Supermind and Human Evolution

It is very difficult to find anyone these days that will tell you what is beyond the mind. The extended mind. We understand frontline verbal thinking. The noisy chaotic thinking process. The creator of the illusion in us and hence this duality we posses: The Truth and The Lie in is.

We use meditation to stop the verbal thinking mind and to access the silent mind. We deal with pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking until they too disappear. What is left is this streaming subtle “sense of knowing” and soon with time you find that one can have a conversation with this streaming energy with an intention in mind. Actually to get to this stage of the extended mind is relatively easy especially when you use the anomaly in verbal thinking where you have to silently speak what you are thinking if you want to think at all. Intentionally stop the sub-vocal speech and you find you cannot now think. What happens then is the advent of the silent mind. Then it is just 3 stops away to the sense of knowing state of mind. In fact, it runs on auto-pilot with the advent of the silent mind with verbal thinking now shut down and with no subtle movement in your vocal cords to mimic your thinking. But what comes after this in the extended mind?

 It is here when they tell you that it is important you find a Guru to show you that is until you find Sri Aurobindo with his Ashram in Pondicherry.   Sraddhalu Ranade in the video above is part of the Aurobindo Ashram and he explains the overmind and the supermind (like a scientist can as he is one) as subtle energy forms of the mind that can be accessed where it finally couples with the mind and body to create a “new” you and where you finally find your TRUE SELF and become one with all.

What else is there? Nothing. No-Mind. Just Being, and when you have experienced your extended mind and you come back to the material world of manifestations and illusions as a “new” you and now seeing the duality in you clearly, the illusion of the personality and the True Self of the cosmic mind: you now gradually help create a new world order in whatever forms you manifest from the ether.

In this short video,  Sraddhalu Ranade describes meditation and breathing and especially interesting is that you are not only breathing oxygen but also the energy from the ether and how deep breathing helps to balance the body and calm the mind:

Meditation and Breath

Evolution of the thinking mind:

A quote from OSHO about “If you want to experience Godliness”:

“And if you want to experience Godliness – just a little bit of meditation, a little bit of becoming thoughtless and remaining aware. When your awareness is there and thoughts start dropping like leaves in the fall, and when there is only awareness and there is not a single thought there, you will have the taste, the very taste on your tongue, of what I am saying. And unless you have tasted it, don’t believe me; don’t believe anyone, because belief can become a barrier. You may become satisfied with the belief, and you may never try”.

You take your mind as far as it can go on your own in the quiet of your own mind and your own home with all the comforts and minimal distractions,  as everything is just in front of you. It’s simple: stop “verbal thinking” and it will stop frontline thinking instantly. With the advent of the silent mind take it as far as it will go by just remaining silent in mind and the mind does the rest. It will carry you along to the end of itself. You only have to maintain that silence by keeping your thoughts away. Initially, it might be distracting but when that silence sets in and you start to “experience that Godliness” it gets a lot easier. I am not sure what OSHO meant by “Godliness”, perhaps it is the deep sense of silence and nothingness in the mind but there is a “sense of knowing” in existence in that silence which can seem to be a kind of “divine thinking” and one can have a conversation with this divine thinking with an intention in mind as a question and replies come with this “sense of knowing”. You will know when you get there. Exploring the Extended Mind is a collaboration and one puts it out there and it gets tested and we carry everybody along with this collaboration. Once mind spaces have been explored and experienced then one can work from any of them, as they all function differently, and the range is from the interactive frontline “verbal thinking” of the creative process to the super silent “sense of knowing” divine thinking, supermind. Now you know where the idea for Superman came from.

8 November 2019


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