Double Decker Surveillance (or Shenanigans)

Are the buses spying on us using the phone lines?

Look at these recordings below:

This is a tone of a bus passing outside.

This is the phone being remotely activated:

This is what it sounds like:

This below is all the above coming together while the bus is passing by.

This is the phone being switched on as the bus passes outside.  Perhaps, unknown to them, the buses are used to send the signal to activate the switch on to the microphone in the landline phone.  The buses are loaded with wifi and CCTV cameras and they all have IP address and why can’t they be hacked into to send out a signal to the homes to switch on the microphones in the phones.

The example above is just another example of invisible access to living spaces as a hacking device.  Radio signals are starting to make themselves heard at home and that is not via the radio but through creating static and white noise in the ether.  The home becomes an aerial and these radio signals can create “high” energy electrostatic environments which then couples you to the background space and links you up with all the subliminals in the air. 

Just like a GPS signal can give you direction so can these radio signals manipulate your perception and thinking.  It creates a multi-influence environment via these radio signals, wifi etc, coming in through the phone line and power supply system acting as aerials, which then creates this electrostatic environment which couples you to your home and electrical appliances and this becomes a continuous feed via the telegraph poles and wiring outside your home.  Some of these cables connecting homes are arranged like a pyramidal antenna. 

This recording below is in the region of 2.4 Ghz which is your wifi frequency: It looks like nothing is happening here until you listen to the recording.

There is a lot of chit chat in the background.  This is in the ether and I think this is what creates the modulating tinnitus tone in the air and they are loaded with subliminals to alter perception.  It becomes a space filled with unseen shenanigans. 

Some of these signals are high-frequency microwaves and they penetrate everything linking them up including your body and then the modulated signals will give your body and mind something to think about.  The mobile phone on your being and on the person next to you just counts-up the problem.

This picture is a raw image taken by a simple camera at night of an electric train making its way in the city.

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