How can you tell if someone is thinking about you?

So as to not to encourage such shenanigans it is better, the big picture, you know how than not know.

Invest in a radio frequency scanner dongle, rtl-sdr, software radio scanner, that will cost you about the price of a cup of coffee at starbucks.

You can start by looking at all the wireless microphones that are being sold in your electronic retailers nearby and note down the frequencies that they transmit their signals.

Set up your scanner in your computer, or get somebody to help you set it up, using sdr# (sdrsharp) for software, as it is easy to use.

Locate the wireless microphone frequencies on the screen, and see if it is you, you are listening to on a particular frequency.

Alternatively you can invest in a wide band communication receiver and monitor the relevant frequencies, like you were tuning into a radio station .

Perhaps your mobile phone can do this these days with the right App.

From what I have said above, you would probably realise that if you could hear yourself up and about on any one of these channels, you will realise that just about anybody around you could also probably do so.

Also listen carefully to the buzz in the background of those frequencies and see if there is any of you in it. Sometimes they keep the signals so low such that you will not see a peak signal, so to not attract suspicions, but the buzz in the background will carry information that they can read.

This below is a 174.1 Mhz. which a wide band radio could also pick up.

There is a lot of this kind of shenanigans is happening these days, especially with these wireless microphones and also group use of mobile phones via certain popular Apps.

Also there is this phenomenon where your handsfree option on your landline can be switched on remotely to activate the microphone for a listen in. There is some evidence that this might happen through a radio signal coming in from your telegraph lines outside your home, or from the exchange itself.

Monitor your phone access point in living space, using an induction loop receiver.…

Ham radio’s pumping subliminals into your home?…

Know how? Know what? Know why? Stay safe. Today’s wired world is a panopticon: Panopticon – Wikipedia

Update: What is REIN (Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN)

It is about devices in your home generating electrical noise in your power supply system.

“REIN issues are further tricky to pin-point as often the faulty appliance is plugged into the mains and thus the mains cable across your entire mains electrical circuit becomes an antenna for the interference, emitting the radio waves throughout all your electrical outlets, lights and appliances.”

Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN)

They say that there is a noise to this interference that you can hear at 612 Khz.

Using an SDR dongle I get this: there are no prominent peaks but has an overall sound to it. It sounds like white noise and there is some chit chat in it.…

If the problem is bad in your living space you can get a tinnitus sound in your ears. But you can get to hear the embedded noise frequencies in other ways:

“Another way of checking is to get a cheap analogue radio and tune it to the following frequency: 612Khz AM/MW. Hold the radio next to a PC or screen and you should hear an example of the noise. The noise should disappear as you move a meter away from the device. If you hold it near your xDSL modem/router, you should hear the xDSL signal. If you get a distinct noise, present in a large area, this could cause REIN on your xDSL line.”

This Rein noise is part of a bigger more complex phenomenon:

The interference within your power supply is embedded in all this shenanigans above. Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN) is a collection of all the above and more that you may yourself add to the diagram above. There is a dark side to this: are you really connected to all these electromagnetic emissions as is shown in the diagram above. Research has already been done to show that you can be influenced by what is coming off your computer screen or your TV. But more importantly: are you so connected to your living space that even your thinking is embedded in it. One way to find out is by using a AM radio at 612 Khz frequency and place it close to your computer screen or computer and listen to the white noise modulations in your radio and see if you can hear something of your thinking in it and can you also hear others who want you to join the party and who also know what you are thinking.

Monitoring the Vibratory Ether in your Living Space

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