Mind and its Renegade

Mind and its Renegade

This is all part of the spiritual experience as when the mind learns to go silent and does it naturally for long periods, then one gets to see everything as it is and not even hidden Subliminals goes unnoticed. A conscious awareness mind in a silent state, with no personality verbal thinking in mind is much closer to the environment and almost part of it. So, it is not surprising that it sees what it is now closer to itself. It is just a natural progression. It is what happens when the frontline verbal thinking mind is shut down and the rest of oneself becomes closer to its true nature and that is closer to the matrix that binds us all together.  

It senses a lot more than just its immediate surroundings, it senses all that is ahead of the evolving matrix. You can also see why when more of us are in such a state this can make a difference as to how the future pans out by just having an intention in mind for a better environment to live in. The intention in itself is sufficient as the living matrix with its own intelligence makes it happen. It is difficult to see on what basis it works. It maintains balance according to its own natural law. One can sense an intelligence at work as the balance in the universe is maintained. It almost is like an unthinking intelligence. It gives what those who live above its natural laws what they want as long as they are within the natural laws of the universe until they start to tangent off its own natural centre. We are all living in a house of cards at the moment. What is sitting on top of the matrix made by the personality-based verbal thinking mind is starting to strain and increase tensions in the natural network of the universe. 

So as the inhabitants of society start to feel the discomfort of living within an artificially created synthetic consciousness created by the infrastructure in the living space, which is in competition with its natural counterpart and with a feedback mechanism to control the masses to keep it in place, rather than right the wrongs of its own making: you know that you are only just buying time before you decide to do the right thing.

The tathg’s know what you are doing:

 and their numbers are increasing every day and we make things happen by just “being” and with only intention in mind: the matrix of the universe does the rest for us. 

When the mind-body gets even closer to the ether that it exists in one would expect it to influence using this massive infrastructure of the universe with its own intelligence. One would expect this to happen as now one is one with its background. As the mind and body couples-up with its background, one would expect that the mind and body would have some influence on the living space and the rest of the universe. This coupling with their environment starts to show up initially in simple anomalies as proof that their own mind-body matrix has changed and shifted closer to its true self and into the matrix of the ether it lives in, such that the body-mind can now interact with its background. This I think is an observational proof that the mind-body-universe ensemble has an evolutionary path to follow where it finally becomes its true self again, by becoming the source from where it started. 

Extraordinarily so, it had become a thing of its own by just the way it leant to think (verbal thinking) to separate itself out of its source. The verbal thinking process had learnt to create its own future by the use of the creative spinning force, generating illusions of its own from observations of its own source matrix. The cityscape is nature on steroids created by the creative force of the mind. It created this illusionary space to live in, from the back of its own natural self and now it is standing back and looking at what it has done. It realises that all was done from a Lie spun out of the Truth in oneself.

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Mind Control En Masse

Use an in-ear headphone if possible to get a better idea of what is happening here.

Hidden subliminals:
This is all part of the spiritual experience as when the mind learns to go silent and does it naturally for long periods, then one gets to see everything as it is and not even hidden subliminals goes unnoticed.
Mind control en masse in realtime via the landline handsfree tone.

Interesting chat line from the handsfree tone in the landline phone. This is not from the first tone that comes up but from the 2nd tone after the silent pause. This comes from the telegraph pole outside which is connected to multiple homes in its vicinity acting like an aerial. It can be picked up at the access point for the phone and broadband line and makes its way around the rest of the home which is also heard in the combi gas boiler and the radiators and home appliances. Hearing voices? Yes, you are because it is coming down your phone line. Very handy during election time to send down a subliminal message for you as who to vote for or perhaps it is time for you to spend some money and buy something you don’t need. When the handsfree option is switched on remotely it acts as a microphone for a listen in. A handy real-time monitoring tool with an IP address attached to it. Trying switching on your handsfree option on landline and + your volume up to max and wait for the 2nd tone to come up after the pause from the 1st tone and listen to the chit chat if any.

It is the white noise in the design of this phenomenon which is amplifying the hidden subliminal in the tone by what is called “stochastic amplification”. This is where the white noise frequencies mix and match with the frequencies of the hidden embedded subliminals and hence add to them and amplify them where they then come out of the tone and you can hear them as chit chat. That is why the volume has to be high enough for the white noise volume has to be significant enough to amplify the hidden subliminals and to bring it out of the tone to be heard. As it makes its way through the home it gets amplified by the household appliances, as a kettle boils up for the white noise hiss of the boil-up to bring the subliminals out of hiding and you hear it in the kettle and stop when the water is boiled. Or from the modulating buzz of the refrigerator, where underlying hidden subliminals coming from outside the home to cause magnetic modulations in the home. What an ingenious little invention for mind control en masse. Such a beautiful idea, yet hidden from plain sight. So watching one’s thoughts is so much more important in these modern times with 5G soon on its way. One has to decide as thinking arises, is it really one’s own or not.

What is stochastic amplification:




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Seeing Together

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Magnetic Modulations Funtenna


 I can pick up a radio station from my phone/internet line when I use an induction loop receiver to monitor the access point: 

This recording above is not with a radio but an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic field modulations at the access point for the phone/internet lines.  If I have this then I don’t really need a radio! Honestly. Sometimes the recordings coming in from the telegraph pole outside acting as an aerial overlap each other and it is fun listening as no 2 recordings will be the same. Then one day I heard a whining tone coming in and I thought where is that tone from and suddenly it dawned on me and it was from the double-decker bus outside passing by. I thought hey, I can actually know what is outside the home by just listening to these sounds from the phone access point. Then one day there is this other sound, like a short burst tone coming in. It was not like the whining tone from the bus but a distinct short burst of the tone. I thought for several days, listening to the magnetic modulations of the access point and where is this tone was from and what does it represent outside the home. It was like a CSI on my phone line. I also noticed that every time I used my landline phone and replaced the receiver after a call the tone would come a calling. I was listening to my phone access point all the time using an induction loop receiver that monitors magnetic modulations as there was music all day long and sometimes there was goggleegoogh, short voices, sentences which were difficult to know if it was a radio signal or a persons voice. Then there was the occasional short burst tone that puzzled me for days among all these radio signals coming in. The one day I heard “to know the mystical nothing”. I thought that was odd. It did seem to fit the sounds of the radio signals. You know when something like this happens, everything stops and the face becomes just a bit confused. Then there was that short burst tone again coming in and just by chance I lifted my landline phone receiver at that very moment and my handsfree option led light on my phone line lit up. What! I just realised that tone had switched on my microphone in my landline phone for a listen in. It was not so fun anymore.

This is the trace to switch on the phone microphone:

Below is the recording for the trace above:


The landline phone microphone switched on completes the induction loop system of the living space.  It is not unlike all the induction loop systems around the cityscape. Imagine the electric train grids, especially the underground systems with the microphones at the station’s, acts like one huge induction loop system. Imagine the mind and body with its own magnetic field couples itself to this grid and its every movement embedded into this grid, like the bus passing outside one’s home.

These magnetic modulations around our living spaces create a synthetic consciousness around us that compete with the natural consciousness in the ether. Synthetic consciousness is really an amplified version of the natural in us. It is a 2-way bio-feedback system as it is with natural consciousness. These modern times, with the cityscape, we cannot tell the difference between the 2 systems as they work alongside each other. We don’t know the source which triggers our thinking if it is natural or synthetic.

Perhaps there is a reason why this phenomenon is showing itself now. It might be part of a larger transformation occurrence. It might be here to shape the things to come as it is an event of the mind. Perhaps it is part of the evolution of the mind:

Perhaps it is focusing on mindfulness and “conscious awareness” in the individual as it tries to cope with this phenomenon:

As the minds of people focus on this phenomenon they not only look for insights within themselves to understand their minds but their focus has now moved inwards rather than on external phenomena. Unknowingly, they are trying to understand themselves better with this intrusion to their minds and this happening of a synthetic consciousness in their midst competing with the natural in them. They are looking at this together as their minds move forward in unison. Many minds becoming ONE, looking together and they know that the natural in them is part of the natural laws of the Universe while the synthetic consciousness has an off switch connected to it.

Togetherness is increasing every day because of this enhanced external stimulus as the mind evolves to accommodate the intrusion:

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New World Order

                                                                    Universal Mind

                                                                    Seeing Together

One World

One Collective Government

One People

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Understanding the Unseen in Us.

To get to the ends of one’s mind is an evolutionary process by contemplation. The mind has to see what it is by itself. It is an experiential process. We come to it off the back of others through the years in the past. To think that a man about 2500 years ago found this out by sitting under a tree: Buddha. Let’s see what he found out inside 1000 words. The whole big picture and from it find out what our priorities should be before we embark on our next big project so it runs super smoothly and with big success in anything you do. Easy Peasy.

Bhante Punnaji, giving this talk is also a Doctor of Medicine who became a Buddhist priest. So he looks at what it means to be a Tathagata from also scientific and philosophical perspectives. A Tathagata is one who is able to see all and Buddha was a Tathagata.

I came to discover some of this through the Arts. Art to discover the self while observing the mind while making Art. Great medium for this purpose. The courage to create and free to create with no limitations until one finds out that the mind has its own limitations in that it can only create out of its own puzzle of the past in oneself. One sees this in the process of making art. It is an experiential process of finding the fact in oneself by doing. So how does one get around this to discover the new in oneself?

This is just the very beginning of the process of getting to be a Tathagata. Of course one can also remain inside the cocoon of the verbal thinking personality self where the beginning is also the ending in an ever ending loop of making the same mistakes over and over again. This works too and it maintains a working process of its own. One can get comfortable by remaining in that loop and might think that this is all to it and nothing else exists as possibilities.

I hope you can find time for this video but if you prefer one can leave the dessert for the end after reading the rest of the article first and come back to this after seeing the gist of the whole idea.


One sense from this video it is better to discover the mind at its best and then experience life: a Tathagata first and guaranteed success later. Just as the Buddha went through the evolution of his personality mind, through the experiential discovery of his mind and the dream of existence and differentiated between the facts and the illusions from these experiences and then through meditation and perception developed his unseen side in him, experiencing all the latent powers that came up (see video for his experiences with the Devas or spirit beings in the universe) and finally all culminating to become what they call a Tathagata. Remember that from this state of his mind he dispensed his teachings. It really gives us a working template and a pathway for us to follow. It makes it a lot easier if we look at the life of a Tathagata and see what it is like and what it should be like for us.

I was watching the 2019 science Christmas lecture and even they had caught on to this and describe how science has discovered what it means to give one more opportunity is like by opening up one’s mind to the unseen and the natural laws of the Universe. The writing in bold below is from that Christmas science lecture from the Royal Institution for 2019. The theme was how to increase one’s luck in one’s life and basically, they were indirectly suggesting how to get lucky by creating a lucky mind. How to be lucky by becoming a Tathagata.

One can see how all of life becomes so convenient when one knows where the focus should be and from there become and do anything you want that takes your fancy to become a cog in the wheel of life and at the same time shaping it into becoming a life on earth as it is in the Universe with its natural laws: the Truth behind that big-picture plan in life. Become a Tathagata first and everything else will come naturally with it. What a lucky Tathagata: Buddha.

If you look at these texts below at what Buddha said after he attained enlightenment: He is only suggesting that the mind can be stopped. That life is a “dream of existence” created by the mind. That is the state that he had arrived at and that does not mean that that is what we should be always. It is an experiential state of mind that he had arrived at; a fact of the mind. He is just showing us this fact. After his long experiment of the discovery of the self and the mind, he could have easily got off from under the tree and walked back into his palace and continued with his life and nobody would have thought any lesser of him because he had come to the end of his mind and he showed us that there are many different mind spaces and a lot of how it works can come to a standstill and then start up again. We can choose to live in any one of those mind spaces including the very end of it if we choose too.

The mind has stopped creating;

The emotional urge has ceased.


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Phonological loop

It is amazing how at times science can come around and back up an observation that one might have.

I observed a few thinks of the mind which might look subjective and odd at the time but you register them and wonder if it is true or not and if it’s true then there are consequences as a result. Consequences that we might not realise at the time until it starts to dawn on oneself.

The phonological loop is used as a reminder for the brain to remember things like names etc. It keeps repeating the reminder by sub-vocalising (silently speaking) as a reminder. What I found when researching this is that the brain only understands sound. Even visual image is converted to sound first and stored. So when the sound is played back one sees the image. The subvocal repetition cannot be the spoken word but must be just a tonal modulating version of it as that is the nature of subvocal speech. So if thinking itself is subvocal speech first it is not a surprise now because that is all the brain understands – sound.
Let’s see how this paragraph pans out with the rest of the article below.
Take these observations of mine for example:
– To comprehend what we read is easier if we also silently have to speak what we are reading. If fact comprehension is almost impossible if we don’t also sub-vocalise what we are reading.
– Then there is this: That verbal thinking is also in itself sub-vocal speech. We use verbal thinking to spin ideas into shape. It is the preferential process of creative thought. This is the anomaly that can be used to our advantage if this is true and that is we cannot think if we do not also silently speak what we want to think. We can use this to instantly bring on a silent mind making the Samadhi experience a lot easier to understand and also maintain. Samadhi is not only about the silent mind, of course, but also about experiencing the other mind spaces in us and also experiencing the higher states of being coupled with the Universal Mind.

One can see that this is what one would call a spiritual observational experience. When one looks at it in totality, one can see that the basis of all these processes is sound first.  Even verbal personality thinking is sound first. There are other forms of thinking like pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking. These are just words of how the mind can function in other ways. Pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking does not require sound to work: they are both observational forms of thinking. These forms of thinking cannot spin an idea into shape. They can only observe what arises from the repository of the mind in picture form in the mind as in psychological thinking creating anxiety and shenanigans and in the case of intuitive thinking, it seems the vehicle for our aha insight moments. We can speculate that these only happen when the mind is silent and insights are in response to being connected to the Cosmic repository.

So let’s look at what the scientist are telling us:

Anything the body hears in sound, external speech or internal subvocal speech, the mind codes the sound and stores it.

The reason for the phonological loop is so that the mind is continually reminding itself of what it just heard so it remembers it. You can see that it does it by silent subvocal speech. These silent subvocal speeches can be just a slight flutter of the vocal cords and take some observation to see that they are present.

The vocal cords would vibrate and the sound would reverberate in the chest cavity and the brain would get to hear it. Remember these inner sounds do not have the mouth and tongue to mould them into proper words and my guess they would sound like tonal modulations but look like the brain can understand them.

The central executive is the boss controlling all the mental processes.

 The visuo-spatial sketchpad is the component of working memory that processes visual information (the visual cache) and spatial information (the inner scribe). 

 Here it also suggests that the visual images are converted back to sound before it is stored in the phonological store. It is amazing that it is all about sound in our mind and body such that even the visuals are coded back to sound so that it can be stored in the phonological store or sound-store.

Phonological store– spoken words can go directly into the store and it holds the information for 1-2 seconds. If the information is not in the form of speech, it must be converted into an articulatory code before it can be transferred into the store.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘inner ear’ because it requires spoken words

Articulatory control process– used in speech production to rehearse information over and over from the phonological store in order to keep the information in your mind. Its function is to convert written material into an articulatory code so that it can enter the phonological store. 

Sometimes referred to as the ‘inner voice’ because it is constantly rehearsing and repeating 

Here it even suggests that the written word is converted into sound before it is stored and it is called the “inner voice” is probably because we also silent speak what we write so the brain know what we are writing.

Sound and vibrations seem like a very big part of how the brain operates. Some aspects of thinking have a sound aspect to it. Even the written word is accompanied by sound so the brain can understand the word. All visuals are coded back to sound and stored. What’s with this and sound with everything.

There are implications if it is sound with everything in body and mind. Does it mean that if sound is the basis of everything in the mind and body then dreams can be induced by sending a subliminal sound signal to trigger an experiential visual experience that has been stored in the phonological store as sound? Our dreams and lucid dreaming can all be externally induced and since the mind by the looks of things can understand tonal modulations then the subliminal signal can come in unnoticed while asleep to trigger dreams and dreams, not of our own making can be considered covert mind manipulation and altering perception while asleep.

This next concern is even more worrying. Inducing and changing perception via a tonal modulation coming to one via ones living space infrastructure via the electrical hum and through the appliances at home, and through the city infrastructure. The whole city buzzing to a subliminal tonal tune. Is your computer buzzing while you read this. Can you read that buzz and is it trying to tell you something. Even if it goes past you unnoticed remember your brain will be ready to receive it and you have seen from above that it would have no problem deciphering the message and would come through to you via induced thinking which can generate emotion and creating anxiety and fear and none of it intended by you. The Subliminals coming in will do so as in the phonological loop – a repeated reminder until it gets through. When it is repeated the thought does not get away from your mind as in psychological thinking. It acts as a reminder and does its job. Long sentences don’t work with this loop and in fact, even long words have difficulty coping with this loop as you can see in the references below. Remember that the brain knows to read tonal modulations even if you don’t. If you know and start watching your mind one can start to have better control over one’s mind.

The phenomenon if used negatively can be a hindrance but if used correctly they can act as a good reinforcement tool for education and revision purposes for exams or for learning a language. They run in the background while you go about your daily activity. You can find a lot of these subliminal programs using headphones for reinforcements purposes but these negative subliminals come off the ether from the infrastructure of your living space. They form part of the synthetic consciousness and run alongside the natural consciousness of the universe.

One can have subliminals coming into the home via your phone lines and internet lines via radio signals while the infrastructure outside your home act as aerials. This is how the subliminal tonal modulations can show up in your appliances around one’s home and the electrical infrastructure:

This is a damming report of what has become a global issue to control our minds and how we perceive things and how to get us to vote, make us buy stuff we do not need and what else you can think about and it is all coming in under the radar and our minds are willingly acceptable to all these covert shenanigans:


‘Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak ‘shows global manipulation is out of control’

 Company’s work in 68 countries laid bare with release of more than 100,000 documents 

 “The documents reveal a much clearer idea of what actually happened in the 2016 US presidential election, which has a huge bearing on what will happen in 2020. It’s the same people involved who we know are building on these same techniques,” she said. 

Finally, if frontline thinking is sound first, then can it be heard by others by the mind and body coupling with the infrastructure of the living space.

A question of we tell you how to vote and followed by we know how you voted? big data collection. 




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Weird News Psychic

If we discuss mysticism today by referencing always to the mystics of the past and the high order mystics, then we will never get into this ourself because we think it is exclusive. We need to look at people today and see what they are saying and see why they seem weird in the things they are saying. Remember we are only interested here is to see why certain people have some odd latent powers in them that surface when their minds begin to sit a certain way. This is what the high masters of the past use to do, but the process is so simple to attain that others at times are naturally like that in their minds, without having any spiritual background, and other every day people come to it after realising what the process is to attain a quiet mind and use one’s intuitive powers to the mind and body when it gets closer to the intangible structure of the environment and the universe.

This gentleman is in the UK and what I like about what he says about his powers of seeing the future and the way he describes it is as he sees it without any regard to what people might think until the whole process becomes commonplace. But others who have been there understand what he is saying. He puts it across as a layman with some simple powers of his mind to back up why he says he sees the future which others don’t. So just keep it in mind as you investigate this that if you don’t see it it does not mean it does not exist.

Psychic who foresaw Notre Dame fire shares chilling predictions for 2020

Shortly before we celebrated the chiming of Big Ben and welcomed 2019, psychic Nicolas Aujula had a number of visions telling him it was going to be a difficult year.

The 34-year-old claims he foresaw earthquakes in China and Cuba, a mass London cabbie protest, a fire at a large historical church and a scandal involving a public figure named Justin – all of which came true.

I am interested in how he describes these visions come to him just by the way his minds sits.

Nicolas, who works as a past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist, said: “Some of the visions I have are through dreams, and others just hit when I am walking around.


“The dreams are the strongest, though, as that’s when you are conked out. The logical side of your brain is switched off, giving more room to your intuitive side.”

He could easily be your neighbour. Or perhaps students who are looking for a new way of thinking and learning. People who want to open up their minds so bringing in more probabilities and possibilities which some might call more luck into one’s life.


Over the years, Nicolas believes his visions have helped him predict major world events before they happen.


Nicolas explained how he has possessed a mystic gift ever since he was a child.


Then, aged 17, he realised just how powerful his abilities were following an unexplainable experience he had while in a trance-like meditative state.


Despite his remarkable predictions, Nicolas’ insists he is “not special” – instead believing that all of us possess the same abilities, but that scepticism prevents us from trusting them.

I think what Nicolas had done is that he has understood his mind spaces and how they can go from a chaotic state of mind to a silent active no-mind intuitive state of mind. It sits there and with conscious awareness, it waits for what has already occurred in the ether or is about to happen to come through his mind, and he has learnt to trust them as inputs from the Cosmic mind and with time he has experientially understood the pattern and began to trust it and collaborate it from what is happening on the ground, or from what of what he “saw” is manifested.

When one gets to the ends of the mind spaces, conscious awareness will connect you to your environment, the ether, the Universal Mind and you are not the same as the person who only understands the personality mind state and has never been out of it. When you shut down the noisy chaotic verbal thinking personality mind and….

with conscious awareness, one can access the greater mind of the Cosmos and have access to its Memory.


Psychic who foresaw Notre Dame fire shares chilling predictions for 2020?

4th January 2020.

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Conscious Awareness

I want to look at Conscious Awareness and see what it feels like and what science says about it.

Basically, how does the environment communicate with us? When the mind is silent and the lower personality mind is not, then conscious awareness is also the vehicle for the action of Truth and the “new” in you.

Remember that 2020 has moved on from the mystics. They would not have had all these scientists now getting into consciousness with their experiments helping us to understand how conscious works. The mystics only has and had a sense of “being” or feeling of how it works. But scientists are helping us to understand how contact is made between the environment and us. How information is passed from the environment to our minds.

If we were just being aware of contact from the environment will our description in words be something like this:

 When IT appears it can come through in many forms. An Insight in mind is also the presence of IT. It shows itself not through this image you have of IT in your mind. It shows itself by how it solves your problems for you. That is how it comes through. Remember that it is an underlying Cosmic force, no permanent form yet still unchanging in essence. The mind has to sit a certain way in silence for it to show itself to help you. Krishnamurti calls it “consciousness awareness” – full attention of just observation (no thinking) with no judgement passed of what you observe. I have been through this process in the studio when painting looking for insight or solutions. Others say one-pointedness but if it suggests concentration then it is not that. It is like observing with the whole Cosmos behind you waiting for the “insight” or “word” to come through, yet not doing it consciously, deliberately, but naturally so in that state of mind. (siri perera)

Then comes the scientist and he takes over with his laboratory and all the equipment he/she has. Then he uses a magnetic field to replace the consciousness in the ether to stimulate your brain and he then records which parts of your brain lights up. The fact that when the switch is on some parts of the brain lights up and when he switches off the highlights disappear is enough already but he tried this. He takes 2 lots of people to test. One set is left normally as before and the other set he anaesthetises. He found that those he dulled out in mind with anaesthesia has much less highlight in their brains when a magnetic field was applied to the brain.

This is what Giulio Tononi is saying about his experiments in mapping out brain interactions with actions in mind.

One study, published in 2015, examined the brains of participants under various forms of anaesthesia – including propofol and xenon. To get an idea of the brain’s capacity to integrate information, the team applied a magnetic field above the scalp to stimulate a small area of the cortex underneath – a standard non-invasive technique known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). When awake, you would observe a complex ripple of activity as the brain responds to the TMS, with many different regions responding, which Tononi takes to be a sign of information integration between the different groups of neurons.

But the brains of the people under propofol and xenon did not show that response – the brainwaves generated were much simpler in form compared to the hubbub of activity in the awake brain.  By altering the levels of important neurotransmitters, the drugs appeared to have “broken down” the brain’s information integration – and this corresponded to the participants’ complete lack of awareness during the experiment. Their inner experience had faded to black. 

Hence is deep meditation anaesthesia? –  “Their inner experience had faded to black” where brain manifesting a probability stops. 

What are you saying – that being self-aware or sensing consciousness at any moment is as a result of the 5 senses. That consciousness itself is experienced or felt only when an “integration” takes place. If not we don’t even know it is there? What happens then when we meditate or when our minds are silent of thinking – can we still feel consciousness here or it is there but not felt? So consciousness has to interact with the brain/mind via the 5 senses for us to know it is present?

and then,

“Giulio Tononi’s theory asserts that consciousness arises from certain kinds of information processing.”


“They are combined and cross-linked to form a meaningful narrative. Every time we experience something new, it is integrated with that previous information. It is the reason that the taste of a single madeleine can trigger a memory from our distant childhood – and it is all part of our conscious experience.”

So it gives us an idea that some kind of docking system between the brain and consciousness is at work here. Is it possible that deep meditation itself is a kind of anaesthetized state of mind, restful and keeping out any intrusion by consciousness? Meditation is a kind of shutting down of the mind. It is a kind of sleep state while still awake. It is also a very good technique to show oneself how the mind has other mind spaces in it to be explored. Can we work off the other mind spaces with different forms of thinking rather than working only off the personality mind?.


 “Although the concept of “group consciousness” may seem like a stretch, he thinks that Tononi’s theory might help us to understand how large bodies of people sometimes begin to think, feel, remember, decide, and react as one entity.”


  “…in the future, Tononi’s theory may help us to understand ‘minds’ that are very alien to our own.”



3rd January 2020

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What is “beyond the known”

I heard this today in a live stream from India: all creative processes is from “beyond the known”. This is really what we are after so it is not just another puzzle from the known in us. The creative process does not belong only in the arts, but it is only in the arts that the new in the mind is at its fullest potential because it is not constrained by the needs of others and the constraints of a particular project. The mind can see itself and go beyond itself and beyond the known in you.

The thing about the arts, which is totally free to create, and the only constraint is that it has a limitation in that it keeps constantly creating everything from a puzzle of the known in oneself and off its past in you. Nothing new comes from this. It cannot seem to get off this state of mind. When you create a form with these limitations of the mind and you think it is new, it is only because it is new in your own mind and it is not universally new. Truly new is something created that is universally new to all. So the frontline of art moves forward at a slow pace with each step being just a puzzle of the old in you.

The other thing about the arts is that the studio is like a mini-universe with the artist in it. All of the universe is in that studio and in the centre of that universe is the mind of the artist. The mind is the driving force in the studio. When a project is underway the mind lives its full spectrum during the project. From its observation, that triggers an idea in you which then gets spun out beyond recognition of the original observation. Then the mind decides with a complete idea of how it is to be manifested. One complete idea and to represent it in art it can have a multitude of different expressions. Remember that every expression is made up by the mind. So if you are looking for the Lie in the Truth in you: then each of these expressions is a lie created by the mind. The original fact is the fact from which these lies were created by the mind.

Personality is created in exactly the same way by observations of idiosyncracies spun out in one’s mind. The little self in oneself is made up of these many lies. Then we use these lies to create society and culture. Our environment and businesses are created behind these lies in oneself. We create borders around our own idiosyncratic lies that we created as a group. We decide what our costume is going to be. We create financial anomalies from our minds to create the infrastructure of our environment. With all these lies that the mind creates what it is doing is really building a house of cards around us. So this is the Truth, the facts, in the lie in us. So when they say that we are creating illusions what they mean is that we are creating stuff with our minds which is not real and then surrounding ourselves with it. So what happens when the tipping point of this house of cards is reached and there is nothing left to tweak to keep it in balance? Its mad max all over again.

So what is the way out of this limited mind that we can use to find the “new” in us so we can use them to think out of the box when trouble comes our way? The mind has to sit a certain way to access the repository of the Universal mind where everything is true and off which the Truth of things only exists. If one is using the facts of the natural law and its forces to create our living space then we are only reinforcing our environment and not creating things at a tangent to it. Departures from the Truth of things only creates tension in the environment.

So the mind of the artist in his studio during a project see the whole spectrum of his mind being played out. It will go from observation and excitement while spinning it into an idea and then planning its multiple possible forms or representations and then manifesting one of them as a painting or installation or sculpture or into prose; a video perhaps? In between these spaces in the mind, there would have been some stage where the mind would have gone into the silent mode where all thinking had come to a standstill. Here, there is still a kind of pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking when the mind is silent. There are times the mind would disappear altogether with no mind in sight and no memory of where it had been while standing in the middle of the studio while looking at one’s creation. If one is observing the creative process and the mind at the same time one can see how the mind lays itself out to be observed.

The mind can go from chaos to a silent no-mind and disappear and return again. It is in here, in this spectrum of the mind spaces that the answer might be as to where the “new” in oneself can show itself. It can only show itself when the self is not present. When personality has disappeared and all the known and its experiences and thinking has come to an end and then the action of Truth can show itself to the mind with the Aha moment and its essence grasped by the thinking mind. So only in silence and in a no-mind state of the mind can the “new” show itself.

Remember that when the Cosmic force comes through to you perhaps at times it comes through as itself and you might be able to sit in its presence, silent and in a quiet state of “being” with IT but at other times it comes with what you need.

When IT appears it can come through in many forms. An Insight in mind is also the presence of IT. It shows itself not through this image you have of IT in your mind. It shows itself by how it solves your problems for you. That is how it comes through. Remember that it is an underlying Cosmic force, no permanent form yet still unchanging in essence. The mind has to sit a certain way in silence for it to show itself to help you. Krishnamurti calls it “consciousness awareness” – full attention of just observation (no thinking) with no judgement passed of what you observe. I have been through this process in the studio when painting looking for insight or solutions. Others say one-pointedness but if it suggests concentration then it is not that. It is like observing with the whole Cosmos behind you waiting for the “insight” or “word” to come through, yet not doing it consciously, deliberately, but naturally so in that state of mind.

I had listened to a video-talk between Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm ( about how the mind can grasp the action of Truth and drew this diagram below as the talk progressed:

Thinking has to stop first and with the silent no-mind with a sense of active “being”, watching, conscious awareness can grasp the action of Truth, coming off the ether and then the personal mind can take over to process that “new” in oneself.

This can be said in more than one way but you will find the essence will always be the same. The mind up and down its sliding scale from chaos to no-mind, creates this “dream of existence” from the Truth in the Lie in you.

Art can find the pattern.

2 January 2020


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