Does the absolute truth need to experience its manifestations to know itself?

You might ask: what has this got to do with the arts? Know your mind and its limitations and know your content, process, form, composition so the work becomes one with the artist. The body-mind-thinking has such massive limitations that almost certainly the “new” in art is not accessible by the thinking mind as we know it. Many aspects of the mind to explore: are there 2 states of mind thinking in us where where one is limited and the other is all-knowing. It seems one needs to take the body-thinking-mind as far as it can go, until it hits a brick wall, and you see it for what it is: a limited tool we have been using for centuries and a frontline of innovations and ideas and thoughts running at a snails pace with no giant leaps if we continue as we do with today’s body-mind-thinking. Hence this time we want to know if the all-knowing Absolute Truth also has its limitations in the sense that it cannot always access its collective manifestations, to know how it is progressing, due to the way its evolutionary portals, us, are designed. Hence who among us does the Absolute uses to access its creations and why are some of us made differently or have these individuals come to these states because they understand the mind and body better compared to the rest of us.  This also means that our full potential latent in us humans are still not realized fully.

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