What has Buddhism taught her?

When a Buddhist nun (who had gone to University) was asked what has Buddhism taught her, her answer was:

The biggest thing that Dharma has taught me is that there is a world beyond our normal senses; a world that is absolutely vast and different from which lies at our feet. And much much more real!

And also that subtler world can be changed much easier and quicker than this coarse world we live in.

And that even though the most basic rules can be the same most other laws that govern the two worlds are very different.

The more we withdraw from our senses the better we can experience the reality of the world.

And that this physical body is a cage; a ball and a chain and an immense hindrance to our true selves and abilities.

Dharma has taught me to treat all beings equal and be vegetarian and the immense benefits you receive by it.

Buddha’s dharma has taught me that mind is the most impermanent thing and that it can be annihilated at will.


She also made some interesting points about miracles: 

Well, there are 5 major types of miracles mentioned in the cannon.

clairvoyance (dibba chakku)

clairaudience (dibba sotha)

seeing in to past and future lives ( pubbe nivasanussati)

reading others minds (chetho pariya gnana)

performing physical miracles (such as walking on water, air, shapeshifting, conjuring things etc.) (iddhi vidha gnana)

While the former 4 are relatively easier to develop since it all are concerned with only the mind, the last one is very complex and requires an extremely strong samadhi and equanimity becasue it also concerns the coarser material world as well.


The last miracle above of performing physical miracles is discouraged by many who have attained some amount of evolutionary benefits and powers of the mind, is because they find that people are only interested in seeing magic – stuff that the lower self can only dream of doing but make no effort to discover their minds, and hence is magic to them. But rather than take the evolutionary path, they prefere to take from others who have without they themselves making an effort. I have read some that those who have made the effort and their experience is that when they oblidge and then realise the reason for their popularity and stop performing, all they get is abuse in return and there in it is the dark side of the lower mind rising.  So best is if you have powers latent in you that show up during the evolutionary path of the mind, it is best to keep it under the hood. An occasional offering to wet the appetite might be allowed, as they say, to show that there is more to oneself and to what you can be, is allowed, I think. 

The effort is minimal to attain the state of silence in mind and allow the rest of you to merge with the Universal Matrix Cosmic Intelligence/mind is where the magic starts. What is stopping you is your own subjective personality driven mind. Give it up, if only temporarily for an experiential journey into the mind . That is all you have to do. It is much easier than you think when you realise that the frontline thinking mind has an anomaly in it that when used to your benefit can stop your thinking mind instantly and bring on the silent mind. You can then stay in this silence of mind for as long as you want by just making sure you have control over the silent flutter of your vocal cords. You will realise that your brain needs to hear what you want to think, so you have to silently verbalise your thoughts for you to think at all. When silent self talk stops, the mind become silent. This is a mechanical process to stop thinking and it is much easier than using a mantra, or concentrating on your breath etc. 

Allow the silent mind to find its true self – The “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. One can actually have a conversation with the Universal Mind via an intention in your silent mind and a kind of intuitive “sense of knowing” type of thinking as feedback – a completely totally tangible experience. Try it or your money back.

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