Compassion in the Mind


Where is compassion in the Mind?

I want t try and answer this in relation to the different mind-spaces we have. Where in the Mind is compassion possible. In which mind space in an individual does one think that compassion will be given half a chance to flourish.

Experientially, there are mainly 2 main mind-spaces. The noisy chaotic mind and the silent mind but within these 2 main spaces there are about 4 different types of thinking processes. Any of this can be confirmed by you as I think they are common to all of us.

The noisy chaotic mind is run mainly by what we can call verbal-thinking. This process in thinking has an anomaly in it in that we have to silently speak what we are thinking for us to have to think at all. If we don’t silently also speak what we want to think then we cannot think at all and we enter a silent mind space. What happens if we remain in this silent space long enough we will notice that there are also 2 other thinking processes that are in existence: the pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking. There is a 4th mind space that is in existence when all else disappears and that I call the divine mind speaking via a subtle form of intuitive thinking which one can communicate with an intention in mind.

Cross-legged meditation with a mantra can help you find these mind-spaces for confirmation or you can use that anomaly in verbal thinking to enter that silent mind state by preventing your vocal cords from working when you want to verbal think about something hence stopping the verbal thinking thought process in its tracts.

In which of these mind spaces can compassion in the mind flourish?

Is it in the self-talk thinking mind space? The spinner of psychological thinking of this and that. That master who is the creator of confusion and chaos. The cities we live in is a real reflection of our mind. Both same thing/think but looking different. The infrastructure we built around us was built by the self-talk thinking mind. The mind of imagination perhaps but precisely why it created a living space that was built out of illusions and lies created by the self-talk thinking mind. It takes a fact from natural law and twists and turns it beyond recognition and creates a space for us to live in. The financial snakes and ladders and our cityscapes are all really nature on steroids. Hyped up from the natural and presented to us from the self-talk thinking mind. So from this chaos does one think that compassion can come into being if we spend all our time in this mind space?

So what do we do: our mystics from the past and mystical scientist of today are starting to show us that there are other mind spaces we need to explore. But there is a barrier that we have to cross.

We have to pass that barrier of verbal thinking and enter the space of the silent mind. And within the silent mind, there are also different spaces that have to be discovered. Intuitive thinking and pictorial thinking still persist and then gives way to a no-mind state with just a sense of knowing and with an intention in mind to communicate with the Universal Mind. The silent mind is a non-interactive mind space. When verbal thinking has been discarded to the periphery all the mind spaces that you experience in complete silent are all non-interactive mind states. What you see and experience cannot be altered and hence they all remain factual and dependable and possibly all from the repository of the Universal Mind or as some have put it from the “intelligence” of the Universe.

Only here in this state of silent being can one through one’s own mind truly see what it means to be compassionate to the other. Here everything that was previously in your frontline of one’s mind has disappeared. Psychological thinking has gone. Illusions are not made anymore to confuse you and to create hate in you out of a lie made by your mind, as the mind becomes only one of receiving information from the Universal repository. The ego of individualism has melted away. And here you are connected to everything else is the Universe, one with all, with a sense of knowing that you are now not just only you, but part of all. Now you realise that when you are loving all, you are really loving yourself. Compassion for all is easy from this mind space and one experiences it and sees it and remembers it and one takes it back to the normal frontline of the working mind – and you are not the same again and you bring the experience to the real world.

Mind spaces – there is more than one to experience.

Torus Universal Mind and it has “intelligence”.

2nd Oct 2019

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