Why use Mantra in Meditation?

The function of the mantra in meditation? What does it do?

So I wonder if people know the function of the mantra in meditation and why we use it during meditation: It is introduced during meditation to distract us from verbal thinking. We have to silently verbalise everything we want to think for us to be able to think at all- it is an anomaly is us. It can be considered as being the frontline of thinking. The most obvious form of thinking that we use the most. It is responsible for psychological thinking, creating ideas, drives the creative process etc. and this is where the concept of “duality” arises as verbal thinking is the creator of illusions and the personality.

Then there is also pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking all non-interactive type of thinking and that is how they differ from self-talk thinking.

What the mantra does is it takes us away from self-talk and forces us to stop silently speaking what we want to think and hence bring on the silent mind. If you can find the reason then you can use the anomaly to bring on a silent mind anytime you want rather than just in cross-legged meditation. Just concentrate on the vocal cords as your “mantra” and make sure it is still and not working or trying to verbalise your thoughts. It is stopping a mechanical process and one can easily feel if the vocal cords are silently working or not. If you use this technique then your mind can remain silent not just during cross-legged meditation but anytime during your waking hours, while walking talking anytime to keep the chaos in the thinking mind calm and have better control over the mind.

Stop the vocal cord from working to bring on a silent mind:

The mind can easily remain silent the whole day with this reminder of the vocal cords verbalising your thoughts and when used during cross-legged meditation then bringing on the silent mind is almost instant but there is still pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking still at work but psychological interactive thinking stops completely. That is also why the technique can be used during your daily activities as you still have your intuition and pictorial thinking to work with. My experience is that if you remain in the silent mind state long enough then even pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking disappears into a silent no-mind state.

26 October 2019

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