One World In The Circle

Why does a circle have 360 degrees?

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Posted by Nassim Haramein on Thursday, October 29, 2015

It is not only in this circle but it is all around you.  There is what some call the “natural law” and this video and the circle is that and we are part of this natural law BUT humans have evolved to also have “free will” and here they have the power to go up against these natural laws by making things up in their mind.  What you make up in your mind is an illusion, a lie in the mind and these lies are usually against this natural law and they think it is real and good and build it around them and then they suddenly realize that everything that they did and surrounded themselves with is a lie and an illusion and not real and they start to see the house of cards start to tumble and fall apart.  Society and its structure is an illusion.  Financial structure in society is also an illusion – just an idea in the head that was made real and nothing natural in it – it hasn’t got the natural structure of the circle.  So it will always have a tendency to collapse followed by a lot of chaos in the world.  We are already starting to see that around us.
I think that this can only be stopped when we start to live along with the structure of the universe or a structure like it.  I think what you will see in the future is that the world will eventually have just one government (one-world-government) and eventually all the countries will lose their borders.  One-world-one government, no borders, one army spread all over the world to keep order, one police force all over the world to keep order, free health care, like in UK and the EU, all over the world – you can see how this is becoming like this circle in this video above as this world starts to integrate with the universe and be like its natural laws.
Anything that is wrong that is created by the mind and implemented wrongly will gradually make its way into being part of the universe and like the universe – that will be the tendency for the future.  You will find the tendency to be this and that will gradually evolve to just that (like the universe), as to just this, in our minds.
Earth transforming into the natural laws of the Circle.
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