Talking to Brahman

Talking to Brahman – Is it possible. It would be so cool if we could. Anything we needed to know we could ask Brahman and we would not have to think anymore for ourself.

But we first need to get to the silent mind state – this makes sense as we are not going to get through by verbal thinking ourselves through it.

We need to clear the verbal thinking barrier first and into the silent mind state.

In the silent mind space with no verbal thinking, there will still be intuitive thinking and a kind of pictorial thinking. This stage of stopping verbal thinking is a lot easier that one might imagine. Verbal thinking is simply that you have to silently talk about what you are thinking for you to think at all – so stop the simultaneous self-talk and verbal thinking stops. The mantra here is a physical mantra of reminding one to stop your vocal cords from working when you want to verbal think about something. The thinking as you know it stops instantly. You can do this anytime. No need for cross-legged meditation for this to happen. It is a walking talking everyday activity meditation to stay silent in mind. That is what is helpful about this technique. You do not need to set a quiet time aside to get to a silent mind. It is possible to have it all the time.

So now one is left with this mind space with just intuitive thinking and a kind of picture thinking. What I found is if one can remain in this mind space long enough without getting back to verbal thinking this intuitive thinking and pictorial thinking will also disappear to leave a no-mind state.

And as one acclimatises to this mind state and observes it one will find that there is a sense of knowing that emerges. A train of “thoughts” passing through with a sense of knowing and a lot quieter than the intuitive thinking earlier before it. This sense of knowing will also take a few days or perhaps a week or two if one remains in it without bringing on verbal thinking to generate noise in the mind again – the magic is, one will find that with an intention in mind one can have a conversation with the source of these train of “sense of knowing” thoughts. Is it just me or are we having a conversation with the “intelligence” of Brahman itself or with its repository where everything already exists and we just found a way to access it?

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