Is self-awareness an illusion?

Who is really being aware of everything when one is one with ALL?

I think self-awareness is as real as thinking. It is a tangible process. Even when your thinking mind asks the question you can sense that another is being self-aware. Can we find this thing that is being self-aware?
I think we can chase it to where it is by just using our mind. Nisargadatta did as he sensed that something was looking with him: there was his mind looking and another being aware of all this movement in the mind. But I can understand your question if this something is just an illusion. Lets not just philosophise here about it but let’s try and find it. Let’s see if we can locate it and shake its hand?
I think what Nisargadatta was saying is that if you find a mind space and ask yourself if I am that, or is that/this my true self and you find there is still 2 of you looking- one your mind looking and the other a kind of sense of awareness also being aware of everything looking – then which of these 2 is my true self? To start this search in your mind: If that “true self” looking with you is still there, then what you are looking at in your mind’s eye might not be it, or it might not be your true self. So how do we make sure?
So, what is interesting about the explanation giving by Nagarajan: This BEING can only BE. No self awareness! is that when you get to your true self: that which is watching behind your thinking mind then you can only be and there is NO SELF-AWARENESS anymore as that self awareness is coming from that other and because one has embedded itself into the watcher and is now in the true self then that sense of self-awareness disappears. When you become that thing that is self aware then the 2 becomes one. Duality in you disappears. You have become the watchman. No more duality and hence you realise that it was your thinking mind that was creating all the illusions in you and hence generating that duality. Initially, I am this that I am creating with my verbal thinking mind, and what is that? I ask myself, that is being aware of everything with me. There seems to be a TRUTH in the LIE in Me: duality: 2 minds speaking kind of perception. One yourself thinking up an idea and creating the lie in you and the other being aware of this.
So when the babas talk about duality this is the duality: the mind spinning a lie in you and you thinking this is my true self and then the other being AWARE of this. So when you get rid of the creator of the illusions – then what is left is your true self that is being aware of all these shenanigans in your mind. It is like creating a painting and then taking away the marks you don’t need to manifest the idea clearly.
The bottom line is this: your frontline verbal thinking mind is the culprit. It is the one that is creating this duality. When you stop this and explore your mind spaces further you come to your true self which is looking out for you – your true self showing you the other self-talking mind is not you but the trickster who is trying to fool you by creating all these lies for you. How do you think we created this living space we live in and the umbrella financial infrastructure we live under which is just a house of cards?.
The mind is really a very tangible entity if you want to discover this duality for yourself. One just has to find the different mind spaces in you which are created by your different thinking processes. Verbal thinking is the thing that is creating some serious lies in you and creating that duality that the mystics and babas are talking about. Verbal thinking is where one has to silently speak what one is thinking for one to think at all. This is the frontline of thinking. It is the creator of ideas from the first observations with the senses. It takes a fact and turns it around into a lie in you. It is the spinner of the creative process. You take an idea in your mind and you can manifest it into a 100 different ways – every single one manifested is different from the other but from the same source idea – every one a lie in you, an illusion. You can see where the duality is coming from – from your verbal thinking. This duality had to be said twice to emphasise the point – that there is 2 of you: one churning out a lie in you and the other being aware of this illusion creating process.
So what one needs to do is just abandon verbal thinking for a while and see what happens. Just stop the noise of duality. Because verbal thinking has an anomaly in that one must silently speak what one is thinking to have to think at all – then use that to stop verbal thinking in its tracks. Stop verbalising your thoughts and since this process is wired to each other and must work simultaneously for one to think at all, one will find you cannot think anymore when self-talk thinking stops and the mind will fall into immediate silence. This is the function of the mantra in meditation – it distracts the mind from the self-talk and you fall into the abyss of the silent mind. This is when the magic starts and you are in awe when you come upon the potential of the silent mind in the presence of the whole Universe behind you.

Then you find that there is an intuitive thinking and pictorial thinking left in that silent mind space. You still sense that self-awareness, when you ask the question, AM I THAT? Or AM I THIS mind space? You find that Brahman is still watching you and that self-awareness has not disappeared. So I am not this but I want to get to THAT.

The more time you spend in this silent space you will find that the pictorial thinking will also disappear. Pictorial thinking is still a kind of psychological thinking a nuisance of sorts a volcano spewing pictorial thoughts from one experiences or memory but it is non-interactive. You cannot spin it into an idea. one can only watch it. Nothing in the silent mind space can be spun. It creates no illusion in this mind space which is what is great about this space and why it is important to be here if one wants to get to the TRUTH of things.

One will find when one is still left with just intuitive thinking there is still self-awareness. Brahman is still watching with you. But this is a very special space to be in and it does not take much to get here by first dropping verbal thinking and into a silent space and from there is is just biding your time by staying in this space for the rest to unfold towards the TRUE SELF. You will find that with a silent intention in mind – only by a silent intuitive thought, one can have a conversation with Brahman. But when you finally become one with Him your true self, self-awareness finally disappears. That Watchman disappears from your memory. In fact, all memory of the personal self disappears and there is no memory of the experience of being your true self as the Watchman because the True Self cannot watch itself and it can only be.

“This BEING is non duality. There is no reason for this BEING to know ITSELF for it just IS.

This BEING can only BE. No self awareness!” Nagarajan Ramachandran.

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More than 1 way to say the same thing:

Who is really being aware of everything when one is one with ALL?

We are here connected to all of this: who is really being aware of everything when one is ONE with ALL?

12 October 2019

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