Natural Law

You either line up with these laws or not: you choose.  The effects of not attempting to do so will be a disaster waiting to happen.

It is strange how the natural law of the universe, with an intelligence of its own, chooses the people who live in it to talk for its universal plan.  Religion might have been created around the intelligence of nature, but as you have seen what the thinking mind can do to facts and that is spin them out of control.

I was wowed by this man, Mark Passio, who put this study of the natural laws together.  He did this seminar in 3 parts and hence the long video below for over 8 hours.  You can take this slowly over time but at least try and watch some of part 1 now, which will bring into context where one stands with the earlier chapters.  Like I said it is strange how the natural laws of the universe chooses who to put across its Truths.  There are a rainbow of views from different minds in nature but nature is unchanging, omnipresent and will always be what it is now, as it was yesterday, and as it will be tomorrow.  You can see why it will be dependable always to work your multi mind, off nature’s natural laws, to keep the imaginative mind in check.

Definition of Natural Law:

The full 8 hour version in 3 parts.

The understanding that the oneness of nature is important, has been recognised in the past by humans to the extent that some have conceived in their minds to be just that – to act as one as nature does.  The Sikhs in their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the equivalent of the Bible, says this in its first paragraph, the Mool Mantar, as a reminder, before the rest of the holy book is read:

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The Sikhs came together in around 1500 AD, about 500 years ago.  They came together only because their very first Guru, Guru Nanak preached differently as one who recognised the importance of the natural laws.

The Sikh faith began around 1500 CE, when Guru Nanak began teaching a faith that was quite distinct from Hinduism and Islam

The Sikhs took the form you see today about 200 years after the Sikhs were created in 1500 after 5 symbols were introduced into their attire as a reminder to what the race stands for: one with nature, naturally uncut hair and clean in mind and body, defence of the weak and the struggle against injustice.  The Sikhs are united by the form they carry and his surname being either a Singh for men and a Kaur for women.  Their original surnames were all dropped and forgotten.  Hence it is a very brave attempt by them to be united to themselves and to nature.  But you can appreciate that their minds were not as easily unified, with their rainbow of views of what the true reality of a Sikh should be and having to assimilate into the rest of society of human kind was an impossible feat.  Hence externally you can adopt the form of nature as reminders but the Truth in thyself and your mind is a different matter altogether.

But they are not far off, if you think that Quantum mechanics only came about recently where they started to look at the finer particles of matter and try to figure out its pattern.  I am biased to look closely to either David Bohm or Jiddu Krishnamurti.  David Bohm is a Physicists and he had formed a sort of partnership with Krishnamurti where they would have inadvertently looked at the mind and its physics together.  This is David Bohm’s idea of the pattern of consciousness.

You could put the verses of the Mool Mantar next to this video and it won’t look out of place.  This implicate order at the quantum level that David Bohm postulates was sensed by mystical quiet minds of the past just sensing what is around them and I guess some would have felt its intelligence and gave it a name – God.

So you can see, as an artist will learn, if his mind does not have a new way of thinking, then only his past will he know.  He knows that his past is almost always a lie in him out of his imagination with its rainbow of views.  The Sikh would have understood that externally one might try one’s best to be like nature and even unify themselves as one with in form and prayer and name, but in their minds they are secretly a rainbow of views as we all are because that is how we are made. 

The multi talented imaginative mind might have its place in creating solutions to a problem but it will never find the new in you as its repository is always about yesterday and what has been in your mind.  Only a clean slate of amnesia can find the quantum new in you and perhaps we should leave the discovery of the quantum leap to the machine, where it could be programmed to have no past and give it a solution to solve and find out where it takes us when all it knows is nothing to start with.

In the meantime, before the quantum computer is conceived to help us, then how does the biological mind move forward. The biological mind only has the unchanging laws of nature to guide us through our computations.  We need to first know the underlying pattern of nature and see how we are attached to it.  Mark Passio has gone straight to the point and described it for us to ponder about what he has to say.

So how does the mind experience the natural laws and how does it get to know the full power of the universe.  The mind has to be silent first.  Only stillness speaks the Truth of the whole.  The mind has to learn to be silent, all the time, every time and not only when in cross-legged meditation.  There has to be a new natural discipline emerging in the mind of the human race.  It should know when to be silent to absorb the large repository of the unknown of the universe and when to begin a mind in action, and to be aware of it’s movements – when one’s mind is moving out of its home of silence and rest and when it is entering a mode of action and imagination.

To stop me going into a another passage of words to describe what we have seen together in earlier chapters I can only produce these mandala’s I had created and shown earlier as a summary:

Know the influences of your mind and its limitations:

Known how to stay silent in mind to access the unknown.

Know when your mind is in its center and quiet and being one with the universe and know when it is in movement and off its center and in imagination.  Know that it needs to come back to silence when done, and it’s having to return to the center away from the psychological noise and thinking.  Rest and thinking.  Silence and Noise. 

Finally know that thinking is sound first, “speak thinking”, where one has to silently speak what one is thinking, to be able to think at all.  If you break this link of thinking and speaking – then thinking stops – a form of walking talking meditation. 

Then, there is a complete shutdown of the mind, in cross-legged meditation.

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