Root Races

Information for this can come from every one of us on the planet. There is information from the scientist and also information from us via meditation and in our quest also discover new things. The ancients have set a path for us concerning the mind and we have always come back to this and sadly have said the same things for many years now with nothing new added to the information about the mind from the ancients. One can easily draw a line between all the religions etc and find the same things repeated perhaps in different ways but saying the same things.

But if we look at other aspects like in terms of evolution and the way it is projected into the future by some mystics – you can pretty well make a good guess from the present state of the mind as to where it is heading in the future.

Let us look at what is said about the evolution of the human entity. We are supposed to have evolved from just energy entities and with manifesting the body our minds have continued to evolve.

There are 7 roots races in the plan. We have gone through 4 of these in the past and we are at the 5th root race at present.

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