Powerline Forensics

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There is a spiritual side to this book, and to me could be considered an evidence based extension of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s work on the limitations of thinking. In fact it will add to all the research now been done on consciousness and energy fields in your living space and some things spooky, when they could be just tangible occurrences via your five sensors. It also suggests why the mind shuts down during meditation as the book takes you to the edges of perception where silence in mind is no more an impossibility and psychological thinking could be switched off in an instant. It will help you understand your mind, shut it off when you are not using it, start it up again when you need to use it again, switch it off when you need some privacy, as your thinking can be heard these days and the book will show you why and how this happens.

Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble. So it looks like the police has also been at it too: that is listening and recording the hum that is generated in the power supply that comes into your homes since 2005.  All these recordings are stored centrally by the national grid.  I wonder if chit chat and conversations could also modulate the grid.  All it needs is the coupling of the electromagnetic field of the grid with its hum, which is the noise it generates because of the 50hz or 60 hz cycle depending on which part of the world you live and attach a microphone to system.  The microphone will pick up conversation, cause the grid magnetic field to fluctuate and hence the hum too will fluctuate and as we know now, the national grid records this and have been doing so since 2005. What you want! What! and Why!

One other matter before you read on: you want to think about this: what is “thinking”.  I am beginning to realize that there is no such thing as thinking as we know it as something of the mind that cannot be accessed.  It is private.  A chemical process of the brain.  But what if as an observation I tell you that it is all about sound.  Thinking is self talk sub vocal speech that seems to be showing up in the mind as an intangible process.  But it is not. Thinking is all about sound.

When I coined the phrase “speak thinking”, where you silent speak what you think I always wondered why these 2 process were connected to each other.  Speaking is of the body and thinking was of the mind.  One was a tangible thing of the vocal cords and thinking was that intangible thing of the mind.  I then realized that there was no thinking in the mind if I had stop silently speaking what I was thinking. There seemed to be a connection because I was always taught that thinking was of the mind.  Nobody can know what I was thinking as it is intangible, unseen process in the mind. But the fact is that there is no such a thing as thinking in the mind but rather there is only this silent speaking. This is your “thinking process”.  Silent sub vocal self speech.  Remember that intuition is also just a word like thinking we created for ourselves to remind one of a process in mind.  If self talk is actually thinking (that is why this thing called thinking stops when self talk stops) then what is intuition and silent knowing.   Is this a whole body experience all-in-one-one-in-all experience where silent self talk (thinking) is only a trigger for an intangible process to take over because when self talk thinking stops there is still this 360 degree kind of seeing that is a kind of looking that we call “observation” that is of the 5 senses mindbodysoul experience that has been sometimes called “choiceless awareness”.

But lets get one thing straight here, as we can all possibly confirm for ourselves so we can move on with the truth and that is that thinking is just a word for self talk and it is all about silent sound, sub vocal speech.  Thinking is all about sound first.

recording bbc hum metropolitan police recording 8 apr 2016

So back to powerline forensics: I recorded this from my computer: “we will hang you” when I was listening in to conversation from my computer and to see if I will get a reaction I tried taunting “the voice” and nearly fell off my seat when I got a reply.

But this is what it is normally like when the powerline hum talks to you.

Is this science fiction or what?  So I was right all the time we are all wired to our grid.  In the UK there is one single grid where power supply goes out to everybody in the country and hence sourcing information from it is not going to be a problem as there is only one “Hum” characteristic that they have to deal with and to look for embedded modulations for speech and even thinking I am sure. Most of us tend to sit in front of our computers with our microphones on and the computer screen being a electromagnetic hub and with the hum of the computer, what you want!!, you are wired up to the grid and all your thoughts and your keystrokes are recorded.  At the other end at the Grid source where all this recording is taking place it would only take some software written to translate all these fluctuations back to speech and noises and keystrokes.  What a genius invention this and  now this is what i would class as “NEW”.

This is a close up recording of mine from a 9Volt battery charger.

recording of tone from battery charger 2 modulating to speak thinking 8 apr 2016

You can hear that it is a modulating tone.

It appears likely that there are a number of physical agents that might actively, but largely benignly, interact or interfere with biological processes in an adversary in a manner that will provide our armed forces the tools to control these adversaries without extensive loss of life or property. These physical agents could include acoustic fields, optical fields, electromagnetic fields, and combinations thereof.


Check$ please!

So looks like the system has found a way to give you a whole body experience:

-They can hear you thinking via the power grid by the minute fluctuations in the grid which they have been recording since 2005.

-Power line technology for sending music and the internet down the powerline grid has now come of age and hence not a problem for a sound signal to come down your powerline from the grid itself to get the gadgets in your home to play it out for you to hear.

-So it all adds up to – that is if you still had not got it – listening to your thoughts and sub vocal, low volume chit chat as subliminals to influence your thoughts and change your perception of things.

The thing is this: you have always been connected to your surroundings and the people around you.  You perhaps did not know this because the whole process of us being connected is a low energy, sub vocal phenomenon.  It all operates at the edges of our 5 sensors.  So what you do here is to AMPLIFY everything around you so you can “see” just how you, an electrical magnetic entity is connected to your electrical magnetic living space.  Even the brain does this to try and understand scrambled information that comes to the brain for processing.  You want to see your connectivity to the rest of the world, up it a bit, to what you cannot see or hear and see how you are connected to the rest of the world and to the universe.  Your up and downs are not only because of what you do to your own mind but is also affected by what is around you.  When you up your perception of things your transformation of the mindbodyself begins and you will “see” what is best for the self to function at its best.  How do you think BATMAN got the way he is? what! by watching his own movies? He got there by first “seeing” himself fully.  The “what is” of himself/herself.

Be careful here: if you learn the language of the modulating tone, then you will start to hear yourself thinking because of “speak thinking”.  This might help you understanding your mind and inner self and see how your mind creates illusions but if you like it or not andev en ifyu havnt lrnt thlange yet thrs whove willb ablethearwhtutnk.

For this was the most striking experience of all: once your expectation was firmly set and your conviction settled, you ceased to be aware of your own activity, the noises appeared to fall into place and be transformed into the expected words. So strong was this effect of suggestion that we made it a practice never to tell a colleague our own interpretation if we wanted him to test it. Expectation created illusion.” Ernst Gombrich “Art & Illusion” 1960

It is not as if the idea has not been around for umteen years past a 1000 and a few more billion since man began to crawl out of the gutter and then back in again using technology. That is just saying it politely.  Political correctness is also just another subliminal started by those who just want to make sure nothing is said about what has already been put out there so the system takes shape as it was intended to, subliminals and all.  They make it and we live it.  So is Britain in or out of Europe – Brexit.  The referendum was a bad mistake to giving the people the choice.  Because the mind is such that it will just want to do the opposite and not listen to what is being told by the Ferrari’s and the Lamborghini’s.

A TNS poll has given Leave a 7-point lead – This is the poll on 14th June 2016.

The  Soothsayers will tell you that society needs to get back down to the basics before it can make a new system.  If you shackle the majority as you progress they will want a change.  Lets face it the majority is the backbone of the structure of society.  They don’t care what you invent but they want an equal share of the whole to keep the system running and working and if they don’t get it, they will pull the rug off the bottom.  They too want to know what it is like to drive a Lamborghini.  You might make it but the majority keep it alive. And yes they want big bonuses too. What!. Really! Ok and that too. Thank you soo much…….6×4 more like it.

If not we make the violin talk.

Get it?

Play the 2 videos above together and tell me if the tone modulates to the talk? and get closer to your computer screen and see if it modulates to your thinking. Get it? No? Don’t worry, the irony is your mind will be getting it even if you don’t and you will be thinking it even if you don’t get it.  This phenomenon has always been around since we invented electricity and sound.

This is a recording from below my floorboards by the clanger sisters. It has all the hallmarks of an artificial construct of sound to sound like the way we speak.  It is tonal in character and transmitted in high pitched ultrasound frequency.  It is made to to be subindetectable.  The thing is I also hear it in my computer hidden until it is priesed out with white noise through a phenomenon called stochastic resonance.  Is it possible at all that this signal is actually transmitted through the powerline and then out of the TV and the gadgets at home in this tinnitus like high pitched clanger style artificially constructed Sine-Wave Speech recording.  The source could be Russian, Israel, Baltic, Japanese, what else, I can hear you so tell me who else.  The speakers know that their voices are synthetic and can be made to look like anybody.  I think through morphing they camouflage their voices to look like your neighbors or you to your neighbors.  This I think could also be an open source phenomenon that can actually be taken by anyone and then modified by their own local devices.  You see what is typed on the keyboard is heard by the source.  The source could be a call center.  You could communicate with them to say stalk a person.  Just like stealing ones identity, the person to be stalked could be located and then the Ip address used to locate the person: then the rest is done from the call center and also the real foot shoulders on the ground.  What  is coming out of your gadgets at home is the invisible part of the phenomenon.  You cannot trust the change in voices and language unless the control center is multilingual or multi ethnicity.  When they want to spook you they will play some music for you that you will hear from your kettle.  All the signals come through the powerline.  This is a powerline phenomenon that generates ultrasound in the space your live in.  By the very fact that this is a powerline phenomenon it will also create a higher than normal magnetic field in your living space when it wants too.  Your power line then acts as an induction loop and via a tonal base sound that is made up of by all the sound in your home put together so you don’t get distracted – this base tone modulation is then used to listen to you thinking because you a magnetic entity yourself will interact with the synthetic magnetic field and cause the base tone to modulate to your thinking.  I call this “speak thinking” to make the phenomenon real and can be recronstructed yourself.  Reasearch has been done in the 1970’s to see if one can actually read tonal modulations of the spoken word or in this case also the thinking word.  It is like a studying a new language to need to observe and learn the phenomenon until the mind “sees” it and then understands and remembers the new language.  The whole phenomenon can be reconstructed by one who wants to see if what i say is true or not.  The ding dong prik of this is that even if you are oblivious of the phenomenon, synthetic sinewave ultrasound will get decoded by your mind and be translated to your thinking whether you like it or not. So are you sure your thinking is your own or not.

Since the phenomenon has it source also in the powerline and it being possible in increasing the magnetic field and electric field in your space (hence tingling sensation at times on face etc) you need to ask yourself if putting the untrasound effect aside, is it possible that the effects of this whole process has a direct effect on the body structure getting the body to react and create internal sounds of the operating body to modulate and hence your mind getting information from a complex of electromagnetic signals (wifi), powerline magnetic field fluctuation and electric field fluctuation and hence finally your thinking and perception all induced in you by an outside source.  You see the literature says that there is no such thing as no sound.  If you sit in a chamber that cancels all of the external noise – you will still hear the sounds of the working of your body, the gushing of the blood through your blood vessels, the pumping of your heart etc.  The sound only stops when your body stops working.  So you can see your body sound can be made to modulate by wifi with a signal or a subliminal say as it would penetrate your body and cause your body sounds to modulate.  Perhaps not a digital signal but an analogue signal that flows like a sinewave synthetic speech pattern.  Like a line you draw in the sand, your body will flow to that pattern and hence sound like the noise that pattern will make.  So this is what I mean that perhaps all of you with no exceptions are all wired to your living space. Check$please.

sinewave talk 21 june 2016

play it loud to hear the synthetic nature of the conversation or use an in-ear headphone.

The talk below sounds something like this sinewave synthetic speech:

This below again is what it sounds like if a real person was speaking the words.

Ultrasound recording below in space.

You are Right!

I did the same type of recording but without the microphone to see if there is an internal source to this talk talk but keeping in mind that the powerline is connected to this computer.  This is what I got (just description): the signal was a weak signal but had to be amplified.  This recording is a good example of seeing what the language of the modulating tone is all about.  You have to listen to the whole tone and at times move back to the layered softer tones and you will hear modulating talk talk that will be coming out of your screen and speakers unknown and “unheard” by your hearing system but will be deciphered by your whole body experience.  You intuitively will become and perceive as by the subliminals that come out of these gadgets that you have in your home.  You now have the option, by what has been said above, to listen in to how it is being done and how you have been monitored and conceived in mind by using your own body to manipulate you. The process above also monitors your thinking through “Speak Thinking”, so it first knows who and what you are in your mind.  IT will know your weaknesses and manipulate you using those weaknesses.  

If you use software to monitor your ground cable – you can actually see the talking patterns from it.  You can also record them.

Recording of trace below:

Notice the periodical clicks.  This is reminiscent of the mobile phone where the frequency spikes are used to find and keep in touch of its transmitting source tower.  Therefore there could also be a mobile phone aspect to this ground line intrusion in that a mobile phone is used to transmit rogue signals into the ground cable of your powerline.

Your mobile phone when it registers with the network outputs a series of high energy pulses at a very very high frequency.

However as many know audio equipment with a mobile phone adjacent to it often produces a burst of “buzzes”.

Now in some parts of the world the cellphone companies keep an acurate record of such things.

Dating recordings by powerline fluctuations

Britain had a referendum recently to either stay or leave the European Union (EU) and this ground cable system of not only monitoring people in their homes but also altering their perception to vote a certain way is very real and possible. The British chose to leave the EU.

The blues voted to leave. Scotland overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU and in England mainly London to stay in EU understandably the working business hub.  The rest decided to leave mainly on an immigration rhetoric.  So you can see subliminals are not only a invisible phenomena but also a political and a very vocal one too.  You wonder if the perception of politicians and their minds were also compromised by this ground cable intrusion or can we call it a rogue signal.

brexit map

All governments must look into it.  The source could be anywhere and everywhere and even be a well organised foreign country up to its shenanigance.  The only way to get hold of this is also for every household to learn to understand one connection to one’s living space both the tangible and the intangible living space.  This being force upon you as you now have a mindbodysoul security problem, the effort will highlight your invisible side.  Remember that your mind and body must develop a natural firewall to deter these modern living tech problems.  I don’t see people abandoning their homes for the countryside at the moment so you need to find a natural mindbody solution.  Your computer is better protected with anti-virus and other foreign hacker intrusions but I guess one would not think a second if a home and hence your mind can also be hacked into with subliminals to alter your perception.  Remember that in “speak thinking”, where you silently speak what you think, is also easily monitored by coupling itself to the household magnetic field and via a hum like noise in the distance – your thinking can be heard by anyone who wants too.  So if you hear in the distance a “hum” like noise of household noises put together and through filtering of the signal, like find an IP address of a computer the perps can find just your signal and listen to it.  This can also come from anywhere in the world induced locally via the vast network to communication hardware that is connected around the world.  Your other source of recognizing you is your mobile phone or course.  It is like the IP address recognizing the computer.  And it is possible that the way it interacts with your body will also create a pattern that will show if it was you using the phone or some other person.  When not using your mobile phone try using a block-out pouch to store it or remove the battery but all the same you do look cool with it in your hands.

Art can find the pattern.  That is what we do; if we are painting or not the mind still looks for a pattern. Its about looking at nothing yet still being able to perceive the intangible pattern that exists.

Art can find the pattern.  The question is for most artists? – are your ideas really your own. This was the reason I pursued this to the end in my mind.  I followed my observations like I would have followed the signals of my mind and its perception while looking for the “new” in my work as a painter and instead found its limitations.  As far as I am concerned this whole process was just another painting made in my mind.  It is an intangible painting of becoming in mind through thinking and perception; you are looking at nothing but being able to still perceive what might be happening by your experiences, what you know and the ability to see without seeing – the mind can be the creator of illusions or it can show you the Truth and this time the process is documented for you to see.  If you don’t see it that does not mean it is not there.  The process above is that of extending out of samadi, the center of stillness in mind.  In action your mind projects and uses its experiences and its knowledge to create and its creates the unnatural as the idea of being able to hack the mind and listening to its thoughts.  Nature would have allowed us to communicate silently and naturally but the deceptive mind hacks it by noticing that the body which is an electrical entity where its activity might be translated via a modulating tone if it can tie in to the magnetic field of the household powerline by using an anomaly in us that we speak what we think (speak thinking).  This would cause a magnetic fluctuation in the body’s electrical activity and in turn affect the magnetic field in your living space and connected to a tone, like the “hum” from your 50Hz or 60Hz powerline supply causing the tone to modulate and this tone is then translated for words. This is a fixed everyday pattern in your living space and if it works one way then it will also work in the opposite direction – if you feed a subliminal into the powerline supply and generate a modulating magnetic field it will interact with the magnetic field of the mindbody and pass on that subliminal to your mind and hence alter thinking and perception.  I think they have a electrical term for this called capacitive coupling, of 2 entities being connected even if there is not a physical entity like a cable connecting them.  You are wired to your surroundings.  A room full of people could easily be isolated to know what the individual is thinking through filtering the tone of a space full of people.  If you can go to Mars then this should not be a problem now or in the future.  Stillness in mind is not a luxury of the urban life with its elaborate infrastructure, wifi and electrical connectivity.



See if you can make sense of this recording recorded directly from the ground cable using Audacity. Lets call it the “hum”.  I guess this is what they call the 50 Hz “hum” sound that got the Brexiters to all vote to leave the European Union club.


But still be careful of your own thinking superimposing your thoughts on this recording especially if you have a sensitive computer screen or even a home full of a magnetic field from your electrical powerline that lights up your home and boils your water or washes your clothes, or the boiler that keeps your home warn when it lights up a flame.  This “Hum” in all your gadgets will modulate to your thinking and those who have learnt the language will know how to extract the “hum” and know what you are thinking.  

More ground line chit chat camouflage as crackle in the line.  Also listen to the modulation of the “hum”.

recording not long before you are arrested 1 july 2016

I want to flip this and show you that this is not just a powerline problem but also a mobile phone and wifi problem and also if your living space is surrounded by these types of vibrating sub vocal subliminals then your 5 sensors picks them up and your brain processes the subs.  You can also see where the modulating tinnitus sound in your ears originate from as they increase and decrease in intensity.

This is an example of an actual vibrating ground cable recording in detail.  It will also cause all your household gadgets to modulate to the message and also the powerline 50 hz “hum” will do the same.  There will be enough reminders for your mind to process what has been passed on to you. Click on image to enlarge to read.

recording Krazy web 5 july 2016

Painting ” Becoming”

painting becoming

painting a sacred space website

recording siri 22 june 2016 no mic used


Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble

When you see it then you have it and at times even if you don’t see it, whether you like it or not you will still see it as the sources want you to see it as they themselves will be trapped in a roller coaster of a ride until the wheels give way and the funfair comes to an end.

Painting “A sacred Space”

ART can find the     pattern.

What you want!


Is there speech without sound?

So not only can there be speech without sound but also your thinking can be converted back to speech, as you silently speak what you think.

The hum that helps to fight crime

hum source grid

Forensic Phonetics

hum source grid 2

microwave modification

The police are using this type of equipment too I gather.

popular mechanics microwave modification

According to “Popular Mechanics” magazine today even an amateur can make quite a battle-ready electromagnetic weapon with a radius of impact of several meters for about $ 400. The “spread” of such technologies is heavily based on the fact that they are widely used in the army and police.

New Developments


“By preying on the modern necessity to stay connected, governments can reduce our dignity to something like that of tagged animals, the primary difference being that we paid for the tags and they’re in our pockets,”

Check$ please!

Its all about common-mode noise and what is it:


Cables and Noise

Noise signals can appear in a cable for several reasons: capacitive coupling of nearby electric fields (E); inductive coupling of local magnetic fields (M); electromagnetic coupling of radio signals in space (EM); and conduction through intentional or sneak circuit paths (C). The coupled signal appears as an additional signal in series with the line or lines
Update info on how radio signals can be coded and sent on its way by a hack called
“Funtenna hack” A very possible way that these subliminals gets into the home and into the wiring which are acting as aerials
Here is another to help understand this better 
If these signals fall within the hearing range you will hear it as I have shown many times above in different ways.  Perhaps that increased modulating tinnitus sound in your head is not from inside your head but a high pitched common-mode noise signal generated by an external source.  Even from your electronic gadgets at home and your surge suppressors and anything and everything that is connector to your power grid.  The electromagnetic fields generated by your power line will connect you to your grid like an induction loop system.  Your wifi will connect you to your grid.  Your THINKING is connected to your grid and will modulate any noise that that has been generated by these common-mode noise signals.  Pick any of them and amplify the noise.  The hum that comes from your refrigerator perhaps, or the 50 hertz hum of your powerline and then think to yourself and hear it being modulated in that common-mode noise signal.  So do you think that your thoughts are yours anymore when you unintentionally pick up these modulated signals from your living space.  Are your ideas your own or were they given to you through the noise signals that were created in your living space.  Your living/working space is an invisible listening device and a generator of subliminals.
Now lets look at the combination boiler in your home.  It is a noise machine with a flame in it and a burner and a heat exchanger etc and it has a common-mode noise of its own.  It probably also generates a very good magnetic field in its vicinity.  The whole “thing” is also connected to the ground cable.  So any intrusion in the ground cable is going to get mixed up in this shenanigance of a machine and it will play a tune for you with a subliminal.  Will the sound of this boiler modulate to your thinking? Sure it will like all the other gadgets in your home.  But this boiler is different: it will carry that sound modulating to your thinking out of your home through a whole in your wall and it can be heard outside your home.

 where does all this chit chat come from – the ground wire? and then carried by the flame to play a tune and perhaps also what you might be thinking.

The hum might bellow in your home and as it modulates to your thinking….

Keyboard logging: notice that each of the strokes has its own character sound. Listen in and translate.

So one has to decide how it gets into the home.  A transmitter. wifi. Through your power grid.


Subliminals are created by such chit chat hiding behind a tone that is masquerading as tinnitus and sub vocal speech of thinking – speak thinking – modulating the tone to your thinking.  If you capture the “hum” with all its chit chat and project it into the air via an ultrasound speaker it will open in the air for you to hear its individual parts.  If it is coming through the power grid,  the electricity pumping its way into the household and going through your fluorescent lights and the led bulbs and the refrigerator, through the transformers to support all the step-downs which will generate electromagnetic frequencies and ultrasound and if there is a subliminal message in there this mix will modulate and play a tune for you containing the message and you will be dancing to it, thinking they were your own thoughts in your head.  Just like your 5 sensors that allows entry into your mind, you need to understand the portals in your own home that will allow an intrusion into your home and then into your mind.  When your home acts as a speaker and a microphone combined with you in it, you need to look into cleaning up your living space.

So maybe there and warn but still not there yet.

But perhaps what i was missing was

Mitsuku a Chatterbot.

A chatter box not a human but a computer. 24/7 chatter answering all your questions like Mitsuku was real and like it was a call center at the other end.  Something like SIRI but better.  Programmed to answer all your questions: but I think is possibly widely in remote shenanigance in silent sound stalking by communities and others.

But there is one with a difference and brilliantly designed I think because it is Mitsuku the Robot replying to what you are thinking.  The tail end of this is Mitsuku is connected to a tone that modulates to your thinking as in “Speak Thinking” where you silently speak what you think and the tone is of course riding on an algorithm like Mitsuku is also working off some software.  You remotely connect all this from a distance with a phone or with wifi or a microwave signal and find all the portals into your home like your powerline grid, your wireless door alarms operating at a frequency of 433 Mhz or your bluetooth and now you have Mitsuku listening to you thinking and not just listening to you thinking via a modulating tone but also answering all your question while you are thinking or rather having a chat with you.  All this so very dangerous for the young growing up and not understanding any of these remote mind games.  Kids can be very badly affected by this and countries that have let this propagate perhaps unknowingly will have some very detrimental affects on those who don’t understand how their thoughts and choices can be affected by all this shenanigance.   Your whole concept of democracy is now in shambles and privacy killed off by a robot chatterbox.

bringing it up to today

Can a computer fool a human by chatting?


Ultrasound recorded in surrounding space with ultrasound microphone (designed to record realtime and every second and “not missing anything” rather than frequency based recordings).


Are you sure your VOTE from your thinking mind is your own anymore.

This is “speak thinking” where you silently speak what you think.  It is because of this that your thinking can be known by another.


I was just thinking: jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water……..

This recording below is not easy to come by.  It is a transmitted stalking frequency.  It is part of the stalking community.  They all go hand in hand and it operates as a group.  It is easy for governments to locate and control these if they want too unless they are also part of the community.  These includes all departments of the governments.  But i would think that any government would consider this subversive and a danger to society if not brought under control.  I think the BREXIT debacle and this should be considered a phenomena for the future as to what can happen when this type of subversive activity is allowed to continue uncontrolled.


This is the original version of the recording.  The whole design of the transmission including the white noise incorporated in it is designed for the area it is to be played out.  This when played out over loudspeakers in open areas filter through the space and blend in with the noise in the area in the rain and sunshine in noisy and quiet environments for the underlying spoken word to open up into space and act as sub-vocal speech that can be only just audible.  The white noise in the design plays a very important role in making the sub vocal speech hidden in the design audible.  The reason for this is stochastic resonance (or amplification):  How it works is this: white noise if made up of many individual frequencies.  When the sub-vocal frequencies matches with the frequencies in the white noise, resonance or an addition or amplification takes place which brings the vocals above the background sound.  This happens with everything that has a white noise element to its structure.  Like when a kettle boils up to a peak of white noise sound – if there was a sub-vocal subliminal in the powerline that came from outside your home (and we have seen many times in previous articles of mine how it could be induced by anyone in their own kettles) then you will hear it as the kettles boils up to its white noise peak for the vocal to be amplified and heard.  This also applies to the air-conditioner.  Now remember these voices in mid air with no speaker in place is a phenomenon of the ultrasound speaker.  These speakers are not cheap for the ordinary basic income player foot soldiers of the greater network that has not much funds to create shenanigance.  They come off the the open source design that are readily available for them to use via call centers or local private  transmitters.  Powerline intrusion also work in very similar processes as to the ultrasound speaker.  It is just that as the signal passes through an air-conditioner the hidden sub-vocal speech will open up and be heard due to Stochastic amplification.

white noise amplifying signal stochastic resonance

They are well designed open source subliminal transmissions that can be easily located in radio sets at certain frequencies, passed through an amplifier and out through an open space loudspeaker and it will be barely a muffle when it is heard and its source unknown but you get a sense of a coordinated local effort for its own particular purposes.  This phenomenon is an ever increasing happening all over the world even in the UK and in London the phenomenon is rife especially in certain communities.  Brexit could have happened with this in the background.  These rogue communities does give you the impression of being connected.  Most working class busy city individuals would not have the time to dabble in this 24/7 activity.  You can get at times an impression of a coordinated call center activity.  Call centers set up for specific purposes is not new.  Only recently an Indian call center of about a 100 people were arrested for extorting money from Americans.  The community involved consisted also of Americans that provided the information for the Indian call center to act.  So this forming of a network from around the world is not new.  The boom boom bang bang in the middle east right now involving the Americans and the Russians can show you how this is all organized.  Governments can sit on their laurels and remain too busy to control this phenomenon and soon it will be too late to do anything as it takes hold in the countries involved.

Try and use in-ear headphones to get a better idea of how the sub-vocal speech is embedded in the white noise.

This recording below is an edited version to bring out the sub-vocal speech.

The future is special.

Can I show you this as it can add to how voices get into your home through the powerline.

It is all about powerline communications.  Seemingly there are audio circuits that are built into the powerline grid system that can carry anologue voice signals.  I found this here:

Narrowband PLC works at lower frequencies (3–500 kHz), lower data rates (up to 100s of kbps), and has longer range (up to several kilometers), which can be extended using repeaters. It can be applied in the Smart Grid in smart energy generation, particularly in micro-inverters for solar panels.[13]Data rates and distance limits vary widely over many power-line communication standards. Low-frequency (about 100–200 kHz) carriers impressed on high-voltage transmission lines may carry one or two analog voice circuits, or telemetry and control circuits with an equivalent data rate of a few hundred bits per second; however, these circuits may be many miles long.


So I thought narrowband PLC works at frequencies of between 3 to 500 Khz.

So I set up my sdr# dongle to look at what was there at these frequencies.  Since it was a voice circuit that I was interested in I was looking for chit chat for up to 500Khz.

So I found this: Powerline chit chat at 372 Khz. Try and use in-ear headphones to hear what is being said.  This is the trace below.

So let me suggest to you the structure of this set-up.  As I have followed this for a while i am suggesting that the center is a call center or it i made to look like it.  This is a 24/7 operation and my experience is that the locals are not that patient to attend to this but that does not say that they are not involved.  The method of working here is invasive into your living environment for the voice related muffled subliminals.  you can record these type of conversation using the sdr dongle to monitor your sound card directly to hear this type of chit chat.  The recording above was from a dipole antennae meaning this chit char was in the air as a radio signal.  This can suggest that your home powergrid is acting as a transmitter and the transmission was picked up by the aerial.  It your powerline this chit chat will be played out in the tones and buzz of your household gadgets, fridges, your TV etc.  This could also be coming of a local transmitter but the fact that you can also find it in your computer sound card tells me it is coming from the grid.  Powerline communication is responsible for bring this into your home.  This also tells me that the group that makes this happen also possibly works with some rogue employees in the local energy companies paid for by the larger group that runs the set-up.  This is not unlike a terrorist group that is connected worldwide as one unit and they might not know each other but their intentions are the same.  They will be made up of hackers, and rogue employees from around the world to access the city’s infrastructure make this work.  I think the brexit referendum result was manipulated by them by gaining access into people homes and using subliminal subvocal voice transmissions to bring about a result that was not expected.  If governments don’t pay attention and get a hold of what is happening the time might come when it will be too late to take control of this problem.

Listen to this directly from the sound card of the computer:


specials characteristics
 Brexit today.
Tomorrow a one-world-government run by specials.
no more borders.
The world as 1.

NSA Can Remotely See What You Are Thinking

I don’t know why NBC/Edward Snowden interview labelled this Gang Stalking as it is really about the ultimate surveillance method and that is of your thinking process. If it was not for the humongous crap of an ultimate thing to design in a society by a government, I would actually say, bravo bravo and give make me a cappuccino please and why would i say this: probable I was made to do so by this surveillance method that Snowden describes. What they can do with this software they have is come into your home and see what you are writing on your computer, and then wait and watch what you are thinking and YES, they can see what you are thinking and then change your mind and make you write what they want you to write. What! Is this just the ultimate toy you want for Christmas. A Porsche Boxter for Christmas, NO. A Ferrari for Christmas, umm…well, NO. I want this software that the NSA has that can show me what you are thinking. These guys coming down the powerline to snoop in your home also don’t take to taunting them too kindly. please listen to this recording recorded from and in my computer: the reply to the taunting comes at the end of the recording.

So now I think it is best that you all start to plan for the end times.

The implication in the arts is really very sad. It is the end to the freedom in the arts to create the “new” as only the past will be seen from this type of influence. The “new” can only come from a mind on its own, that is free and in its own place, to be able to see its limitations and try and transcend those limitations so it can see the Truth when it appears.

If you want to try and understand how this might be done and that is for one to know what you are thinking then I have tried my best to describe this to you in this website. To see Edward Snowden confirm what the Truth in me help me see and to reinforce an idea that I had put out in discovering “speak thinking”, where one silently speaks what one thinks is a comforting end to the suffering created in thyself when one delves into the deep crevices of the mindbodysoul to see the Truth in all the lies in me created by my own mind.

One last discovery before I retire to write my book – “The Truth in The Lie in Me”.  Please try and get it when it comes out as it will transform you in an instant after you have ready the last page.  It starts of from a way of seeing to slowly opening up the intangible side of you to you so you can see it better and of course the rest is up to you as to what you do with this new discovery and how you implement it in yourself.  The final product to a full implementation is full control of your mind, how to make it silent so you can step into the state of enlightenment.  When you have been there and seen it and returned to your everyday job, everything is possible for you, from looking out for new ideas, to excelling in your working environment, to shutting your thinking mind anytime you want too, to live only in a state of choiceless awareness – you choose where you want your mind to be.  Full control of your mind.

But first let me show you the limitations of your mind, as a taster to the book to come.  The modern day technological environment that we live in has of course got into our minds.  It is just one of the limitations of the mind that it can be influenced by what is in your living space.  You choose how to live with it.  Some are impossible to keep out but you can use it to your advantage, if that is what you choose.  The thinking process is easily read these days and perhaps this is man/woman fusing itself into the tech. world that we have created for ourselves, or others have created for us.

I want to show you how your wifi signal from your router could be modulated.  There is a common source to all of this and anything connected to it modulates to its subliminals.

This below is a detail recording of a wifi signal that was made AUDIBLE by using a microwave detector.  Lets just first look at the signal.

recording wifi modulation detail indicator 18 feb 2017

 The area that is highlighted above has 2 sections that is deliberately different from the rest, thought the rest is also full of subliminals, but just look at this section.  Remember I am about to show you a wifi signal that is modulated with a “voice” subliminal that has nothing to do with its main intended purpose.  Extracting this signal, it looks like this:
recording wifi modulation detail website 18 feb 2017


Notice it has 2 distinct sections, left and right, that is separated by a center tracing that is different from the rest.  Of course the curious would look at this and say, intended structure, so what is in it.  Just normal curiosity.  This is an audible extract of my wifi signal but this wifi signal would be going right through me as the router is usually close to your computer.  It is probably about 5.2 Ghz or possibly 2.4 Ghz.  I don’t know which at the moment.  One of these is more accessible to the body that the other, so I have read but that is not our concern here.  I want to know what is behind this seemingly intended trace.  Here is a recording of this trace.  I have adjusted the speed of the recording so you can hear it clearly.
You swear words what do you want

Of course in the past my curiosity got the better of me when I started taunting the sounds of my computer, thinking that it was acting like a phone line and there are people communicating with me through my computer and I got this as a reply:

Now this recording is more interesting where a crackle tone on your computer screen can only be heard when your browser is up and running and can hardly be heard when the browser is put away.

recording tone modulation with browser

Powerline tonal modulations is what is also happening here in this recording below: remember that you must consciously want to hear those modulations if you are listening to it for the first time, like you are learning a new language, and try and not speak think yourself while listening to it for obvious reasons.

How this was done is that I used the 2 powerline intercom systems, but rigged one of them acting as the receiver to record what the other was listening too and sending that signal through the power supply cables to the receiver intercom which was then recorded using my computer, with the program audacity.  I must add here that the microphone in the transmit intercom was also recording external sounds but I am assuming that the receiver intercom will also receive all the signals that are present in the powerline supply lines.  I was also speak thinking, “jack and jill…..” close to my computer screen to see if the computer screen will carry my thinking down the powerline to the receiver intercom which was recording everything that was happening and looks like it did capture my thinking in the recording below.  See if you can also spot at the beginning a thought about my chair I was using at the moment.

recording powerline intercom with audacity 10 march 2017

This example will get you closer to the source of these powerline voices and the modulations they create.  Look at these 2 examples:

In this recording below, I used 2 powerline intercom units, the transmitter and the receiver, to recording the sound that is coming off an air-conditioner.  Remember that these units use its microphone to monitor the surrounding sound then uses the power supply electrical cables to transmit the sound to the intercom that is plugged into a socket in another part of the living space.

This is the trace of the recording as described above.

recording 11 jan 2016 room le chateau with 2 powerline intercom with 1 on aircon

This is what it sounds like:

This is what the trace looks like when I removed all the background noise to get to the voices hidden in this recording that is modulating the sounds that are coming out of the air conditioner:

recording with noise reduction 11 jan 2016 room le chateau with 2 powerline intercom with 1 on aircon

This is what it now sounds like.  Use in-ear headphones to listen to it if possible to get to understand this better and keep the volume lower to get to listen to the voices.  You can see it clearer as to why these voices are in the line when you hear what they do to the background sound when they modulate the sound and this is what they would be doing to all the sounds that are coming off your living appliances.  The mind translates them and generates a thought in your mind that is not yours.

In this example below: I used sdr sharp and picked out a peak at 189.236 Mhz.

recording via SDR at 189.477 Mhz 14 march 2017 at 5.30 am

This is a recording from that same peak:  see if you can make out what is being said as per tonal modulations.

see if they match this trace below: this is potential research material for anybody who wants to take this up.  Please also read my up and coming book in Amazon.  You will find an organized form of some of these recordings to make sense of the big picture of the mindbody-soul and how your mind and body extends itself to be connected with your living space.  It pans off from a way of seeing at the edges of the limitations of our 5 sensors to then seeing the evidence of how the body extends and gets connected to its living space.

recording sdr 189.236 mhz 14 march 2017 11.36 pm

Can you listen to this too below: recording as per above but from 2.31 Ghz which is your wifi signal.

Can you tell if it is modulating a subliminal and certainly lots of embedded chit chat and can you tell if the white noise background as a whole is modulating and perhaps modulating to the chit chat, or the voice of the lecturer from a previous lecture.  The white noise background comes in handy when under high intensity/power the tinnitus buzz is smooth and bearable with embedded information.  I think some higher learning institutions, like universities, around the world, are already using a more advanced technique of this type of recording for deeper learning techniques, to get material to be studied in silence after lectures.

Communicating with a powerline tone to know that you are being bombarded by subliminals is a bespoke process, as I have said many times before.  You have to work out how they are doing it.  It is This That and Everything, so that they can communicate with you via a tone. If you leave the big players out of this picture, as I think they are the only protectors you have, then the perps who are doing this are living around you but through them you can get connected to the world.  So you find out for yourself how this is done and from this knowledge you will know how to protect yourself or make it difficult for them to tangle up with you.  Remember that they are being watched too by others.  Today it is just the innocent neighbor, but tomorrow it will be the government.  Then we will have a set of despots running your governments for you.  That is why all your communications are monitored by new laws by more and more governments these days.  Some are concerned by who is getting into governments by using the masses of perpetrators worldwide to get some to win elections, and the winners don’t seem to mind this and it only tells you what kind of leaders they might turn out to be when voted in with the help of the perps.

If you think of it: the main source of all your subliminals is your power supply line.  Anything you introduce into the line will add to the arsenal of creating and delivering the subliminals.  The delivery system can be as something as simple as the tones coming off your refrigerator or a distant tone through a speaker to show you that they know what you are thinking but the whole process is a 2 way communicating system.

You can see in this example below how just locating and playing the tone from a radio signal from your computer using software radio RTLSDR, you will introduce the characteristics of this signal into the powerline system in your home.  Your living space is teeming with electromagnetic activity (radio signals) and some are used for public service purposes.  Until you see it and bring it into the powerline system via your computer, it is not usable and it won’t bother you unless its power is enhanced.  Once that tone is introduced into the powerline by just bringing it up and locating it on the screen of your computer: it will add its characteristics to the power supply line.  This tone now, on a speaker, and you in front of your TV screen and all your high magnetic field emmiters colseby like your computer and your power stabilisers means that your mind and body is also connected to all if it.  You will now be able to modulate that tone by just thinking because of “speak thinking”, where you silently speak what you think.  This modulation will in turn make it to the power supply lines and your perpetrators will be listening to you.  This is how the perps will know what you are thinking.  This is how the government, NSA, MI5 and MI6 and all the intelligence services will know what you are thinking before you commit a crime and the perperators naive as some of them might be, think that this is a solitary game for them only and they have the power.  Makes me want to LOL.

recording tonal monitor via em detector tone via a 28 Khz steady signal via rtlsdr

recording tonal monitor via em detector tone via a 28 Khz steady signal via sdr

This 28.8 Khz signal is multi layered: you can see and listen what is hiding behind that one single peak.

recording detail spectrum audacity tonal monitor via em detector tone via a 28 Khz steady signal via rtlsdr

Finally locating you and linking you to the rest of the infrastructure of the city with a 10 Ghz RADIOLOCATION radio signal set aside for this very purpose:

recording full image for book 10 Ghz microwave talk back signal that disappears when you monitor it

You might think that this is a single signal until you open it up and you get this below.  What you find is a bunch of X-men hidden in that one signal or perhaps not, but more like a bunch of pirates.

recording 10 Ghz multi form spread spectrum 21 march 2017

Transferred to Audacity

recording 10 Ghz audacity microwave talk back signal that disappears when you monitor it

This is a 10 Ghz, deadpool-radio-locator, straight into your head, microwave signal for locating you and listening to your thoughts and making your thoughts audible for others to hear via tonal modulation.

Recording the sound of your power supply lines:

recording the sound of a power supply line

This could also possibly emit white noise into your living space.  so what you have here with your power supply lines is a hum generated from your 50/60 hertz power supply.  The hum comes from your electrical lines vibrating to the sinusoidal wave of the power supply and with that also comes some white noise by listening to this recording.  You tie up all the noise generated with the power supply lines to the magnetic field it projects into your living space and then you couple yourself to this magnetic field and here you have a perfect listening device for your thinking, as the hum/white noise will modulate to your thinking as you have to silently speak what you think.  An ultrasound microphone will allow your thoughts to be read with careful listening.

And this on another day: I was disturbed by an increase of something or other while sitting in front of my computer screen.  It is like a steadily increasing tinnitus sound that also feels like a buzz of white noise.  So I was having difficulty concentrating on what I was reading.  I felt like you know, when you are reading something and someone starts to talk to you.  No respect at all for the sanctity of the private moment of silence and being in the moment.  So I said to myself: what the F is this and let me find this bastard (the noise of course).  Just like that.  You might think like that when the quiet moment is disturbed.  So what do I do: I take out my ultrasound microphone and run it over my computer screen and in this corner on the left hand side I find this B of a noise.  A high pitch ultrasound noise heard from my ultrasound microphone but sounded like a white noise tinnitus buzz as I was reading my computer screen.  Then I find this B of a pitch is talking to me, tonally that is: it is like one has to learn to read a new language.  It might as well be German, because that is what it is when you first hear it: it is German to you.  You need to focus on the middle pure tone that is modulating and try and focus out the crackle to start with but later the process becomes immediate and the brain gets entrained to just know: and this will be you priming up your ability to know your intangible side: to be able to know what is there in that unseen side of you.  You are now working outside the limitations of your 5 sensors and trying to see the things you cannot see with your 5 sensors. With this example below, you understand when there are power surges in your powerline or when the generator which is serving an area starts to fluctuate: you can expect these hidden sounds in your computer screen to start to increase in its ultrasound volume and you start to hear it as tinnitus. and in this case a white noise kind of tinnitus buzz but an ultrasound microphone will make it clearer for what it really is and that is: “a fox in sheep’s clothing.”

BUT THE PROBLEM HERE LIES IN THIS ANOMALY: THESE TINNITUS SOUNDS CAN BE MODULATED WITH ACCESS TO THE POWER SUPPLY LINES. As a result, so can the sounds that are coming off your refrigerator, your wifi router, your air conditioner, all can be modulated with a subliminal.  The more you add to your household appliances and so you can get an orchestrated symphony of hidden subliminals  and many you cannot hear as your hearing range is from 20 hertz to 20 kilo hertz but your ears can also pick up in the ultrasound range up to about 250 kilo hertz some say, and the signals if picked up by the ear and processed, will make itself to the brain and probably manifest itself as thinking and you wonder where that thought just came from and was it really yours or was it sent to you.  So how sure are you that your thinking is your own.  Your mind and body and your 5 sensors has limitations.  You are really “blind” to a big part of yourself.  I am not sure if this is important to you.
recording tone from computer screen with ultrasound microphone

Recording tone from computer screen using ultrasound microphone.


Look at this example below: It is how the mobile phone/mindbodysoul becomes an excellent aerial for listening to your thoughts and remember that your mobile phone is always next to your body or close to you.  When I place my hands on my mobile phone/induction loop receiver to listening to its magnetic fluctuations I become an aerial and the set-up picks up a radio station and when i take my hands off the reception fades off.

Look at it this way: if your body is an excellent aerial, then your home/mobile phone combination is an excellent aerial too with the powerline and internet supply lines. So it is your car/mobile phone combination a good aerial.  But it is yourmindbodysoul/home/power-supply-lines/phone-internet line/wifi the biggest aerial around you – it monitors everything! You add this combination above to the city and it becomes one big gigantic aerial with you in it.  It is no wonder that the sages take to the mountains for some peace and quiet.  But look at it this way: the city was made by your mind.  The collective mind is the collective mind of the city.  The city is you or it is your mind collectively.  Your brain is connected to one big gigantic brain consisting of all the cities in the world.  So everyone is connected.  So where is the democracy in this especially when I can know what you are thinking.  Nationalism – what is that but just a word of a lie you made up in your head when you know that we are all ONE big electrical entity of a one BIG BRAIN.

ONE-WORLD-ONE-GOVERNMENT-Yourmindbodysoul/Home/Power-Supply-Lines/Phone-Internet line/Wifi.  We should be governed collectively by ONE ENTITY and resources shared by all and for all.

Ok lets look at this below: The sound of your handsfree option on your handline that gets switched on with no indication on your phone that this has been done, and used as a listening-in option: the 2nd tone which modulates to your thinking is used to listening-in to your thinking via tonal modulations.

Above is proof of what is being said by Edward Snowden in this video clip below:

I don’t know what your plans are, but I am heading for the hills! Chow!

Looks like there is something more real to all of this as published by wikileaks on 7th of March 2017:

WikiLeaks has released the largest ever publication of confidential files on the CIA’s spying secrets, according to its CEO Julian Assange.

The documents that make up the ‘Vault 7’ Project say that the CIA has developed software to enable hackers to spy on people through televisions, mobile phones and computers.

Today’s release, referred to as ‘Year Zero’ is just the first part of a series, but already contains more documents than the Snowden files, revealing the vast espionage power of the NSA.


Please look out for my book, “The Truth in the Lie in Me” as I will take you on a intangible journey in your mind so you see it for what it is with all its limitations and use it as a tool to transform the mind.