Operating Baseline for the Mind

I have a theory of everything or a baseline to the mind that applies to everything and an idea on how to repeat it and show how it applies to everything. Anything and everything we do, psychological thinking, ideation, all is just a matter of going up and down the spectrum of the operating mind and it can all be solved if we understand this spectrum of the mind well, especially that of Verbal thinking or “speak thinking”. I do not know how this has got past us that verbal thinking, where we have to silently speak what we are thinking for us to think at all, is one of our biggest hurdles to the rest of our mind. It is what J. Krishnamurti calls the “experiencer”. All of the experiencer, a large part of what we are with our frontline thinking comes from this anomaly of having to verbalise our thoughts for us to be able to think at all. The magic only starts with the advent of the silent mind and at the end of the mind spaces in oneself, you “see” the true self, in that state of nothing in mind, the intelligence of the Universe stands before you. Nothing else matters but experiencing this phenomenon.

So what I am saying is that if this baseline is adopted and tested, one will see that everything else falls in place. The spectrum is from conflict to calm in mind. The new in oneself only comes from nothing at one end of the spectrum. One spins all your ideas in the frontline verbal thinking mind. Intuitive thinking allows oneself to couple with the “intelligence” of the Cosmos. This is the baseline. It is simple and easy to travel up and down the baseline if you know how. Once you see it then you have it. With the observation of mind-spaces, all the chit chat of mysticism can be explained by taking the journey up and down this spectrum. It really is the theory of everything of the mind and its secrets. The spectrum will solve any problem one wants from high physics, looking for possibilities and probabilities on any problem you are working on, or a simple solution to everyday activity, to a design best solution at home or at work. Anything, if you understand this baseline and experience it, nothing is not possible anymore because the tools in these mind spaces are all tangible and right in front of you.


What you are really asking is how do you know that Brahman is observing its creation. We have to just get to the Brahman state of mind so you can see yourself observing your creation and yourself at the same time. You are part of the greater Whole but you are just a sliver of the Cosmic Mind (brahman Mind) with a personality mind of your own. The personality mind of verbal thinking is chaotic and noisy and it stops you seeing the Whole. So one needs to ditch frontline thinking and bring on the silent mind either by meditation or stop verbal thinking by observing your vocal cords, or through breathing exercises, or just slow exhalation, and one can see why by studying the polyvagal theory as she how the vagus nerve connects your body with your brain. Basically one has to check out of the frontline thinking mind and enter the silent mind.

checking out from frontline thinking:

With meditation leave behind the self-talking mind. Science is starting to explain the mystical in you with facts and soon there will be no place for religion and mysticism anymore as all could be explained scientific observation.

The silent mind is mainly intuitive thinking and a kind of pictorial thinking riding on this intuitive wave – it seems like that anyway. From the silent mind state the longer you remain in this space one starts to make its way to the Cosmic Mind. It is just a movement of mind states and mind movements through the different mind spaces until one arrives to one’s true Self – The Cosmic Mind, or Universal Mind, or Brahman to others. I guess we can say that we are truly the Cosmic mind in a body with personality of our own that is generated by our own thinking and this has been created by us and its stands separately for our true Self which is our true Cosmic Self. Hence there is really 2 of us in mind and body – one the local mind of personality and the other, True Self that is the Cosmic energy itself – hence the Duality in us. The personality thinks everything is possible but the Master decides: the Natural Law of the Cosmos, always watching the lower mind of the personality and taking account of what it is doing. The energy around oneself changes and digitises and stored in the ether by its intentions and thoughts and its actions. Some think that personality mind is in the ether itself and part of the Cosmic energy matrix structure. The brain just communicates with Cosmic consciousness. It is like a docking station for the Massive Cosmic Mind:

How do you observe the unobserved observing itself?

From the frontline of personality, it is difficult for one to “see” that there is another watching itself. If one has not been out of one’s town ever – how is one to know what the world is like. If you have not visited your other mind spaces how are you going to “meet” your True Self observing yourself? But when you have done it once and personality had experienced it then it will always remember and you will never be the same again. When Buddha was in deep meditation under the tree, he watched his whole self disappear, even his body, everything, his surroundings etc and as his mind slowly started to reappear again – everything returned, his body his mind his personality, his surroundings, everything: I think his enlightenment was this is it: it was my mind all this time creating this world of mine for me. So what else is there but just my True Self, the Cosmos that is me and with its natural laws will always be itself, unchanging, omnipresent, always true and that will always be me: my True Self.

Hence there is nowhere to go to find out the whole of you as it is all in front of you. One can start now and find it all in a day or go around in circles with the personality mind of this and that living the circle of the beginning is the end is the beginning.

4th December 2019

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