) to separate itself out of its source. The verbal thinking process had learnt to create its own future by the use of the creative spinning force, generating illusions of its own from observations of its own source matrix. The cityscape is nature on steroids created by the creative force of the mind. It created this illusionary space to live in, from the back of its own natural self and now it is standing back and looking at what it has done. It realises that all was done from a Lie spun out of the Truth in oneself.

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