Mindbodysoul in Space-Time


samadhi becoming

Mindbodysoul in space-time.
First, this is a wonderful explanation of space-time.  Please listen to this first.  It gives you the big picture of your living space.

You could consider this a personal mandala or even a symbol where the whole design represents the whole of an idea.  It replaces writing many pages of words to put an idea across.  The symbol studied in an instant gives you all those pages of explanation of the idea.  It creates the picture in your head in an instant and allows your own mind to absorb the facts and experience it.  Be careful of the illusions made in my mind and yours when you experience the symbol.  As with anything else you experience, the case is the same, the facts are all in the first second of observation, and after that the mind spins it for you.


If you look at this mandala of the mindbody and soul: there are 3 parts to it.  At the bottom is the area where the mind is only observing with “choiceless awareness”.  There is no thinking here.  The mind is not allowed to go past the first second observation phase to initiate thinking.   It could be considered the state of Samadhi where the mind is at “rest” living with just observation.  In the west it could be the state of living in the now.  It is a mind with no time as in thinking is a process with time and making up illusions with psychological thinking as the time passes.   “Choiceless awareness” is just observation with no judgement passed on what you observe so the mind is not storing up illusion that are made real and the lie could be used at a later date hence compounding the lie: this is mind with time.

If you go to the middle of the mandala you will find the aspects of the structure of society incorporated with all the inventions in the last century that are starting to interact with the mindbodysoul.  There are of course consequences to this phenomenon.   The most dangerous of these is when they come in below the operating specifications of the mind and its 5 sensors and including the whole mind and body watching its environment.  Your mind is likely to process information from these signals without you knowing about it as it interacts with your 5 sensors.  You don’t hear a sound as in ultrasound but with just a modulating tinnitus in your head or you don’t hear a low frequency low amplitude sound but just a modulating groan in your head or vibration in your living environment that gets to your brain for processing via bone conduction or though the vibrations in your skin which then carries those signals to the brain for processing.  A well designed modulating microwave signal is known to cause minute thermal vibrations on the surface of your brain tissue which then gets processed by the hearing system and you get to create an impression in your mind or has even been suggested that you hear a sound of the subliminal message in your head.  The city and your living space at home is teeming with these random electromagnetic signals.  These are the radio signals where you get your entertainment.  Your wifi signals that engulfs your living space and the spurious electromagnetic signals that are created by the electronics in the gadgets in your home.  These electromagnetic signals can be intentionally modulated to generate specific effects on the body.  There is research done where it says that when a membrane of the cells in your body sees an electromagnetic signal that is regular in its pattern, it then considers this unnatural and an intrusion and reduces the permeability of the membrane to protect  the cell but this will stop nutrients getting into the cells and prevent toxins leaving it.  This is not the natural state of the cell and it will disease itself in the end.

These electromagnetic signals are made up of an electric and a magnetic component which are perpendicular to each other and the body is a living magnetic and electrical entity.  Interactions with these signals will change the pattern of the cells in the body.  Interaction with a well designed modulating signal will create a state of mind that is confused and chaotic.  Trying to get to the state of stillness in mind then becomes an impossible task.  Hence watching the mind for its limitations in this modern world is another aspect of it that needs to be known.

So you go from this state of stillness in mind to interactions to the mind from the modern world and its inventions that can cause your mind to miss a beat in that state of Samadhi to the state of action in mind and into a world that is the very opposite of stillness itself and into the world of ideas and imaginations and the making of illusions.  This is the mind that made the city.  It is the mind that created the structure of society.  It is the mind that made culture.  It is the mind that made the lie in you.  It is the mind that made the illusion.  It created capitalism.  It created socialism.  It created all the ism’s and made you believe that these were all real but they were all lies in the Truth in you which is that natural part of you that is unchanging and true like nature is always true outside of you.  True like that tree outside your window is true and does not exist because of the lie that was created by your mind.  So in all its false greatness the appearance of structure around us came out of the illusions created by our minds.  These structures evolve with more innovations and creativeness while taking from nature and enhancing the natural to create elements that interact with us in a detrimental way.   Nuclear energy taken from the very basic structure of the fabric of nature and space, the atom, the mind still created both opposites: nuclear energy and the atomic bomb where one brightened up our homes and the other killed many people also initiated by a faulty mind.  We willingly walked into our living space, ignoring what was happening around us, until it was too late as we got wired to our living environment.

Society in that sense is really nature on steroids.  Notice that the mind can only make from what it already knows.  It can make only from its past.  When in action in mind and busy busy as far away from stillness as it can be and in chaos, it can only look to its past to create.  Nothing new comes from a mind in action looking at only what it already knows.  The “new” only shows itself when the mind is in stillness when there is no time in it and when it is not looking to its past for inspiration.  The “new” comes from nothing.  It is in that first second pop-up when the mind is in a state of observation and with no thinking or with no intension to get into the process of thinking: speak thinking, which we will get to later is where the holy grail is to stop the mind dead on its tracks.  All these years Samadhi was made to be this cross legged meditative thing that took years to attain but really it is as easy as stopping you speaking to get your mind to stop thinking.

Sun and Trees by the Sea,







All True facts of Nature,                                                                                                           made by an illusion in the mind.  This could have been made a 100 different ways, just as your experiences can be spun by your mind in a 100 different ways.

It creates chaos in the world we live in.  The popular choice and vote has no place to play in democracy as we all come from a multitude of direction in our minds.  Non of them are true but all just illusions made up in our minds. We think it true and act accordingly which is wrong.

specials characteristics The running of the world and world governments should be run by specials who have developed a sense of responsibility and those who have given up their lives to such matters.  They should come within the core of society and only chosen for their highly developed better sense of knowing of what is good for society and those who understand the limitations of their own minds.  The world should be run by a single world government who understand what the betterment of all means, resources shared from around the world, no religion has a place in this government. Leaders for this core world government will come from all the countries in the world that show an understanding and actions that show that the Truth dwells in them more that the others and that they have acquired an ability to understand the greater Truth of facts that can bring peace to the whole and to educate the masses in education to their minds and how they work rather than use religion to control them.  The sooner this is implemented the better our life’s will become.  Everyone should be given a basic income so they have the choice to live the way they want: a life of poverty but secure and live in silence as they meditate on their minds to show others what it is all about.  Or if they choose to, to just live the quiet life of poverty and to cherish their time as their own and know that that is all they will have.  The world government will be responsible from the money they make and to ensure that no country carries the burden of debt due to their development.  Everything is shared by the money that is made from around the world.  There will eventually be no rich countries and no poor countries.  The world in time taken to implement these freedoms will in the future be all equal in quality and living standards.  Army’s in the world will be replaced by a large core of volunteers who will be responsible for the maintenance of the lives of the many around the world.  The chaos that remains from those who don’t understand the intentions of the new world government will need to be reminded of the purpose of life and their place in the universe.  The police force will replace the army to be the enforcer for the few that still don’t see the Truth of things.  The world must be one and run as one to survive what is to come if it continues to live as it does today.