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No one is safe with this. This is the end to privacy as you know it.  It has always been around.  Nothing new to it.  It will make all the bad-ass nutters and the good quiver in their pants and skirts.  Remember that I am only doing this with the inquisitiveness of an artist looking for something new in art and finding that there are limitations to our minds and its 5 portals to the outside world.  It is invasive, intrusive and it will know what you are thinking and tell you what to do.  If you wonder if your thoughts are your own – I tell you now at times they will not be.  It will happen at your home, at work, or while you are up and about in the city. Can another know what you are thinking. This is even easier than passing a subliminal your way to alter your thinking.  Create chaos in the home, at work, in government and in the world easy dicey something dory.  But this a serious matter and the culprits are the cables that are hiding in your walls.  How can one pass a serious modulating magnetic field down the power line and make it radiate in your space to pass you a subliminal and listen to you “speak think”.

I have covered all this before but here is the proof of how a modulate magnetic field can pump it down an electrical wire in your home with a screeching tinnitus sound in your ears/head ……….  Just creating a level playing field in this new world space we live in and if you know it then clearer you see it when the invisible in you shows itself.

The idea is simple to pump a modulating magnetic field down the powerline.  The power line music extenders that use your powerline to transfer music to another room will not generate a magnetic field in your powerline because of how it is designed.  The technology only uses the ground cable to send encrypted digital signals down the powerline.  A digital signal, encrypted at that, might generate a kind of slight modulation in your powerline but possibly only show itself as noise in your line.  Remember that the ground cables are also connected to all your piping and central heating system and your radiators in your home and they are all great “talkers” for injecting a subliminal into your home.   If this is a government plan run centrally by governments to maintain “crowd control” during mass protest or creating zombies of the people they service then this will be heard in most homes with the help of neighbours to home in on individuals.  Possible possibly.  If it is a local problem involving councils, possible possibly.  If it is a bad neighbour also possible possibly – but here you will easily spot the amateur at work, with mistakes made by playing sounds too loudly.  These can be taken care of by responding with nuisance sound and can be created in many different ways.  Sound is sound easily spotted and only by people who have all day and all nights at home.

But the most dangerous type is that which screeches out of your powerline and creates this buzz in your home via the gadgets in your home attached to the powerline that comes from the city and into your home.

So in this example below an induction coil wrapped around an extension strip and made to modulate with white noise and a sinusoudal tone and the the words “hello”.  The extension strip also with a magnetic field gets coupled with the induction loop system and takes it some way down your powerline depending on the strength of the induction system.

The idea is to be completely invisibly invasive.  That is how the nutters and the greaseys are trying to do it and at its best it comes in unheard but like the buzz of your home carrying a subliminal and you would think nothing about it.  The system is both a transmitter of subliminals and also a listening device when a microphone is connected to the system.  Depending on the type of microphone used it will and can get to where your breathing can be heard and in this case it will be able to hear you think, because you have this anomaly in you where you silently speak what you think: “Speak Thinking”.  It will create the ending of time in your mind.

recording induction loop pumping it 6 march 2016




The induction loop was primed with white noise, a tone and the repeating word “hello”. The recording was done via an induction loop receiver near the induction wrapped electrical strip, near a powerline filter and below, on and above a light switch.  The modulation from the induction loop is translated depending on the buzz of the gadget.  A fridge will translate the electromagnetic field modulations differently to a powerline filter.

plasma ball












Your household radiators will also “speak” to you because the ground cable is connected to it and that includes the metal piping in your home.  Put it all together and you will get a symphony of modulated signals from the different gadgets in your home playing only one tune to your mind and it will come in what will feel like a tinnitus tune in your head.  Well blended into the surroundings and you and the rogue signal buzz will generate a thought and an idea into your head and generate a feeling and an emotion and none of it will have anything to do with you.

‘In the 21st century this earth will seem a paradise compared to what it is now,’ she wrote. Literature, music and art are the first and most sensitive spheres in which the spiritual revelation will be felt.’

The Secret Doctrine

Saatchi art collection,

madam blavatsky

Kandinsky was a Theosophist as so was Mondrian and Jackson Pollock and the list of “specials” goes on with many who have made the art world what it is today:

Kandinsky believed that art leads to increased self-awareness. He wrote of “an epoch of the great spiritual,” which is the time when humans will go beyond ordinary mental activity to achieve buddhic or intuitional consciousness. In The Secret Doctrine, maha-buddhi (literally, “the great spiritual”) is another term for mahat, divine mind, the cosmic equivalent of self-consciousness in a human being. Kandinsky looked forward to a time when maha-buddhi, spiritual enlightenment, will be the normal state of consciousness. Art can help us to reach that state: “Painting is an art, and art is not vague production, transitory and isolated, but a power which must be directed to the improvement and refinement of the human soul.”

Moving forward with the “new” in you