Which is Your True Self?

Know thy true self. I am the watchman the Absolute? How do I find this out?

An individual mind: Thinking pops up out of consciousness and is surrounded by the Absolute.

More than 1 way to say the same thing:

All of us connected by the Absolute:

How do you find your True Self: a simple process of elimination of: if I am aware of it then that thing that I am aware of cannot be me, because there is an entity still behind that phenomenon that is watching it. My true self must be that thing watching. You are looking for the last “thing” in the puzzle and finding it by a process of elimination. Simples.

I am AWARE of my body – hence I am not that.

I am AWARE thinking creates illusions – hence I am not that.

I am AWARE that all illusions of the mind are riding on the wave of consciousness – hence I am not that.

Am I pure consciousness itself? Possibly? So I go silent in mind via meditation or by the realization of “speak thinking” and when all else is eliminated and thinking has disappeared there is a sense of being in the presence of something that is communicating with me via intuitive thinking. Now what is that that I am communicating with – but wait, I am still aware of this thing that I am communicating with via intuitive stream thinking. If intuitive thinking is carried by consciousness and consciousness itself can totally disappear in deep meditation where consciousness is itself a slither of the Absolute in each individual, then what is that, that is watching when all else has disappeared. It has been reported by mystics that when all else is eliminated and only the awareness is present – the body can go into some sort of non-functioning stupor.

It gives one the impression that the body is just the carrier of the whole process of “being” and the Baba’s and mystics have been for centuries trying to find out what is our true self. The body and all these energy frequencies of the mind are all perhaps wired up to the ether and the Cosmos. So if one looks at all of it and ask oneself – which one is truly me. What is the true self that is carrying all of these processes. From the inner to the outer and the outer to the inner – in that puzzle what is truly me.

So what is my True Self?

Whatever I am AWARE of, I am definitively not that because there is still something that is doing the AWARENESS.

So who is the watcher? That must be my true self?

I must be AWARENESS itself or the thing that is being AWARE of everything. I must be that! That is my true self!

That is that sea of energy that carries all phenomenon – the watcher keeping an eye on its creation.

That thing which is doing the AWARENESS is the ABSOLUTE (or Brah-man or the Watch-man) to give it another name. Call it anything you want to but that is possibly your true self. What it looks like and what are its properties is another narrative all together. Perhaps some of the mystics might have got to it but some say that we will never know because the watchman cannot watch itself. It is being said that it is like the eye trying to see itself – it cannot do it directly, unless it is watching through a mirror. So even if you filter your mind down via silence and meditation and eliminating everything before it and observing your minds journey and you arrive at the Absolute – you will have no memory of it when you come out of it, because your true self cannot watch itself. Perhaps some of you have been there and done it and know what this feels like of not having a memory of where you have been during meditation or during an intense silent intuitive experience. That is perhaps because you have been home and back when the play of the processes of the mind starts up again and memory returns.

The same Absolute is common to everybody else.

So at its core “I AM” is like everybody else’s.

Just that my mind creates a lot of illusions or lie’s that can be different to everybody else’s and I think “I” am those illusions which can fool me to thinking that I am that.

Hence there are no good or bad people as we are all off the same Absolute/Watchman/Brahman.

Only good and bad actions and intentions created by the thinking mind and the Absolute, or “I”, my true self, the “Watchman”, am AWARE of it.

If we are still wondering if silence is the way forward for the future then here is one of the powers that come from that space of silence. It is a new way of thinking altogether apart from that self-talk thinking that you use now. Both are needed but there is also this intuitive stream like thinking hiding behind all that noise of self-talk thinking. This space seems to be an evolutionary space in mind – the more you use it and the longer it stays with you the more powerful that space becomes.

See how the remote viewers see that space in mind.


Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ

He quotes the Patanjali Yoga Sutras:

“Yoga is the progressive settling of the mind into silence.

When the mind is settled, we are established in our own essential state,
which is unbounded consciousness.

Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind”

Your true self is hidden behind the noise of all that thinking.

-Meditation with a mantra can bring you silence.

-Knowing what “speak thinking” is can also bring silence to your mind.

-These are all distraction techniques to stop you thinking and to bring on silence in mind.

See what is hidden behind the noisy frontline of thinking of your mind.

-See what continuous intuitive stream thinking feels like.

-Who are you intuitively communicating with in a silent mind.

-As Russell Targ says: can you see the future or the past of everything from this silence space.

-What else are others saying about this silence space.

Tomorrow is already here today but you need to first find it hidden behind the noise of thinking.

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