Synchronisation of Population

This has always been the purpose of Mysticism: synchronisation:

Its main purpose is to organise the subjective verbal thinking mind.  It is part of the evolutionary process of the mind.

You can easily see the pattern in our minds which matches the pattern in society as a whole and hence its actions externally. How can a chaotic mind create a peaceful society? There has to be a central source of transformation that is of the individual who should be responsible for his own transformation.

The source of most problems is the subjective mind. The verbal thinking mind. The creator of the lie’s in the Truth in oneself. It needs to be understood and see it for what it is by finding your true inner self which is part of the energy of this Cosmos and the Universal Mind and its natural laws.

The way to find it is to give up your verbal thinking mind and allow the self to find its other mind spaces:

The pattern of transformation:

Find yourself alone with your intuitive mind and communicate with the Universe:

Find the silent powers latent in you.

Art can find the pattern:


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