What is Enlightenment?

What would we have done without J. Krishnamurti? He debunks all of religion and mysticism and says everything is right there in front of you. Look inwards and find it.

Here he goes into enlightenment and truth but I was interested here in how he comes to it via the existence of the opposites. 

At the end of the video above he says:

“The ultimate thing which is truth is not to be achieved through time. It can never be achieved. It is there or it is not there.”


It is interesting that he comes to this, “it can never be achieved. It is there or it is not there” by looking at opposites. Take vanity and humility: One cannot say that I am humble. You cannot create true humility. One can create a lie in one’s head that one has humility in him/her but the fact of both these opposites is vanity. Vanity is easily seen that one is vain: it is a fact. But when vanity disappears then humility is. It cannot be achieved like vanity. It has to filter through and exist by getting rid of its opposite.

He also uses the example of violence and non-violence. One is violent; we can see that clearly. It is a fact. But when violence naturally disappears then non-violence ensues.

If you take all the opposites and work on them, look at the fact and naturally make it disappear then what stands before you is the Truth. As the Truth cannot be achieved but it has to come about in oneself. So that is a lot of opposites to start working on before the Truth shows itself.

But what if we can take all the unwelcome opposites in oneself in one go and destroy them in oneself. This will be a much easier and a faster route to enlightenment. Agreed? 

Then seriously, all we have to look at is the theory-of-everything baseline of the thinking mind and see what it does: where the frontline thinking of verbal thinking is: the creation of ideas and subjectivity that is creating all the violence as it falsely show us that we are different in our minds and we take action and cause suffering based on this falsehood in our minds. One needs to see how the mind works and find the other mind spaces and the existence of the silent mind where compassion and humility can naturally come into being and exist. 

We need to experience these other mind spaces and know that they exist and see how they work. We cannot only live by spinning everything out of control with the frontline verbal thinking mind and thinking that this is all there is to it. There is an opposite to even this state of the mind of chaos which is the silent mind. 

All your opposites exist in these 2 compartments in your mind: one, the violent, destructive, subjective and chaotic spinner of the frontline self-talk thinking mind: The Lie in You.  The other the silent mind of conscious awareness: The Truth in You. The more time one spends in the silent mind state and through conscious awareness and as one filters through and “tunes” oneself to the “intelligence” of the Cosmos and into the repository of its natural laws, the mind starts to see ALL its disruptive opposites for what it is, unreal and an illusion in oneself made up by the frontline thinking mind and is a lie in oneself. The end of this is that the Truth slowly filters through as one sees The-Truth-in-the-Lie-in-You and humility in oneself naturally ensues.

When one sees all this in an instant and in anything that is in existence and debunks all that chit chat and rituals in mysticism and religion and becoming – it really is difficult to remain humble but one share’s it anyway just in case others might see it and also have an aha moment and see how everything starts to shuttle into place in their life’s when everything starts to point in the right direction. 

When one has a whole town pointing in the right direction just by the simple process of exploring other mind spaces and lining up with the repository of the “intelligence” in the Cosmos then transformation ensues and everything changes through a brother-sisterhood who do not know each other, but have thing in common and that is they are all pointing in the same direction in their minds.

2-Minds: self-talk thinking mind and silent intuitive thinking mind:

7th December 2019.

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