A Universal Mind

A Universal Mind

What is a Universal Mind?

No Religion. 

No Form.

No rituals.

Using personality only as a minor repository.

Knowing the True-Self.

Working off the repository of the Universal Mind.

Natural Law is the baseline of the Truth of things

There are different types of thinking: verbal thinking, pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking.

The frontline of thinking is verbal thinking. It is the self-talk-thinking process. It is chaotic and noisy and spins the ideas and turns observations into a lie and is the driving process for the creative force.

The cityscape, chaos and noisy, is a reflection of the mind as it is made from the Lie in us.

Stop verbal thinking to bring on the silent mind. Access other mind spaces in the silent mind.

 Understanding and seeing and experiencing and working off other mind-spaces in existence. 

How far and deep into silence can the mind go while trying to access the repository of the Universal Mind.

There are 2-minds-speaking in us: Duality: the personality mind is illusionary and subjective, and the Universal Mind is our true self. 

 The mind-body-universal mind as one entity.

Importance of science in making the mystical mainstream.




 Mind-spaces -Body-polyvagal-control -Universal-mind-repository: all one and connected to each other.

 The intangible in us has found a tangible side to itself and one can see how it is all connected via the control of the vagus nerve.

 I think one has got to go beyond the mind spaces and ritual practices that create these spiritual states. Just feeling good and calm after these practices is not enough, I think. There is something beyond this that has to be attained. I don’t know what the full potential of all of this is going to be but when personality and ego disappear and the lower self stops working altogether then the TRUE SELF emerges and you are now the Universal Mind itself and when the Universal Mind itself stops being an idea in you – then you are truly liberated and enlightened and one with the Universe.  This is taking the journey to its true end but in the meantime, while we go about our daily activities how can we use the journey and its discoveries from our minds.

Perhaps this is it – to have better control over the mind and body and working efficiently with it. There is a sense of “Godliness” at the end of the silent mind spaces. There is a kind of sense of knowing and one can have a conversation with this entity via intention in mind but I don’t know the source of this sense of knowing. The mind can go up and down this spectrum of thinking mind spaces once the discoveries are made. Verbal thinking and spinning ideas in the chaotic frontline of thinking or resting and observing and being aware in the more silent mind space and at the end of it to be in conversation with intention in mind with perhaps the repository of the Universal Mind and bring back what’s “new” to the frontline thinking mind and spinning and working things out and adding new ideas to what already exists via the creative process. Creating a reality that is ever-changing with the “new” in you from the repository of the Universe where everything already exists and manifested only with an intention in mind. What possible other higher purpose can there be but to live in tandem with the natural laws of the Universe and be as safe as ONE with everything.

Some of our inventors have used these other mind spaces.

When one does not see the connection with the whole and only live off the chaotic frontline thinking and personality and the subjective mind which is limited then one is already beginning to see the consequences in our subjective reality of this and that, and limited insight of personality and borders. There is a duality in us that is in existence: of personality and subjectivity that is disconnected from everything. And our true Self by finding those mind spaces and thinking off the True-Self of conscious awareness and the repository of the Universal Mind. I think there cannot be a better reason for attempting to go on a journey to the ends of the mind in search of the TRUTH.

Duality: finding your other mind, the Universal Mind that is only consciously aware of everything.

Powers Latent in Man-Women?

Mind and body integration via the polyvagal theory. If you see things clearly then one does not “suffer” as much as it keeps the vagus tone in balance. The Polyvagal Theory was put forward by Stephen Porges in 2011. It is a very recent concept that was put together by observation. If you put the concept of the mind together with this theory and the reaction of the body to “trauma” of different intensities by its surroundings one might think that the vagus nerve was the source of initiating “suffering”. Is this the “suffering” that Buddha had talked about in Buddhism. You can see why yoga and meditation were initiated as practices to only calm and maintain a balance in the vagal tone? Is just seeing this enough to control “trauma” to the mind. Polyvagal Theory where science and mysticism come together after years of metaphors and storytelling were used to explain the same thing. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti: “In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” 

(A Personal Mandala)

27 Nov 2019


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