There is no such a thing as “thinking”!

When I coined the phrase “speak thinking”, where you silent speak what you think I always wondered why these 2 process were connected to each other.  Speaking is of the body and thinking was of the mind.  One was a tangible thing of the vocal cords and thinking was that intangible thing of the mind.  I then realized that there was no thinking in the mind if I had stop silently speaking what I was thinking. There seemed to be a connection because I was always taught that thinking was of the mind.  Nobody can know what I was thinking as it is intangible, unseen process in the mind. But the fact is that there is no such a thing as thinking in the mind but rather there is only this silent speaking. This is your “thinking process”.  Silent subvocal self speech.  Remember that intuition is also just a word like thinking we created for ourselves to remind one of a process in mind.  If self talk is actually thinking (that is why this thing called thinking stops when self talk stops) then what is intuition and silent knowing.   Is this a whole body experience all-in-one-one-in-all experience where silent self talk (thinking) is only a trigger for an intangible process to take over because when self talk thinking stops there is still this 360 degree kind of seeing that is a kind of looking that we call “observation” that is of the 5 senses mindbodysoul experience that has been sometimes called “choiceless awareness”.

But lets get one thing straight here, as we can all possibly confirm for ourselves so we can move on with the truth and that is that thinking is just a word for self talk and it is all about silent sound, subvocal speech.  Thinking is all about sound first.

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