Whole Home An Inductive System

The Truth of all things as we created for ourselves today: the whole home is an inductive system and we walked into it like a bunch of zombie suckers.  Preoccupied with our daily lives of this and that, our jobs, our everyday work day anxieties, mortgages, education etc. and let this invisible cage be built around us with the pretense of progress and new technology, starting with the advent of electricity.  We celebrated with the coming of the new world in the past and walked into a cage and wired ourselves into the space around us.  We are today not mindbodysoul with nature but rather wired into mindbodyspace with technology into the home.  With the coming of the “Internet Of Things” it is going to seal our fate in the future as the shackled generation.

What is induction: this:

You home electrical wiring is susceptible to electromagnetic induction and you can get it to hum to any electromagnetic subliminal signal of your choice and that includes everything and anything that has an electrical or magnetic component to it or both combined as one.  Both combined as one will include your wifi and your mobile phone signals.


The magnetic field around your home electrical system might be a static electromanetic field (EMF) but it will buzz with anything you attach to it.  You introduce a subliminal to your home EM field and as I have shown earlier and below, it will project that subliminal as sound (modulated buzz) into your living space.  This brings you to having to understand sub vocal speech, where a sound comes in at just under the limitations of your hearing system, at 20 hertz (hearing is from 20 hz to 20 khz).  Here you might hardly hear the subliminal message coming in a modulated buzz but it will be processed by your mind and go direct to you thinking – and you might think that this thinking is your own, but it is not but a subliminal message generated into the infrastructure of your own home and makes into the space you live in as a sub vocal sound, hence shackled with your mindbodyspace connection.

The Home, Electromagnetic Field (EMF), as I have shown earlier can also be used to listen in to your thinking, as you yourself is an electrical magnetic entity, acting as an aerial and both transmitting (your thoughts) and receiving (subliminals) signals.

body as aerial

Powerline companies can bring these subliminals into your homes:

Sending signals across a home’s electrical wiring isn’t a 21st century idea. In fact, the power companies have been sending control signals over the mains since the 1920s − it’s how electricity meters know when to switch to an off-peak rate. The electrical wiring in the average home can support a variety of frequencies. As electricity uses 50/60Hz signals, extra data can be transported along the same wiring at much higher frequencies, without causing any interference.

Powerline Networking: what you need to know

These examples below is just a small example to make the point that we might have all unknowingly wired ourselves to our living space.

recording hello 20 march 2016 via input ground cable into electrical socket and recorded via induction telephone induction listening device placed on electrical filter

Modulation of “hello”.  you can hear 2 tones to this recording, the front end audible buzz and the background low bass tone both saying, “hello”



Background noise (very low volume sub vocal) with a sensitive microphone (unheard to normal hearing):

Background noise


Ultrasound, high frequency, background noise with an ultrasound microphone (unheard to normal hearing): ultrasound microphone drops the frequency to hearing range, so you can hear it.  The body is still known to process ultrasound, up to 120 Khz (normal hearing from 20 Hz to 20 Khz), even if you don’t hear it, possibly straight to the thinking process.  They have also been tested and seen to produce brain activity when air-borne. You can hear chatter in the recording below. Look at this chatter as an orchestra of chatter that moves with one sound and how it shifts in tone and chatter when a subliminal is coming through.  You won’t hear it with your ear but you will get the impression and a slight sense of knowing of what is being said.  It is a very tangible concrete feeling and that is why it has been described as:

Deatherage states that what humans experience as ultrasonic perception may have been a necessary precursor in the evolution of……..wiki

Ultrasound recording

Ultrasonic hearing is a recognised auditory effect which allows humans to perceive sounds of a much higher frequency than would ordinarily be audible using the physical inner ear, usually by stimulation of the base of the cochlea through bone conduction. Human hearing is recognised as having an upper bound around 17-20 kHz, depending on the person, but ultrasonicsinusoids as high as 120 kHz have been reported as successfully perceived. Ultrasonic hearing – wiki


We conclude, therefore, that inaudible high-frequency sounds with a nonstationary structure may cause non-negligible effects on the human brain when coexisting with audible low-frequency sounds. We term this phenomenon the “hypersonic effect” and the sounds introducing this effect the “hypersonic sound.

Inaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity: Hypersonic Effect 

Ultrasonic frequencies are said to affect the sound of the audible frequencies we hear. According to these theories ultrasonics are not heard as “normal” sound but processed by our brains and some believe the nerve endings on our skin. That is what they claim makes live music feel and sound live due to the natural ultrasonics of real musical instruments. Even people with severe hearing loss in the audible range, are said to still experience ultrasonics.The ultrasonic frequency controversy…

or here if you are still not convinced that ultrasound can get to your brain by just skin contact or even through your EYE…

Musical spectrum above 20000 Hz has been demonstrated to influence human judgments and physiology. Moreover airborne ultrasonic noise has been implicated in hearing loss, tinnitus, and other subjective effects such as headaches and fullness in the ear. Contact ultrasound, i.e., with a transducer affixed to the skin of the head/neck, is audible; assumed by bone conduction. However, lightly touching the soft tissues of the head, avoiding bone, can also produce audibility. When contact ultrasound is applied to the head, energy from 25 to ∼60 kHz can be recorded from the closed eyelid, with care to avoid sensor contact with the orbit. If the same frequency band of noise is passed through a transducer in from of the eye, with just air coupling, the same response is again recordable on the head. An acrylic barrier between the eye and the transducer eliminates the response. Once airborne ultrasound exceeds the impedance mismatch of the eye it readily propagates through the soft tissues of the eye and brain via one of the fluid windows (end lymphatic, perilymphatic or vascular) to the cochlea. The eye fenestration explains how people can detect airborne ultrasonic components in music and develop ear effects from airborne ultrasonic noise. Airborne ultrasound enters the ear through the eyes 

One last thing before I conclude I would like to show/suggest as to how this system is connected to the “monitoring” system outside of your home.  This is a full system monitoring system that monitors not only speech etc at home but also your thinking.  Monitoring of thinking comes from the coupling of the electromagnetic induction system with an ultrasound system.  The EM system includes everything that generates a magnetic field in your home, from the powerline cabling in your home, your fridges, washing machine, kettle etc.  Your mind and body gets coupled with the electromagnetic field, as it is also an electromagnetic entity and due to the fluctuations of the body’s field through “speak thinking” where you silently speak what you think, the home space magnetic field fluctuates to your thinking which in turn puts out an ultrasound fluctuation of your-thinking-white-noise like tinnitus sound.  This is your only physical contact when the system is up and running – an increased tinnitus sound in your ear and in the air if monitored with an ultrasound microphone.  Now how this gets outside your home monitored by those who want too.  This want too can even be government entities or communities locked into their minds that they have rights to a whole area and protecting their turf.  The non-government elements are just using what has been set up for them by the establishment when they saw the bigger picture or sensed that they were monitored themselves as the system is an OPEN SOURCE SELF MONITORING SYSTEM.  I think the population has been set up by a clever establishment that created this self-propagating system: the bad get monitored and recorded and the ignorant get monitored and for what ever reason, perhaps for fear of a population getting out of control or simply for data collection of their habits so they can be manipulated.  With this system we all get wired and how it gets out of your home is via the the 446 mhz signal that is commonly used in “private mobile radios” or also called walkie-talkies to some.

can you see a similarity in these sounds:

the ultrasound recording of a monitoring space:

and this: a PMR in monitoring mode recorded with a normal microphone:

recording talkie 455 mhz external connection 3 apr 2016

So your PMR is acting as a monitor, connected to your ultrasound network.  That is where all the chit chat in the air is coming from where you listen to this quiet space and you hear whispers and sub-vocal speech.  An ultrasound recording shows these might also be airborne ultrasound frequencies.  As I have shown above air-borne ultrasound can also get to your mind through your skin and even through your eyes, hence altering your thinking and perception of things without you hearing a word, but for a little tinnitus sound in your ears/mind.

Can I also say that this 446 mhz frequency that is used in these UNLICENSED Pmr’s was created by governments only recently.  Coincidently, just around the turn of the last century, 2000 – a gift to the people of the worlds as a new world order present by their respective governments.

The first steps towards creating licence-free short range radio communications were taken in April 1997 when the European Radio Communications Committee decided on a 446 MHz frequency band to be used for the new radios. In November 1998 another three decisions followed which designated the new frequency band for PMR446, established licence exemption for PMR446 equipment and established free circulation of the PMR446 equipment. The first country which introduced these frequencies for licence-free use was Ireland and it did so on 1 April 1998. The United Kingdom introduced PMR446 service in April 1999. Since 2003, PMR446 has replaced the former short-range business radio (SRBR) service. – wiki

There are ways of finding out if your space is monitored and it will cost under a tenner using SDR radio software:

As you can see below the frequency of PMR’s are set at 446 Mhz but they can come in a spread.  You need to listen in buried in that white noise crackle if it is relevant to you.  Remember that unlicenced PMR’s come in at 446 mhz but there are also licenced PMR’s that come in at other frequencies.  Look up OFCOM’s licenced PMR’s for those.  Perps will be foolish to use those frequencies as they will be recorded as having a PMR with a certain frequency in use in a certain address.  The 446 Mhz users will also have a certain kind of record which is the record of purchase for the PMR’s and an address depending on how they pay for it but cameras everywhere these days in department stores.  Home office might have directives to department stores to have pic recordings for those who purchase these private radios for national security reasons in the boom boom bang bang century.  It is not a coincidence I think that in around 2000 they allow a free licence PMR to be sold for widespread monitoring of the population through unsuspecting users.  So don’t be crazy on you either alone or as a community to take this on to think you are not being watched as the a simple SDR software below will show you and others and the government who is at it.  It is the century of being watched, you, you and you and you don’t want to be one of these YOU’s if only for the sake of national security no government in their right minds will allow this to take hold of a country, until the government itself is watched and manipulated.  It will be chaos in the making to allow this to continue in any country and I think it has been happening around the world for some time now.

Remember I went into this in some depth and followed the facts, and tested every step, before I wrote because I wanted to know if my ideas in art were really my own or could be subway sandwiched to me and found a can or worms.  The 21 century will be the making of a shackled generation for the people by the people.  The future of ummanity is dire with the coming of the “the internet of things” as the barbed wire walls and borders start to close in.

panopticon and internet












PMR on standby

recording SDR with pmr standby 3 april 2016

PMR transmitting

recording SDR with pmr transmit 3 april 2016

Audacity recording of above trace

recording SDR audacity with pmr transmit 3 april 2016


Also remember that most of these set up’s can be operated remotely to be switched on by remote phone switches by just calling-in using a phone.  It automatically connects you to the grid by setting up a magnetic field in your living space and coupling the system with a sound system (ultraound and pure high frequency tones, vibrations creating inaudible sub-vocal speech and whispers) that modulates to the fluctuations of the magnetic field in your space caused by your body’s electrical and magnetic field fluctuations.  Because you speak what you think (speak thinking) the fluctuations in the sound vibrations in your space via the magnetic modulations in your living space which is connected to you will externalize your thoughts and make it audible.   So your thinking is exposed.  Also in all this set up is a powerful microphone that is used to listen in to the feedback audible sound fluctuations generated by your thinking and speech and your movement around your living space.  It is a feedback system of listening-in to your thoughts and can also be used to disrupt thought patterns and inject pop-up thoughts through the subvocal speech and whispers that can alter your perception of things.  This can happen and is happening in your home living space, or in your work place (your computer screen is like a magnetic field “microphone” or if your microphone is switched amplifies the process and even better to read your thoughts.  It acts as a portal into your mind), also used in shopping complexes with subliminals generated to entice you to buy.  Just as your home is a portal (when primed and set-up) to listen in to your thoughts, so is any large building in the city is a hub of an electromagnetic field that will project into open space outside the building and if it is primed and set-up to listen in then your outside it gets connected to this invisible field.  To shut down this portal into your mind is to have no unnecessary psychological thinking that exposes your true inner self.  I followed the facts to get here, to see myself better and to know thyself first as the first and only education necessary for any human being before they start to learn the multiplication tables.  What is the use of all else if you do not know how you are affected by them.  When I am creatively involved I had to find out first if my ideas were my own.  There were no giant leaps as the mind is always looking to the past to create the future.  The mind is limited by its 5 sensors and also possibly in other ways.  It cannot seem to create giant leaps or if it does it does not recognize them as it is shackled to its past for recognition.  So you have this slow frontline progress of everything with lots of the past in it and a perhaps something small new add-on to it to make the idea palatable to the masses.  So society drags its crap along with it as it progresses into the future getting increasingly tortured by its own growth and creations creating this panopticon for itself in its mind and its living space and it seems as you observe it and follow that facts you see the people increasingly shackled to this creation they made for themselves and to think it all started as simple idea in the past when a farmer saw that he could stop toiling the soil everyday and stay at home if he just employed people to do the work for him.  Who would have guessed that it would have ended up with “what is”. You choose but just make sure it is one of your own thoughts.

internet of things










So if you can read this:

like you can read this:

translation if you can read this then you have it

Then you have it.



Evolution of the mind is not a time based thing.

As Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say, “when  you see it then you have it” but I guess living it is another matter.

Art can find the pattern in the mind. What is.

You choose:

manbodysoul – wired to nature


manbodyspace – wired to technology.