Regeneration of the Human Mind

The human mind creates lie’s all the time. That is how it works. It takes facts and then spins it up into a lie and one uses it to make decisions like it is a fact or real.

There is always a lie in the Truth in you. Not all of you is a lie. Initially, an observation is a fact, if you do not start to pass judgment on it and spin it into a lie. Anything that goes past the first second of observation after a spin in your mind becomes a lie in you. You put all these lie’s together and make personality. Hence it is possible that most of you is a lie or an illusion created by your own mind.

It creates a multi-viewed population that has the free will to do anything one wants in the mind to create an idea by spinning the mind and thinking that the idea is now a fact and belongs with the Truth of things.

Don’t expect the world to be in peace and harmony anytime soon.

Hence is the regeneration of the human mind possible.

There seems to be only one way to solve this problem to maintain the power of the mind to spin a new idea into something special and still maintain its integrity is to know the limitations of the mind and its 5 senses. Know your mind well enough, through observation, to see what you are doing with it and what it creates.

When you start to see the lie in the Truth in you then the world might start to harmonise and be in peace – if not it is boom boom bang bang all the way to the end.

The future is understanding the natural laws of the universe as it is unchanging and omnipresent and cannot be changed in spite of a spin by the mind to make it into a lie. Natural laws will always be part of the Truth of things in spite of your mind. There are also such natural laws of the mind, body, and soul that can only be known by observation and knowing thyself. There is a lot of fun in making these discoveries and a sense of power in it as you are trying to see into the unknown and unseen and trying to delve into the secrets of the universe and your place in it that only you will know when you “see” it. You will need to make multiple checks to make sure it is not a lie in you spun by your mind but rather a fact in you.

You need to see the pattern in the puzzle that is you for peace of mind and a good trouble free future for all of us and this will eventually lead to a one-world government having representatives from all over the world looking after the interest of all.

One world. One world government. One human race. And this can only come about with the regeneration of the human mind by knowing the Truth in the lie in you.

Art fits in here somewhere, but my experience with Art is that it is a dialogue that the mind has with the process of making a painting that shows up the limitations of the mind and the thinking mind in particular. The final object on the wall can allow further contemplation for the viewer in the process of making Art, its composition, and if a narrative in Art is conducive to contemplating the unknown and the unseen in the universe.  The process of making Art to the artist and the viewer is a circle that keeps going back to the beginning, again and again, to have a dialogue with the painting on the wall or the installation next to you to better know the self and its limitations as the mind finds the Truth in you among all the lie’s and illusions that the mind spins and pretends that they are all one and the same. Subjectivity from the illusions in the mind has been given too much credence which I feel is the reason for the advent of all the divisions in the world today, including the different cultures, countries with borders, this and that, it creates opposites, and generates a multiviewed mind in the population that is essentially ONE. 

The process of Art can show you the pattern.

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