Mind Control En Masse

Use an in-ear headphone if possible to get a better idea of what is happening here.

Hidden subliminals:
This is all part of the spiritual experience as when the mind learns to go silent and does it naturally for long periods, then one gets to see everything as it is and not even hidden subliminals goes unnoticed.
Mind control en masse in realtime via the landline handsfree tone.

Interesting chat line from the handsfree tone in the landline phone. This is not from the first tone that comes up but from the 2nd tone after the silent pause. This comes from the telegraph pole outside which is connected to multiple homes in its vicinity acting like an aerial. It can be picked up at the access point for the phone and broadband line and makes its way around the rest of the home which is also heard in the combi gas boiler and the radiators and home appliances. Hearing voices? Yes, you are because it is coming down your phone line. Very handy during election time to send down a subliminal message for you as who to vote for or perhaps it is time for you to spend some money and buy something you don’t need. When the handsfree option is switched on remotely it acts as a microphone for a listen in. A handy real-time monitoring tool with an IP address attached to it. Trying switching on your handsfree option on landline and + your volume up to max and wait for the 2nd tone to come up after the pause from the 1st tone and listen to the chit chat if any.

It is the white noise in the design of this phenomenon which is amplifying the hidden subliminal in the tone by what is called “stochastic amplification”. This is where the white noise frequencies mix and match with the frequencies of the hidden embedded subliminals and hence add to them and amplify them where they then come out of the tone and you can hear them as chit chat. That is why the volume has to be high enough for the white noise volume has to be significant enough to amplify the hidden subliminals and to bring it out of the tone to be heard. As it makes its way through the home it gets amplified by the household appliances, as a kettle boils up for the white noise hiss of the boil-up to bring the subliminals out of hiding and you hear it in the kettle and stop when the water is boiled. Or from the modulating buzz of the refrigerator, where underlying hidden subliminals coming from outside the home to cause magnetic modulations in the home. What an ingenious little invention for mind control en masse. Such a beautiful idea, yet hidden from plain sight. So watching one’s thoughts is so much more important in these modern times with 5G soon on its way. One has to decide as thinking arises, is it really one’s own or not.

What is stochastic amplification:




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