End Thinking, Stress and Disease

End psychological-thinking-stress-disease.

So it is thoughts that one needs to control. Don’t let that first reaction develop into something stressful which is perpetuated as your thought process start to escalate. This then adds to emotional trauma and all the hormones in the body get released as the mind thinks hey! looks like you want to really feel this thing you encountered and let me help you feel it and it just creates a mess in your body. Then what follows is disease. This is what they are trying to tells us that stress in a mess in the mind and the body.

So put away that initially trigger observation before it develops into something else in the body and mind which won’t go away. This is really really easy to do when you observe what frontline thinking is all about. It is easy not only to kill a thought before it arises but also stay in a mind state/space where thoughts are not even allowed to arises on whatever situation.

To do this one needs to understand what is the process of thinking. I dare say that many of you really don’t know that thinking is really also silent “speech”. You talk aloud for people to hear you, or you silently talk in thinking. Frontline thinking is sub-vocal speech first and if you don’t silently speak what you want to think then you cannot think at all. This is an anomaly in thinking. It is as if the brain needs to hear what you want to think for it to know what it needs to process. It all seems to be sound first with this thinking process.

So you can use this anomaly in frontline thinking to STOP any thoughts being created by your mind. Not just worry about a thought getting hold of your mind BUT don’t even give thinking a chance to start by forcing oneself to not sub-vocalise your thoughts.

The meditation process is built behind this fact of sub-vocalising and thinking. The use of the mantra is to distract oneself from sub-vocalising what you want to think so as to allow the silent mind to replace the verbal thinking mind. The advent of the silent mind with the frontline verbal thinking mind now brought under control – one will find that what’s left is still another form of pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking. These 2 types of thinking in the silent mind is related I observe. one rides on top of the other. Pictorial thinking is more difficult to control. Its place in us I think is to pick up on the triggers of frontline verbal thinking and 5 senses observations and then to use the repository of personality and experience to trigger more internal thoughts. All this psychological thinking is unnecessary and worries that are generating all this stress in oneself. But notice that the same process from verbal thinking to pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking works wonders for the creative process and innovation. But the unnecessary PSYCHOLOGICAL THINKING we can do without.

Through careful observation, if one can create a pattern of ones thinking mind and look into what the mystics are implying and then come up with a personal mandala where everything seems to be able to be explained off it then we are not only understanding the workings of our inner self but also having better control over our minds. Mine is this for now and building and adding to it all the time:

I figured out that this is what is happening to us as far as thinking is concerned: From the chaotic frontline thinking mind to the advent of the silent mind and where meditation comes in to quieten things down, so you can relate to it.

But I sometimes like this one I created where I gather that the mind might actually be outside the brain and in the ether and perhaps part of consciousness and a massive fluctuating energy field keeping the Universe in place and we in it and we are just a sliver of it and hence one can understand and see why there are powers in us that are yet to be discovered as we start to shift our energy fields and line up with the Universe with the advent of the silent mind.

I sometimes add a painting or two into these descriptions to pay homage to the Arts for allowing me to see my inner self and my mind better by having a dialogue with the process of making Art which showed me the limitations of my thinking mind and where the new in oneself can only show itself in the silent mind.

Falling off the edge of frontline thinking and a leap into the void.

Capturing the unseen in us: shadow paintings,

A no-mind no-personality centre:

22 November 2019

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