Go and Artificial Intelligence

The mind cannot see past itself until somebody show’s you what you cannot yet see for yourself and even then it is not sufficient to be  superficial as the way of the “new” in you needs to be embedded into your mind and body so it becomes part of you, until you see it totally.  

The limitations of the mind is that it cannot see past itself. The human entity is experiential in nature. It accumulates and it stores and it becomes it and it gets condition by all the lies that the mind allows it to make up.  It is a multiview system and makes up a 1000 lies from one single observation and then it chooses one of the lies to be its Truth but it is a lie as it was made up and not a fact, like that first observation was a fact.  It would have been sufficient to live with that first observation. Everything it makes up is a lie in you and you create a personality with these lies.

The limitation of the mind is that it can only do itself. It looks into its repository of the past and makes things out of this and so you get this frontline of movement of society that is slow and it moves forward at a snail’s pace with no giant leaps into the future.

So I was fascinated to see this interview where Brian Cox and Eric Schmidt of google discuss the past, present and future of artificial intelligence.  There is a section here that says what it cannot do: AI cannot think for itself, but only by the instructions it is given.  Just like us humans, we can only think from our past – or it seems that is the case and possibly we do not recognise the “new” in us and just disregard those pop-ups. Eric Schmidt explains it as that Genius move “it was just came out” – he means a pop-up in your mind. 

In the AI world, it is called AutoML – automated machine learning that is trying to get the computer to think for itself and disregard what the human had programmed it to do. Do as you please, not as I tell you. But seriously Humans can already do that according to quantum physics.  The fact that all is possible in terms of probability and we just need to recognise those pop-up especially when we call for it.  That ahha eureka quantum leap that we need to capture and make use of more often.  It is just that our shitty minds as it is now are still looking for support from its past to make sense of things and hence we disregard those pop-ups that are giant leaps in our minds.

AI still has a long way for it to GO before it can become truly us, but after that google computer winning the Go game in the same video shown below. I wonder if it is already here or not?

Here where the computer makes that giant leap “new” move.

It might be worth mentioning here that the thinking process of painting is very like this game GO that they mention where there are multiple possibilities to create moves but you choose one form and structure and construct to represent the idea you had in your mind which you then put out in a gallery for visitors to make sense of it. Go is a 19 by 19 game like a canvas is a flat 2 dimensional surface and you are trying to create heaven on it using form,colour and structure, within the limitations of your own mind. So what kind of thinking is required to take that giant leap away from your past in you, to access the repository of all possibilities? If a computer can do it, so can you. Or not?. Your move.

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